UP Madarsa Students to Get Training in NCC & NSS – Madrassa Modernization Scheme

UP Madarsa Students to get National Cadet Corps (NCC) / National Service Scheme (NSS) training in madrassa modernization yojna, students to learn brotherhood, discipline, secularism & selfless service
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Uttar Pradesh government is working on modernization programme for madrassas in the state. Under this UP Madrassa Modernization Scheme, the govt. aims to connect students with social welfare programmes being run by the government. Accordingly, UP madarsa students will get training in National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS).

This UP Madarsa Student Training Scheme aims to impart a sense of discipline among students. The UP Madrasa Education Council has sent instructions to all madrassas in this regard.

The main objective of UP Madrassa Students Training Scheme is to make students technologically advanced and follow the “Nation First” policy.

UP Madarsa Students NCC / NSS Training Scheme

CM Yogi Adityanath led UP govt. is always a supporter of Madrassa Modernization programme. After coming to power, CM Yogi led emphasis on the need of both ‘Computer’ and ‘Quran’ to students in Madarsa. Now the state govt. will start providing NCC / NSS training to students in madrassas. Students will learn importance of brotherhood, discipline, secularism and selfless service in their lives. The objective of the NCC is to inspire everyone for the sake of the nation. The Madarsa students will now get an opportunity to make a career in Indian Army.

In addition to education and training, the students will get lessons for the service of the nation. This training will expose young cadets to a regimental way of life which is essential to inculcate in them the values of discipline, duty, punctuality, orderliness, smartness, respect for the authorities, correct work ethos, and self- confidence.

This training will generate interest in cadets and provides them an element of thrill and excitement. Moreover, NCC training will inculcate Defence Services work ethos that is characterised by hard work, sincerity of purpose, honesty, ideal of selfless service, dignity of labour, secular outlook, comradeship, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship. The board will also see from time to time how many madrasas have followed the instructions.

NSS training is also very important for the all-round development of madrasa students. In its training, students will be made aware on community service activities like prevention of social evils, environmental protection, cleanliness, emergency or assistance for natural disaster.

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