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NITI Aayog starts COVID The New Normal Portal at, check details of Navigating the new normal behaviour change campaign
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COVID The New Normal Portal: NITI Aayog of Central govt. has launched a new Behaviour Change Campaign namely “Navigating The New Normal” and its website. This new portal is made in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Centre for Social and Behavioural Change (CSBC), Ashoka University and the Ministries of Health and WCD. The new campaign has 2 components, first is the NITI Aayog’s COVID The New Normal Portal and second is the media campaign focusing on wearing of masks.

The Navigating The New Normal behaviour change campaign will focus on Covid safe behaviours especially wearing masks during Unlock phase of the ongoing pandemic. Around 92,000 NGOs and civil society organisations (CSOs) which are working with NITI Aayog have participated in the virtual launch which was done via a webcast.

The new campaign is developed under the guidance of Empowered Group 6 which was constituted by the Government of India with NITI Aayog CEO as its chairman.

NITI Aayog’s COVID The New Normal Portal

Below is the process to access the COVID The New Normal Portal:-

The first component of Navigating the New Normal campaign is COVID The New Normal portal contains resources informed by behavioural science and the use of nudge and social norms theory. This theory is related to COVID-safe behavioural norms during the ongoing unlock phase. The second component is a media campaign focussed on the wearing of masks.

Navigating The New Normal Campaign Launch

As India unlocks, NITI Aayog wants to encourage the public and institutions to practise COVID-safe behaviours. Until Coronavirus vaccine is available, wearing masks along with practising hand hygiene and social distancing is important to slow down COVID-19 spread. Empowered Group 6 and Health Ministry is giving emphasis on desired social behaviour in which enforcement burden is on citizens rather than Government. So NITI Aayog has started Navigating The New Normal Campaign to provide people with prompts and reminders along with simple, easy-to-practice ideas of designing their environment in such a manner that practising these behaviours become easy.

Need for Behaviour Change Campaign to tackle Coronavirus

The behaviour change is important as if we maintain distance, wear masks and use barriers like vaccine, then the Coronavirus is not able to spread. Special areas of concern are small factories and poor labourers, which comprise a large part of our vulnerable population. For such groups, it is important that COVID-19 safety messages must penetrate and reach. This novel initiative puts behavioural science into practice, in an easy and simple manner, to encourage COVID-19 preventive behaviours.

Navigating the New Normal behaviour change campaign will help normalise protective behaviours especially mask-wearing. The govt. must keep reinforcing COVID-appropriate behaviours till they become a part of citizen’s daily routine. The main purpose is to nudge the public to adopt the practice of wearing masks. As a society, Indians will have to accept the need for wearing masks, embrace it and reflect it in their behaviour.

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