Nirmal Scheme, Sunetra Yojana & Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach in Odisha

April 9, 2018 | UPDATED ON: June 23, 2018
Nirmal Sunetra Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach

Odisha govt. has launched 3 new welfare schemes – Nirmal Scheme, Sunetra Yojana and Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach. This scheme will strengthen delivery of proper healthcare services through public health system. The state govt. aims to provide Universal Health Coverage and ensure “Health For All” with best quality infrastructure and services. Odisha govt. has allotted a budget of Rs. 120 crore for each of the 3 schemes.

In Odisha, around 91% people are dependent on public health sector for health services. Nirmal scheme will focus on providing basic facilities like sanitation, security services while Sunetra Yojana focuses on free eye treatment facilities.

Latest Update (23 June 2018) – Odisha govt. has approved Nirmal Healthcare Scheme 2018 – View Details

Govt. will also provide kits to every mother to prevent them from infection after delivery along with monthly allowance of Rs. 100 per day at NRCs.

Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach, Nirmal Scheme & Sunetra Yojana

The important features and highlights of these 3 welfare schemes are as follows:-

  • Nirmal Scheme
    • This programme will upgrade standards of ancillary services in healthcare.
    • For promotion of healthy and hygienic hospitals.
    • To provide basic services like sanitation, laundry, security and lift services at various public health facilities.
  • Sunetra Yojana
    • This sarkari yojana is also known as Mukhyamantri Chakshyu Jatna Karyakram.
    • Sunetra Scheme will ensure universal eye health care for all the citizens and will provide free screening and treatment of all eye diseases.
    • Govt. will also strengthen several vision centres which will have the facility for latest eye care technology, mass screening of diabetic retinopathy and lifelong treatment of glaucoma.
    • In addition to this, all the eye treatment procedures are absolutely free of cost.
  • Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach
    • Under this scheme, govt. will provide a kit to new mother and baby.
    • This Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach programme will prevent infection essential for all institutional delivery cases which will also promote health.
    • New kit will comprise of several useful and essential items to protect health of mother and babies.
  • Govt. will spend Rs. 69 crore per annum to benefit around 5.5 lakh mothers and babies.

Odisha govt. focuses on “Health for All” with best quality infrastructure and services. For this reason, govt. has allocated Rs. 6,160 crore for health services in Odisha Budget 2018-19.

Health Scheme 2018 in Odisha

For providing health care facilities to all the citizens, govt. has launched various other schemes:-

Free ambulance servicesNirmaya SchemeSammpurna Suraksha Kabach
Cancer Care ProgrammeNidan SchemeSahaya Scheme
Ama ClinicAnmol SchemeSunetra Scheme
Mukhya Mantri Swasthya Seva MissionSwasthya Sahay SchemeKhushi and Daman Scheme

To provide financial assistance for mother and child till recovery, govt. will now provide daily allowance of Rs. 100 per day to mothers admitted at Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres (NRC). Previously, the amount of daily allowance was Rs. 50 per day.

Other Measures for Health Care in Odisha

The state govt. has also taken various other measures to ensure “Health For All” which are as follows:-
a) CT Scan Service is now available at Angul, Balasore, Balangir, Kalahandi, Puri and Keonjhar districts under Nidan scheme. Moreover, govt. will also provide CT Scan Service at Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh and Koraput districts. In addition to this, people can now avail 15 types of health care facilities like high-end pathology tests including peripheral blood smear, thyroid, culture and sensitivity for blood and urine, histopathology, bone marrow aspiration and HbA1C absolutely free of cost. For this, govt. has allocated a budgetary provision of Rs. 110 crore.
b) Free Dialysis Service under Sahaya scheme in Angul, Balasore, Balangir and Capital Hospital. This service will soon get launched in 22 more health care facilities.
c) Govt. also set up Vision Clinics at various Urban Primary Health Centres in Bramheswarpatana and Kalpana.

Health Schemes in Odisha – Highlights

Below given are the highlights at a glance for all Health Schemes in Odisha:-

  1. There is an annual budgetary provision of Rs. 120 crore for each of the 3 new schemes.
  2. Daily allowance for mothers of babies admitted at NRCs is now increased fom Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per day.
  3. CT Scan Services are now available in 6 Districts under Nidan Scheme
  4. CT Scan Services will also be opened in Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh and Koraput districts.
  5. Under Sahaya Scheme, Free Dialysis is launched in 3 districts and capital hospital.
  6. Free dialysis services will also get opened in 22 more health care centers.

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