Odisha Sunetra Yojana 2024 – Universal Eye Care for All

Odisha Sunetra Yojana 2024 or Universal Eye Health Programme (UEHP) for citizens, free of cost eye care facilities for all, vision centres to be setup, free operation / surgeries to corneal blind etc., check details here

Odisha Sunetra Yojana 2024 – Universal Eye Care for All

Nirmal Sunetra Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach

Odisha govt. has launched Sunetra Yojana 2024 as a part of its mega Universal Eye Care for All. Sunetra scheme launched 4 times in the past 4 years in the state. During the first launch in 2017, the Odisha government had claimed it would provide universal eye care for all by 2022 (later target shifted to 2023). In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the Odisha Sunetra Yojna.

Odisha Sunetra Yojana 2024 for Universal Eye Care

How many times can a government launch one scheme? If communications issued by the state government are to be believed, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s flagship universal eye health programme Sunetra has been launched at least 4 times in the last 4 years duration.

First Launch of Sunetra Universal Eye Health Programme

Claiming that Odisha is the first state in the country to have formulated the universal eye health programme to provide comprehensive eye care to all and keep people protected from avoidable vision-related complications, the Chief Minister first launched the scheme on 12 October 2017 on the occasion of World Sight Day.

The state government had then planned to spend Rs. 682 crore in the next five years and set the target for complete eradication of cataract and establish vision care centres at the CHC level in all districts by 2022. It was also announced to provide free treatment for diabetes retinopathy and serious eye problems, including glaucoma and free spectacles for children for refractory error and other eye complications.

Second Launch of Sunetra Yojna

Six months after the launch of first programme, the CM Naveen Patnaik again launched the programme along with two other schemes. Sunetra Yojana was launched with Nirmal scheme for promotion of healthy and hygienic atmosphere in hospitals and Sammpurna Suraksha Kabacha for mother and child on 7 April 2018 to mark the World Health Day.

Third Launch of Sunetra Universal Eye Care Scheme

Ahead of the Lok Sabha (General) Elections in the year 2019, CM once again started the eye care scheme during the Ama Gaon Ama Bikash programme on 15 January 2019. While during the first launch in 2017, the state govt. had claimed it would provide universal eye care for all by 2022, the target shifted to 2023 at the January launch.

Fourth Launch of Sunetra Yojana in Odisha

If three launches by the Chief Minister were not enough, Health and Family Welfare Minister Nabakishore Das was not to be left behind. The Minister launched Sunetra Yojana again with the promise to ensure quality and advanced eye health care for all by 2023. At the launch event for the 4th time, he flagged off mobile vision centres for Khurda, Ganjam, Jharsuguda and Sundargarh districts.

However, despite all the hype and hoopla, the programme is yet to achieve its basic target of maintaining eye health records of people. It is because the digital eye health system has still not been made operational in all districts. 

Timeline for 4 Launches of Odisha Sunetra Yojana

12 October 2017: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launched the universal eye health scheme to mark the World Sight Day.

7 April 2018: The Chief Minister again started the scheme along with Nirmal and SAMMPurNa Suraksha Kabacha on the occasion of World Health Day.

15 January 2019: The CM once again launched the scheme during the State’s flagship “Ama Gaon Ama Bikash” programme. 

22 October 2019: Health and Family Welfare Minister Nabakishore Das launched Sunetra Yojana again and flagged off mobile vision centres.

Objectives of Sunetra Yojana in Odisha

Sunetra Yojana and Nirmal scheme will strengthen delivery of proper healthcare services through public health system. The state govt. aims to provide Universal Health Coverage and ensure “Health For All” with best quality infrastructure and services. In Odisha, around 91% people are dependent on public health sector for health services. While Nirmal scheme focuses on providing basic facilities like sanitation, security services, the new Sunetra Yojana focuses on free eye treatment facilities.

Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach, Nirmal Scheme & Sunetra Yojana

The important features and highlights of these 3 welfare schemes are as follows:-

Nirmal Scheme

Sunetra Yojana

This sarkari yojana is also known as Mukhyamantri Chakshyu Jatna Karyakram. Sunetra Scheme will ensure universal eye health care for all the citizens and will provide free screening and treatment of all eye diseases. Govt. will also strengthen several vision centres which will have the facility for latest eye care technology, mass screening of diabetic retinopathy and lifelong treatment of glaucoma. In addition to this, all the eye treatment procedures are absolutely free of cost.

Sammpurna Suraksha Kabach

Odisha govt. focuses on “Health for All” with best quality infrastructure and services.

Vision Centres in Odisha – UEHP Free Eye Treatment

Odisha UEHP Free Eye Treatment program starts where UEHP stands for Universal Eye Health Programme. In this scheme, Odisha govt. will set up several Vision Centers in all the Community Health Centers (CHC). Moreover,  govt. will equip these centers with applicable eye-care facilities. Subsequently, Sunetra Yojana will envisage complete wipe out of cataract from the state of Odisha by the year 2023.

After completing the framework of UNEP, Odisha is the first state within the country to provide comprehensive eye care to the persons of all age groups. The state government will open various Vision centers at Primary Health Centers (PHC) or may be at several sub-centers to cover all the citizens of the society. The government is going to create a requisite trained workforce which will help in the execution and sustaining the gains of the program.

Benefits of Universal Eye Health Programme (UEHP)

According to the official data, if govt. will provide proper cure to the citizens, over 80% people in the Odisha state can be cured. For this reason, govt. will provide free operation facility and applicable glasses to the citizens. Moreover, the government will also provide free of cost corneal transplantation surgeries to corneal blind people. The eye care or vision center will also provide free treatment of diabetes, retinopathy and other serious eye-problems and this free treatment will be given at the government aided hospitals.

In addition to this, UEHP program will also cover all the students of the state. Under this program, govt will perform screening of the students for any refractive error in the vision. In addition to this, students will also get spectacles free of cost in the school itself. The state government has also introduced a web-based information observation system that will facilitate to establish linkages with all non-public and govt. empaneled eye hospitals.

The state government will form a committee with all stakeholders such as government officers, representatives of voluntary organizations and academicians that will be responsible for the eye care activities under the programme.

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