Ujala Scheme – Led Bulb / Tubelight / Fan through CSC Digital Seva Portal

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Central government has now introduced Led Tubelight and ceiling fans along with Led Bulbs under Ujala Scheme. Subsequently, people can order Led bulbs with minimum quantity of 50 pieces in addition to ceiling fans and tubelight. Accordingly, people must place order in multiples of 50 for LED bulbs, 20 for Tubelights and 4 for fans through CSC digital Seva Portal.

Ujala Scheme (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) is a flagship scheme of PM Modi govt. to promote energy efficiency. Moreover, distribution of these energy efficient devices is carried out through Common Service Centers. People can purchase these appliances from CSC at a reduced initial cost.

VLEs can collect their order from nearest Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) centers. Under Ujala scheme, the warranty of the products (bulb, tubelight and fans) is 2.5 to 3 years. See List of All Services provided by CSC in India.

Objectives of Ujala Scheme

Central govt. has launched this scheme to fulfill the following objectives:-

  • Creating awareness about energy efficiency across the country.
  • To promote efficient use of energy at the resident level.
  • Aggregating demand for use of energy efficient appliances.
  • To reduce the initial cost to facilitate higher uptake of LED lights.

Now with the introduction of LED Tubelights and Fans along with the bulbs, Central govt. wants to fulfill these objectives.

Role of VLE’s under Ujala Scheme

VLEs must fulfill the following responsibilities :-

  1. Procurement of Appliances under Ujala Scheme through CSC Digital Seva Portal.
  2. Sale of Ujala appliances according to the listed MRP.
  3. Compulsory entry of the products being sell to the consumers. This data is essential for making payment to the VLE’s.
  4. All the VLEs who have got their ordered stock needs to make entry at the Digital Seva Portal.

MRP & Warranty of Products – Ujala Scheme

Under Ujala scheme, EESL provides warranty on the products for the following duration:-

Electrical AppliancesMRPWarrantyVLE CommissionTDSNet VLE Commission
Led BulbsRs. 703 years warrantyRs. 4Rs. 0.20Rs. 3.80
Tube LightRs. 2203 years warrantyRs. 9Rs. 0.45Rs. 8.55
Ceiling FanRs. 11102.5 years technical warrantyRs. 37Rs. 1.85Rs. 35.15

Ujala Scheme – Details

The important features and highlights of Ujala Scheme are as follows:-

  1. Now Led Tubelights and Ceiling Fans are also available along with the LED bulbs at the Digital Seva Portal.
  2. Subsequently, minimum order quantity is 50 bulbs and order must be placed in multiples of 50.
  3. VLEs shall collect their order from nearest EESL centers after confirmation call from the EESL staff.
  4. EESL offers warranty on electrical appliance to the eligible grid connected domestic users.

Now people will get LED Tubelights and Ceiling Fans along with LED bulbs at a reduced cost for their residential use. This will promote energy efficiency to a great extent.

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