Ujala Scheme 2024 – Order Led Bulb / Tubelight / Fan through CSC Digital Seva Portal

Order Led Tubelights, Fans, Bulbs under Ujala Scheme 2024 through CSC Digital Seva Portal at digitalseva.csc.gov.in, check price, MRP, warranty, how to procure LEDs at ujala.gov.in, complete details here

Ujala Scheme 2024 – Order Led Bulb / Tubelight / Fan through CSC Digital Seva Portal

Ujala Scheme Led Bulb Tubelight Fan CSC Digital Seva Portal

Central government has now introduced Led Tubelight and ceiling fans along with Led Bulbs under Ujala Scheme 2024. People can order Led bulbs with minimum quantity of 50 pieces in addition to ceiling fans and tubelight. Accordingly, people must place order in multiples of 50 for LED bulbs, 20 for Tubelights and 4 for fans through CSC digital Seva Portal. VLEs can now place orders to get LEDs at Common Service Centers at digitalseva.csc.gov.in while Ujala Scheme Dashboard can be accessed at ujala.gov.in

Ujala Scheme (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) is a flagship scheme of PM Modi govt. to promote energy efficiency. Moreover, distribution of these energy efficient devices is carried out through Common Service Centers. People can purchase these appliances from CSC at a reduced initial cost.

VLEs can collect their order from nearest Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) centers. Under Ujala scheme, the warranty of the products (bulb, tubelight and fans) is 2.5 to 3 years. You can now check List of All Services provided by CSC in India.

What is Ujala Scheme 2024 – Complete Details

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi described the LED bulb as “Prakash Path” or “way to light”. A simple act of change of one light bulb to LED at South Block Prime Minister’s office heralded a movement in the entire country for considering the same change. The initiative is part of the Government of India’s efforts to spread the message of energy efficiency in the country.

UJALA scheme aims to promote efficient use of energy at the residential level; enhance the awareness of consumers about the efficacy of using energy efficient appliances and aggregating demand to reduce the high initial costs thus facilitating higher uptake of LED lights by residential users. It may be noted that the scheme was initially labelled DELP (Domestic Efficient Lighting Program) and was relaunched as UJALA.

Eligibility Criteria for Purchase of LEDs

Every domestic household having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company is eligible to get the LED bulbs under the UJALA Scheme.The consumer can purchase the LED on EMI payment (monthly/bimonthly instalments in electricity bill) or on upfront payment by paying the full amount. The consumer needs to carry the following documents to get the UJALA LED bulb:

  1. For EMI – Copy of latest electricity bill and copy of Government authorized ID proof
  2. For Upfront – Copy of Government authorized ID proof.

Where and How to Procure LED bulbs in Ujala Scheme

UJALA LED bulbs are being distributed through special counters (kiosks) set up at designated places in a city. These will not be available at retail stores. The location details of distribution counters is available at www.ujala.gov.in, wherein the locations are geo-tagged for consumer convenience.

Objectives of Ujala Scheme

Central govt. has launched this scheme to fulfill the following objectives:-

Now with the introduction of LED Tubelights and Fans along with the bulbs, Central govt. wants to fulfill these objectives.

How to Access Ujala LED Bulb / Fan / Tubelight Dashboard

The direct link to access Ujala LED Bulb / Fan / Tubelight Dashboard is given here. You can hit at the link – EESL Ujala Dashboard

Price of Appliances in Ujala Scheme

UJALA appliances can be purchased at Rs. 70 per LED bulb, Rs. 220 per LED tubelight and Rs. 1110 per Fan. The price of appliances consist of component such as price of bulb, distribution, awareness cost, which is discovered through competitive bidding, Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC), cost of capital and administrative costs.

Replacement / Warranty of LEDs in Ujala Scheme

If the LED bulb stops working due to a technical defects, EESL provides free-of-cost replacements for a period of one year. All replacements are done through designated replacement/ distribution kiosks as mentioned on www.ujala.gov.in. During the distribution period these LEDs can be replaced from any of the UJALA kiosks. Post distribution, there are state specific replacement drives that will indicate the retails shops/locations where replacement will be available.

Ujala Scheme Complaint Registration Process

There are 4 types of redressal mechanisms available to the consumer:-

  1. Complaints during distribution can be addressed at our distribution agency’s customer care centre number which is publicised in our advertisements and awareness drives. EESL has ensured that a toll-free helpline number, corresponding to the manufacturer, is printed on the UJALA LED bulb box as well as the consent deed (payment receipt).Once the duration of the distribution is over the consumers can contact the respective manufacturer via these helpline numbers and seek replacement of the bulb. The respective manufacturer will guide the consumer to the nearest retail outlet, at which the bulbs with technical flaws can be replaced
  2. EESL maintains a robust social media response system, where users can Tweet their complaint to EESL’s Twitter handle @EESL_India.
  3. A detailed email with description and contact details may also be sent to info@eesl.co.in.
  4. UJALA Dashboard (www.ujala.gov.in) also has a complaint/ grievance resolution tab on the top right. Consumers are free to lodge their concerns on this platform.All complaints are usually addressed within 48 hours of receipt and a satisfactory resolution follows.

Role of VLE’s under Ujala Scheme

VLEs must fulfill the following responsibilities :-

  1. Procurement of Appliances under Ujala Scheme through CSC Digital Seva Portal.
  2. Sale of Ujala appliances according to the listed MRP.
  3. Compulsory entry of the products being sell to the consumers. This data is essential for making payment to the VLE’s.
  4. All the VLEs who have got their ordered stock needs to make entry at the Digital Seva Portal.

MRP & Warranty of Products – Ujala Scheme

Under Ujala scheme, EESL provides warranty on the products for the following duration:-

Electrical AppliancesMRPWarrantyVLE CommissionTDSNet VLE Commission
Led BulbsRs. 703 years warrantyRs. 4Rs. 0.20Rs. 3.80
Tube LightRs. 2203 years warrantyRs. 9Rs. 0.45Rs. 8.55
Ceiling FanRs. 11102.5 years technical warrantyRs. 37Rs. 1.85Rs. 35.15
MRP / Warranty of LEDs on Ujala Dashboard

What Blue / White Colour on Ujala Dashboard Signifies

The blue colour indicates states where UJALA distribution scheme has been launched and opened up to the consumers. The white colour indicates the states where the scheme is still in process of being implemented. UJALA being a government scheme has to follow stringent protocols before it is launched in any state.

Salient Features of Ujala Scheme

The important features and highlights of Ujala Scheme are as follows:-

  1. Now Led Tubelights and Ceiling Fans are also available along with the LED bulbs at the Digital Seva Portal.
  2. Subsequently, minimum order quantity is 50 for LED bulbs, 20 for LED Tubelights and 4 for LED fans and order must be placed in multiples of 50.
  3. VLEs shall collect their order from nearest EESL centers after confirmation call from the EESL staff.
  4. EESL offers warranty on electrical appliance to the eligible grid connected domestic users.

Now people will get LED Tubelights and Ceiling Fans along with LED bulbs at a reduced cost for their residential use. This will promote energy efficiency to a great extent.

Ujala Scheme Launch in Different States of India (Updates)

Here is the updated information of launch of Ujala Scheme in some states of India. Here we provide information of some of the states, but you may confuse it that the scheme has been launched only in the mentioned states. The flagship Ujala scheme has been launched across all the states in India, but we are providing you with information of some of the major states.

UJALA Scheme for Energy Efficient Fans & LED Tubelights in Jharkhand

The chief minister of Jharkhand has launched the LED tube light and energy efficient fans under the UJALA scheme in the state. The state government after distributing a total of about 85 Lakh LED bulbs in the state would distribute LED tube lights and energy efficient fans under the “Unnat Jeevan by Affordable LEDs and Appliances for All” UJALA scheme. The Jharkhand Government under the UJALA scheme which is being run by the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) under the Ministry of Power aims to distribute more than 25 Lakh LED tube lights and 1 lakh energy efficient fans to people on upfront payment. The government estimates to provide scheme benefits to about 5.5 Lakh people across the state.

The LED bulbs and Tube Lights comes with three year warranty while the energy efficient fans comes with 2.5 year warranty under the scheme. The EESL would replace the bulbs, tube lights and fans free of cost under the warranty period if a technical problem occurs. The replaced through the same distribution outlets operating in the state. The LED bulbs has already proved to be the electricity and money savers for the consumers as well as the government. The distribution of the LED tube lights and fans would further help in saving the energy for peak demand and reducing energy bills for the consumers.

UJALA LED Bulb Scheme Launched in Jammu and Kashmir

UJALA, a central government scheme for distribution of LED bulbs at subsidized rates has been launched in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The scheme launch was marked by Jammu and Kashmir former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti by distributing the LED bulbs among the people. Under the UJALA scheme in J&K, consumers can purchase upto 5 LED bulbs at a rate of Rs. 20 each bulb by showing their electricity bill or the identity cards. If the consumers want to purchase more than 5 bulbs, charges will be Rs. 95 per bulb.

The scheme is expected to bring the electricity bill down for the consumers and saves the electricity for the state & for the nation as well. There are about 80 Lakh inefficient bulbs in the state, if all replaced with the LED bulbs, it will save a lot of energy. The power consumption of an LED bulb is just about one tenth of the normal yellow bulb. 7 and 9 watt bulbs are being distributed under the UJALA scheme across the nation.

Ujala Scheme – LED Bulbs in Delhi to be available at Rs. 75

State-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) will be distributing 9 Watt LED bulbs in the capital city. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs will be available to both the home consumers as well as to commercial entities at same rates. Under the central Governments’s UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LED’s for All), government will distribute 9 watt LED bulbs in Delhi at discounted prices. Earlier, 7 Watt LED bulbs were being distributed under the scheme which will no longer be available for sale. The consumers who already bought these 7 watt LED bulbs and facing some issues can get those replaced from dedicated replacement centers.

The new 9 watt LED bulbs are technically superior than the earlier ones and each bulb can help save anywhere between Rs. 160 to Rs. 400 per year. The life expectancy of the bulb is 25000 hours, making the cost recovery in less than one year. The Ujala LED scheme will be implemented across 87 circles in Delhi. Under the Ujala Scheme, over 66 lakh LED bulbs have already been distributed resulting in an annual energy saving of 86 crore kWh.

Ujala LED Bulb Distribution Scheme Launched in Goa

Ujala LED bulb scheme, a LED bulb distribution scheme of central government has been launched by the Union Minister of Power Piyush Goyal on 16th June in Goa. Under the scheme, mass distribution of LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs at subsidized rates will be done in the state. Under the Ujala LED Bulb Scheme in Goa, the residents will get 3 LED bulbs at Rs. 25 each in the first stage. Subsequently, each bulb can be purchased at Rs. 85, part of which can be paid in installments. The consumers will get 9 watt of LED bulbs under the scheme. The actual market price of the LED bulbs being distributed is Rs. 300-350.

The government aims to distribute about 15 lakh LED bulbs affecting 5 Lakh households in the state in the first stage of the scheme. Ujala scheme will not only help cut power bills for the consumers but also help saving a lot of electricity for the nation. According to the minister, the Ujala scheme is a part of the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get 24×7 power for all. Ujala scheme in Goa is expected to save over 78 million KWH of power every year in the state and about Rs. 850-1,000 on annual electricity bills per household.

The government is ensuring that all the scheme related to energy conservation and production are being implemented successfully in a completely transparent manner. Pradhan Mantri UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LED for all) Yojana is a central government scheme under which LED bulbs are being provided to consumers at subsidized rates.

For more details, visit the official website at http://ujala.gov.in/

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