PM Umeed Scheme 2023 – Udyam Mitra for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development

PM Umeed Scheme 2023 to be launched from April 2021, PM Udyam Mitra for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development scheme to provide skill training to 3 lakh youths to become entrepreneurs till 2025-26, PMUmeed Scheme to facilitate loans to youths and connect them in appropriate markets, check complete details here
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Central government may soon launch PM Umeed Scheme 2023 to promote entrepreneurship. In this scheme, the Union govt. will create entrepreneurs and handhold young enterprises that are struggling as it foresees the COVID pandemic taking toll on job market. Umeed stands for Udyam Mitra Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of PM Umeed Scheme.

PM Umeed Scheme 2023

The Union govt. may launched PM Udyam Mitra Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development (PMUmeed) Scheme. In this PM Umeed Scheme, central govt. plans to provide training to more than 3 lakh youth to become entrepreneurs over next 5 years. This scheme would facilitate loans to youths and connect them in appropriate markets. These entrepreneurs could also become job providers.

Draft of PMUmeed Scheme Prepared

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has prepared a draft of PMUmeed Scheme. Currently, PM Udyam Mitra Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development Scheme is being discussed among stakeholder ministries. The new PM Umeed Scheme could be finalised soon.

Features of PM Umeed Scheme

PM Umeed Scheme will be a demand driven scheme and states will have to pitch in to identify potential entrepreneurs and ventures that would be extended support. The support under PMUmeed Scheme will be extended for 18 months after completion of a 2 month entrepreneurship development training.

Implementation of PM Umeed Scheme

After the cabinet approval for PM Umeed Scheme, a steering committee will be set up for laying out the broad policy direction and operational guidelines. An executive committee will be responsible for overseeing the functioning of the scheme and approving related proposals. The draft has been circulated among concerned ministries and one round of discussions had happened in November 2020.

Launch of PM Udyam Mitra Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development Scheme

The PM Udyam Mitra Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development Scheme could be launched next financial year 2021-22. It is expected that the PM Umeed Scheme would be launched in April 2021 and would extend till 2025-26. There is a consensus that the repercussions of Covid-19 on the economy may further affect the prospects of employment generation.

So, there is need to help create an enabling ecosystem for budding and existing entrepreneurs so that new businesses can absorb the unemployed as well as new entrants in the job market. For this purpose, PM Umeed is going to be launched by the central government.

Entrepreneurship Training in PMUmeed Scheme

In PM Umeed Scheme, the central govt. plans to impart entrepreneurship development training to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. This training under PMUmeed Scheme would be provided for setting up and scaling up their enterprises through 610 entrepreneurship development centres at district levels. Three-fourths of those selected for training will be new entrepreneurs, while the rest will be people who already have set up businesses but are struggling to scale up.

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After two months of training, these entrepreneurs will be linked to markets and credit institutions for raising funds. Moreover, entrepreneurs would be connected to a digital aggregator platform for availing of entrepreneur-related services. The central govt. will facilitate market linkage with supply and value chain while monitoring the setting up and sustenance of these enterprises.

As per the data available with the central govt. for Monitoring Indian Economy, around 121 million workers had lost jobs in the first month of the lockdown. However, a huge part of these lost jobs has been recovered since then. India’s unemployment rate was 7.8% for the week ended November 22 as per the CMIE.

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