PM Mentoring YUVA Scheme 2022 Results | Mentoring Young Authors List

PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme 2022 results announced, check list of authors selected in PM Yuva Mentorship Scheme, 75 young authors selected, check age limit to apply, phase 1 (training), phase 2 (promotion), objectives, implementation & execution, themes, selection process, complete details of yuva mentoring young authors scheme here
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Yuva Mentoring Young Authors List 2022: PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme 2022 results have been announced by the central government headed by PM Narendra Modi. This scheme aims to empower youths and create learning ecosystem to prepare young learners for leadership roles in future. 75 contestants have been selected in Prime Minister’s Scheme For Mentoring Young Authors who had earlier submited a manuscript of 5,000 words to judge its suitability to develop as a proper book.

In this article, we will tell you the complete list of authors selected under PM Yuva Mentorship Scheme. Also know about the age limit to apply, objectives, implementation & execution, themes, selection process for young authors, phase 1 (training), phase 2 (promotion) details among others.

List of Authors Selected Under PM YUVA Mentorship Scheme

Here is the list of 75 authors selected under PM YUVA Mentorship Scheme. Each selected author will receive scholarship worth Rs. 50000 per month for a period of 6 months.

PM Yuva Mentorship Scheme Result Page 1
PM Yuva Mentorship Scheme Result Page 1
Yuva Mentoring Young Authors Result Page 2
Yuva Mentoring Young Authors Result Page 2
Mentoring Yuva Scheme Results Page 3
Mentoring Yuva Scheme Results Page 3

National Book Trust (NBT) has announced the results of the All India Contest organised on the theme “National Movement of India” under the PM YUVA Mentorship Scheme as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav programmes. As many as 75 authors under the age of 30 were selected through the contest for a scholarship-cum-mentorship scheme. Out of the 75 selected authors, 38 are males and 37 are females. Further, two are below 15 years, whereas there are 16 authors in the age group of 15-20 years, 32 fall in the age group of 21-25 years, and 25 authors are in the age group of 26-30 years.

Yuva Mentoring Young Authors Results Announced

During the mentorship, the selected authors will receive a scholarship of Rs 50,000 per month for a period of six months. Further, a royalty of 10 per cent will be payable to the authors on successful publications of their books. The selected authors will undergo six months of mentorship in which they would be provided research and editorial support under the guidance of eminent authors and the editorial team of National Book Trust, India.

Thereafter, they would develop their book proposals as full-fledged books to be published by the trust as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav initiatives. Their published books will be later translated into other Indian languages as well.

Background of PM Mentoring Yuva Contest

The contest was organised from June 1 to July 31 through MyGov and NBT platforms. Nearly 16,000 entries in 22 official languages and English were received from all across the country including some from Indian diaspora community. All the book proposals were read by multiple panels of experts and went through three layers of scrutiny.

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During his Mann Ki Baat address dated January 31, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had stated, “I call upon our young friends to write about our freedom fighters, events associated with them and tales of valour during freedom struggle from their areas.” Following which the PM-YUVA mentorship scheme for young authors was launched by the ministry of education, the government of India with NBT as the implementing agency.

Objective of PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme 2022

PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme aims to create a pool of authors of below 30 years who are ready to express themselves and project India on any international platform, as well as it will help in projecting Indian culture and literature globally. The young authors so mentored will become proficient in writing in various genres like fiction, non-fiction, travelogues, memoirs, drama, poetry & so on.

PM Yuva Mentorship Scheme will make sure to bring reading and authorship as a preferred profession at par with other job options, making the children of India take reading and knowledge as an integral part of their grooming up years. In addition, PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme will bring a positive psychological push to the young minds given the impact and effect of the recent pandemic on the mental health of children.

Implementation & Execution of PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

The National Book Trust, India (under BP Division, Ministry of Education, GOI) is the Implementing Agency which will ensure phase-wise execution of the Scheme under well-defined stages of mentorship

Themes for Participating in PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

  • Unsung Heroes
  • Little known facts about the National Movement
  • Role of various places in National Movement
  • Bringing out new perspectives related to political, cultural, economic, or science related aspects of national movement

Selection Procedure of Young Authors

  • A total of 75 authors will be selected through an All India Contest at MyGov.
  • The selection will be made by a Committee to be constituted by NBT.
  • The PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme contest will run from 4th June to 31st July 2021.
  • The contestants will be asked to submit a manuscript of 5,000 words to judge its suitability to develop as a proper book under the Mentorship Scheme.
  • The date of announcement of results is 25 December 2021.
  • In view of the large number of submissions, govt. will ensure that fair review is done and justice is given to young talents.
  • Based on mentorship, the selected authors will prepare manuscripts for final selection under the guidance of the nominated mentors.
  • The entries of the winners has already been readied for publication by 15th December 2021.
  • The published books may be launched on 12th January 2022 on YUVA DIVAS or the National Youth Day.
  • The contest is open to citizens of India who are below the age of 30 years as on 1st June 2021. Indian nationals residing outside India who hold a PIO card (Person of Indian Origin) or NRIs (Non-resident Indian) holding Indian passports can also participate in the contest.
  • PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme contestants can download their certificate of participation upon successful submission of their entry. Please note that this certificate is only an acknowledgement of an entry submitted successfully and in no way guarantees selection for mentorship program.

PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme Phase 1 – Training (3 Months)

  • The National Book Trust, India will organise a Two-Week Writers’ Online Programme for the selected candidates.
  • During which the young authors will be trained by two eminent authors/mentors from NBT’s panel of accomplished authors and writers.
  • After the completion of the two-week writers Online Programme, the authors will be trained for 2-Weeks at various On-line/On-site National Camps organised by NBT.

PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme Phase 2 – Promotion (3 Months)

  • The young authors will get to expand their understanding and hone their skills through interaction at various international events such as Literary Festivals, Book Fairs, Virtual Book Fair, Cultural Exchange Programmes, etc.
  • At the end of mentorship a consolidated scholarship of Rs. 50,000 per month for a period of 6 months (50,000 x 6 = ₹3 Lakh) per author will be paid under the Mentorship Scheme.
  • A book or a series of books written by the young authors will be published by NBT, India as the outcome of the mentorship programme.
  • A royalty of 10% will be payable to the authors on successful publications of their books at the end of the Mentorship Program.
  • Their published books will be translated into other Indian languages ensuring the exchange of culture & literature between different states & thereby promoting Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

Need for PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

Under the dynamic leadership of PM Narendra Modi, the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) lays emphasis on empowerment of young minds and creation of learning ecosystem that can nurture young learners for future leadership roles. To achieve this goal as well as to celebrate India’s 75 years of Independence, a national PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme is launched. Prime Minister’s Scheme For Mentoring Young Authors will go a long way in cementing the foundation of these leaders of tomorrow.

India tops the world chart in the youth population and has a lot of potential ready to be tapped into and utilized for capacity and nation-building. Demographic advantage offers India and its economy an unprecedented edge. With this express intent of mentoring a new generation of young creative writers, there is an imminent requirement to take initiatives at the highest level. These initiative are taken under the visionary national level flagship programme of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

Essentially, PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme envisions cultivating modern ambassadors of Indian literature. India is ranked 3rd in the arena of book publishing and to further boost this treasure trove of indigenous literature, it is imperative to project this at the global stage. PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme will help to develop a stream of writers who can write on a spectrum of subjects to promote Indian heritage, culture and knowledge and provide a window to the aspiring youth to articulate themselves in their mother tongue and represent India at an international level. PM Yuva Yojana is in line with Hon’ble PM’s vision of Global Citizen and establish India as a Vishwa Guru.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the “Themes” that one can send one’s entry about

The major themes are: Unsung Heroes; Little known facts about the National Movement; Role of various places in National Movement; Entries bringing out new perspectives related to political, cultural, economic, or science related aspects of national movement etc.

What is the duration of the PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme Contest

The duration of the contest is 4th June 2021 to 31st July 2021 (11.59 PM)

Till what time the submissions will be accepted

The submissions will be accepted till 11:59 PM on 31 July 2021 on MyGov

Can I write in any Indian language

Yes, you can write in English or also in any of the following languages as listed in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India: (1) Asamiya, (2) Bangla, (3) Gujarati, (4) Hindi, (5) Kannada, (6) Kashmiri, (7) Konkani, (8) Malayalam, (9) Manipuri, (10) Marathi, (11) Nepali, (12) Odia, (13) Punjabi, (14) Sanskrit, (15) Sindhi, (16) Tamil, (17) Telugu, (18) Urdu, (19) Bodo, (20) Santhali, (21) Maithili and (22) Dogri

How will the maximum age of 30 years be decided

You should be exactly 30 years or below as on 1st June 2021

Who can participate in the contest

Citizens of India aged 30 years or below as on 1st June 2021

Can foreign nationals also participate in the contest

Only Indian nationals including those holding PIOs or NRIs holding Indian passports can participate in the contest

I am a PIO/NRI holding Indian Passport, do I have to attach the documents

Yes, kindly attach a copy of your passport/PIO card with your entry

Can I submit more than one entry

Only one entry per contestant is allowed

What should be the structure of the entry

It should have a chapter plan, synopsis and two-three chapters (if the entry has chapters) within a maximum word limit of 5000 words

Can I submit more than 5000 words

Maximum word limit of 5000 should be adhered to

How will I know that my entry has been registered

You will receive an acknowledgment email from MyGov. Don’t forget to download your certificate of participation after final submission

I will be submitting my entry in an Indian language, should I attach its English translation

No. Kindly mention in 100-150 words gist of your entry in either English or Hindi

Is there any minimum age for entry in PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

No minimum age has been prescribed

Can I send the handwritten manuscript

No. It should be neatly typed

What is the genre of entry

You can submit both fiction and non-fiction

What are the sub-genres that one can submit as one’s entry under “Fiction”

You can send collections of short stories, novellas, historical fiction, inspirational, romance fiction, fiction for children, fiction for young adults etc. The background of the fiction genre of manuscripts should be pertaining to the period of national movement.

What are the sub-genres that one can submit as one’s entry under “Non- Fiction”

You can send travelogues, memoirs, or informative/research-based manuscripts dealing with various political, social, cultural, economic or science-related aspects of national movement etc.

Will poetry be accepted in PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

No, poetry will not be accepted

If the manuscript has information that is quoted from an external source, how and where does it need to be mentioned/how do I quote the source of reference

On the inclusion of information from an external source in a non-fiction manuscript, the source needs to be mentioned as footnotes/endnotes or in a consolidated “Works Cited” section if required

Can I submit my Indian language entry in Unicode

Yes, it can be submitted in Unicode

What should be the format of submission in PM Mentoring Yuva Scheme

For English, the format should have font style as Times New Roman and font size should be 14. For other languages, equivalent font style/size should be employed

Are simultaneous submissions allowed/can I submit a story that has been submitted to another competition/journal/magazine etc.

No, simultaneous submissions are not allowed

What is the procedure to edit/exchange an entry/manuscript that has already been submitted

Once an entry has been submitted, it cannot be edited or withdrawn. ‘Save as draft’ option may be selected by a participant who wishes to further edit his/her entry, but such entries must be submitted before the last date of contest. An entry saved in draft after last date of submission, shall not be considered.

Can the submissions also have pictures / illustrations to support the text

Yes, the text can be supported with pictures or illustrations if you hold copyright for the same

For more details, visit the official website at

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