PM Kusum Yojana Online Registration / Application Form 2021 [Apply to Setup Solar Pumps]

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2020 online registration / application form available at official website for solar pumps installation, apply online for pumpsets subsidy scheme, check kusum scheme phase 2 launch and details here कुसुम योजना 2020-21 के अंतर्गत सब्सिडी पर सोलर पंप कनेक्शन लेने के लिए आवेदम पत्र भरें
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Central government invites Kusum Yojana online registration / application form 2021. Union govt. will provide 3 crore solar pumps to farmers under Kisan Urja Suraksha Utthan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM) Scheme till FY 2022. These solar agricultural pumpsets at subsidy would replace agriculture pumps currently running from electricity and diesel. The official website for Solar Agriculture Pumps Subsidy Yojana previously was but now it is closed.

The primary aim of Kusum Scheme 2021 is to provide advanced technology to farmers to generate power. These solar pumps has double benefits as it will assist farmers in irrigation and will also allow farmers to generate safe energy. As these pumpsets comprises of energy power grid, farmers can sell the extra power directly to the government which would also increase their income.

Latest Update – 3 new fraud websites namely and and have been detected which are inviting online application for PM Kusum Yojana. Don’t register at these websites and do not provide any personal information at these portals.

A total of 20 lakh farmers can set up standalone solar pumps. Furthermore, Finance minister said that government can help 15 lakh solarise grid-connected pump sets. Moreover, farmers can also use barren land for solar energy generation, setup solar power plants on barren land, generate electricity, sell extra generated electricity and have a livelihood out of it.

KUSUM Yojana as announced by the central govt. would promote solar power production and solar farming to benefit farmers. In Union Budget 2020-21, union govt. has made a budgetary provision of Rs. 48000 crore for upcoming 10 years and allocation of funds is to be done in 4 segments.

PM Kusum Yojana Online Registration Form 2020 [Apply]

The PM Kusum Yojana official website is now not working. So, any person who wants assistance on PM Kusum Yojana can now contact at 011-2436-0707, 011-2436-0404 (Toll Free: 1800-180-3333) or visit the official website at

Below is the previous procedure to apply online for Kusum Yojana online application and registration form:-

  • Visit the official website at
  • At the homepage, click at the “आवेदन करें” link. Afterwards, the Kusum Yojana online registration form 2020 will appear as shown below:-
Kusum Yojana Online Registration Form
Kusum Yojana Online Registration Form
  • Here candidates can enter the complete details including farmers name, mobile number, e-mail ID and other details and click at the “Submit” button to complete the Kusum Scheme 2020 registration process.
Kusum Scheme 2019 Online Registration
Kusum Scheme 2020 Online Registration
  • Next candidates can click at Kusum Yojana homepage for login for Solar Agricultural Pumpset Subsidy Scheme 2020-21 as shown below:-
Kusum Yojana 2019 Login Homepage
Kusum Yojana 2020 Login Homepage
  • After making Kusum Yojana 2020 Login at the homepage, candidates can fill the Kusum Yojana online application form to avail subsidy on solar agricultural pumps.
  • PM Kusum Yojana 2020-21 Guidelines Download (PDF) – The guidelines for implementation of component C of PM Kusum scheme on solarization of grid connected agricultural pumps can be checked using the link – View Details

Central govt. has started KUSUM Scheme in FY 2018 to assist farmers in replacing all the existing diesel and electric pumps with solar agricultural pumps. On these solar agricultural pumps, govt. would provide 60% of total cost as subsidy to all eligible farmers across the country.

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PM Kusum Scheme 2020 Components

The various components of Kusum Scheme 2020 are as follows:-

  • Solar Pumps Distribution – During the Kusum Yojana 1st phase, the power department in association with departments of the central govt. are going to work towards the successful distribution of solar powered pumps.
  • Construction of Solar Power Factory – This includes the construction of solar power plants which would have a capacity to produce significant amount of power.
  • Setting up tubewells – The 3rd component of this scheme includes setting up of tubewells which are also going to generate certain amount of power.
  • Modernization of present Pumps – Only the production of power is not one of the aim of this Kusum Scheme 2020-2021. The final component of Kusum scheme deals with the modernization of pumps which are currently in use and to replace old pumps by solar pumps.

In addition, banks would also provide 30% extra of total expenses as bank loans to farmers. Now the farmers would only have to spend the upfront cost and is around 10% of total cost to set up these solar projects. Candidates can click at Contact Us link in case of any further query.

As per the initial draft of Kusum Yojana 2020, these plants are going to be erected only on infertile areas which are capable of generation a total of 28000 MW power. In the 1st phase, govt. would provide 17.5 lakh solar powered pumps to agricultural labourers.

PM Kusum Yojana Helpline Number

Contact No: 011-2436-0707, 011-2436-0404
PM KUSUM Toll Free Number: 1800-180-3333
Official website:

Govt. Expands Kusum Scheme (Phase 2)

Central govt. has set a target to create a total of 30,800 MW of power by extending the Kusum Scheme further. This scheme will cost the government Rs 34,035 Crore. Under PM Kusum Scheme Phase 2, around 35 lakh farmers will be given the facility to run solar-powered pumps in the next two years. With this scheme, the country will not only get rid of diesel-powered irrigation pumps, but it will also provide an opportunity to farmers to earn extra money.

Under the Kusum Yojana scheme, farmers running solar pumps with solar energy will be able to sell their power back to the power distribution units of the states and earn extra profit from it. Although this scheme was implemented only in March 2019, the Renewal Ministry under the Central Government has set a target to expand it to 2021-22 and 2022-23.

In the statement released by the Ministry of Renewal, it has been told that in the first phase, farmers will be helped to set up solar power plants up to 2 Mega Watts. With this, a target has been set to generate 10 thousand megawatts of electricity and the central government will provide assistance of Rs 3325 Crore. In the second phase, 2 million solar-powered pumps will be installed, which will generate 9600 Mega Watts power. In the third phase, 1.5 million solar pumps will be installed and a total of 11,200 Mega Watts will be generated.

The central government believes that the Kusum Yojna scheme can play an important role in doubling the income of farmers. This will reduce the irrigation cost of farmers and on the other hand, it will also open the way for additional income for farmers. The solar-powered pump will be connected to the local grid. Farmers will be able to sell more power to the grid.

Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (Kusum) Scheme Approved by CCEA

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the launch of Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan. Kusum Scheme 2021 will provide financial and water security to the farmers. Kusum Solar Pump Yojana online application form available at Kusum Yojana has 3 components namely A, B & C which are going to be implemented to provide solar powered agriculture pumps.

All 3 components combined, Kusum scheme aims to add a solar capacity of 25,750 MW by FY 2022. The central govt. will provide total financial support of Rs. 34,422 crore under the Kusum Scheme. Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan is also going to generate employment opportunities directly and will also increase the self employment opportunities. Kusum Yojana is going to generate 6.31 lakh jobs for skilled as well as unskilled workers.

Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan – Kusum Scheme Components

The proposed Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (Kusum scheme) will consist of three components:-

Component A – 10,000 MW of Decentralized Ground Mounted Grid Connected Renewable Power Plants. This component will be implemented on pilot mode for 1000 MW capacity. Under component A, renewable power plants of 500 KW to 2 MW capacity would be setup by individual farmers / cooperatives / panchayats /farmer producer organisations (FPO) on their barren or cultivable lands. The remaining power generated is going to be purchased by the DISCOMs at feed in tariffs determined by respective SERC. Kusum Scheme is going to provide a stable and continuous source of income to the rural land owners. Moreover, DISCOMs will get Performance Based Incentives @ Rs. 0.40 per unit for 5 years.

Component B – Installation of 17.50 lakh standalone solar powered agriculture pumps. Under this component, individual farmers are going to be supported to install standalone solar pumps of capacity up to 7.5 Horse Power. People are also allowed to open Solar PV having capacity in kW which is equal to the pump capacity in HP.

Component C – Solarization of around 10 lakh grid-connected solar powered agricultural pumps. This component will be implemented on pilot mode for 1 lakh grid connected agriculture pumps. Under this component, all the individual farmers will be given support to solarise pumps of upto 7.5 HP capacity. Solar PV capacity upto 2 times of pump capacity in kW is allowed under Kusum Scheme. Farmers can then use generated energy to meet irrigation needs while the rest of the available energy would be sold to DISCOM. This scheme is going to create an avenue to provide extra income to farmers and for the states to meet their RPO targets.

Both the pilot projects for component A & B will be scale up on success of pilot run while component B would be implemented in full-fledged manner.

Kusum Yojana Implementation

In order to successfully implement component B & C of Kusum Yojana, govt. will provide central financial assistance (CFA) of 30% of benchmark cost or tender cost (whichever is lower). The state govt. will also provide 30% subsidy and the remaining 40% amount is to be borne by the farmer. For 30% investment amount by the farmer, bank finance facility will also remain available while the remaining 10% amount will have to be given by farmer from their pockets. The central govt. will provide 50% CFA for North Eastern States, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Lakshadweep and A&N Islands.

Kusum Scheme is going to have a substantial impact on the environment as CO2 emissions would get reduced. All the 3 components in combined form would result in saving of around 27 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Furthermore, the component B (standalone solar pumps) of Kusum Scheme will save 1.2 billion litres of diesel per annum along with associated savings in foreign exchange due to reduction of import of crude oil.

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