Women Entrepreneurship Platform Registration & Login at wep.gov.in | NITI Aayog Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurship Platform registration 2024 & login at wep.gov.in, NITI Aayog Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs, apply to register as partner or entrepreneur, check focus areas, pillars, service partners, complete details here
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NITI Aayog, Central government has launched Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) on International Women’s Day. Subsequently, central govt. wants to build an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs to scale up their innovative ideas and realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. This portal is designed on 3 pillars – Iccha Shakti, Gyan Shakti & Karma Shakti. Interested women entrepreneurs can make online registration at wep.gov.in

This platform will bring out sustainable and long-term strategies for businesses. CEO of NITI Aayog has launched WEP platform and dedicates it to the cause of “Naari Shakti”. The primary objective to launch this online platform is “Women First, Prosperity for All”.

WEP is a first of its kind, unified access portal to bring together women entrepreneurs from different parts of the country. Moreover, WEP will enable network of industry collaborations, partnerships, mentors and peer-to-peer connect.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform Online Registration & Login

WEP is an informative and interactive website which will serve as dedicated resource and knowledge base. This portal will enable both aspiring and established women entrepreneurs to get information about government and private sector schemes.

WEP Registration as Entrepreneur

Whether you simply have an idea for a startup, have just started your business, or have an established enterprise, this is the platform for you! ‘For this reason, women entrepreneurs must fill WEP Platform Online Registration Form to access its services:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website wep.gov.in

STEP 2: Subsequently on the homepage, click the “Register” tab present on the right side of the page.

STEP 3: Accordingly, Women Entrepreneurship Platform Online Registration Form will appear as shown below:-

Women Entrepreneurship Platform Online Registration Form Entrepreneur
Women Entrepreneurship Platform Online Registration Form Entrepreneur

STEP 4: Here women entrepreneurs have to fill the details accurately an finally click the “Register” button to complete the WEP Registration process.

STEP 5: At the homepage, click at the “Login” button or directly click this link to open the Women Entrepreneurship Platform login page.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform Login WEP
Women Entrepreneurship Platform Login WEP

STEP 6: Here candidates can enter the mobile number or e-mail ID and click at the “Login” button to make WEP Login for women entrepreneurs.

WEP platform will promote offline initiatives of central govt. and other outreach programmes. Accordingly, this will promote entrepreneurial spirit among potential women entrepreneurs in alliance with partner organizations.

Register as Partners at WEP

Avail the unique opportunity to aid the most promising entrepreneurs of the country in their journey toward success. Tell us how you can collaborate with WEP to support the nation’s Shepreneurs. To register as partner, click at the “Apply” link under Partner section to open the WEP Registration Form for Partners:-

WEP Partner Registration Form
WEP Partner Registration Form

Pillars of Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)

NITI Aayog has launched WEP Platform to increase the total number of women entrepreneurs to create and empower a dynamic ‘NEW India’. Accordingly, WEP online platform is based on 3 pillars which are as follows:-

  1. Ichha Shakti – This component will help aspiring women entrepreneurs to start their own business / enterprises.
  2. Gyaan Shakti – This deals with providing appropriate knowledge and ecosystem support to help & foster women entrepreneurs in realizing their entrepreneurship skills.
  3. Karma Shakti – To provide hands on support to women entrepreneurs in setting up and scaling of their businesses.

Focus Areas of WEP Services

As an aggregator platform, WEP hosts information and services relevant to women entrepreneurs. WEP enables key partnerships to bring crucial content, workshops, campaigns and other avenues of learning and growth to its users from trailblazers in the industry. Through its partnerships, services are provided in 6 main focus areas:-

  • Community and Networking – The ultimate goal of WEP is to build a robust network of women entrepreneurs to enable an ecosystem of support, learning and collaboration. WEP and its partners leverage the community module on the website and several offline networking events to enable these connects.
  • Funding and Financial Assistance – WEP has identified funding as a key problem area for women entrepreneurs looking to launch or scale their venture in India. WEP through its partners, will provide advice on different sources of funding such as equity, debt, relevant schemes and grants, etc.
  • Incubation and Acceleration – Women entrepreneurs with the drive to speed up the growth of their startups and early stage enterprises, can sign up for incubation and acceleration programs being offered by WEP partners. These interventions are critical in developing key skills of driving systemic interventions at scale.
  • Compliance and Tax Assistance – WEP, through its partner organizations, offers compliance services to registered users to enable them with necessary tools which help them adhere to their duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations, as well as register their enterprises, furnish accounts, apply for loans, IPR, license counseling etc.
  • Entrepreneur Skilling and Mentorship – WEP partners offer essential entrepreneurial and management courses and programs to hone the skills to stimulate innovation and sustainability. Partners and mentors help build a culture of continuous learning and innovation, resilient business models, project planning, people management, risk assessment, etc
  • Marketing Assistance – Through a number of partners, WEP offers marketing support to early stage, as well as established startups to help them improve marketing and positioning of their competency. Get connected to programs that help you in broadcasting products and services through various channels innovatively and iteratively to increase your market presence.

For this, WEP encourages entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial journeys, stories & experiences to nurture peer learning. All of this is further strengthened by the mentorship of industry players. WEP platform, as a driver of change, will also promote offline initiatives and outreach programmes to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among potential women entrepreneurs, in collaboration with partner organizations.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform Launch

WEP platform will provide services of free credit ratings, mentor-ship, financial assistance to women entrepreneurs, apprenticeship and corporate partnerships. In addition to this, WEP will also encourage women entrepreneurs to share their personal success stories – entrepreneurial journeys, stories & experiences to nurture mutual learning.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform Launch Event
Women Entrepreneurship Platform Launch Event

WEP Service Partners

WEP will function inside a broader framework of industry cooperation and partnerships. Various Service Providers will also provide unique services to women entrepreneurs which are as follows:-

  • CRISIL – This company will provide credit evaluation service of women led startups.
  • DICE – Dice has setup a separate fund of Rs. 10 crore for potential equity investments which will provide new opportunities.
  • ShopClues.com – This partner is going to provide internship and dedicated mentor-ship to women entrepreneurs.
  • Mann Deshi Foundation – This company will provide digital and financial literacy.
  • Other Corporates – Various other industry bodies like NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, SIDBI and Facebook are also in partnership with WEP. The primary motive is to provide business acceleration, mentorship and other start-up support.

The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) is a Government of India initiative by NITI Aayog to promote and support aspiring as well as established women entrepreneurs in India, assist and handhold them in their journey from starting up to scaling up and expanding their ventures. WEP identifies partners who are the pivotal agents that transform WEP’s vision to reality through incisive interventions.

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