CSC Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2023 Login at | Place Digital Seva Connect Request, Make Donation for Sanitary Pads

CSC Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2023 Login at, place Digital Seva Connect Request, make donation online for schools, girls, schools, download app, check state wise coverage, progress report, sanitary pads to promote menstrual hygiene among women in rural / urban areas, complete details here
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CSC Stree Swabhiman Yojana Login at Now place Digital Seva Connect (CSC Connect) Request at Stree Swabhiman Portal. Make Donation for Sanitary Pads through online mode. Stree Swabhiman Yojana (स्त्री स्वाभिमान योजना) 2023 has been launched under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) of central government.

Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad has launched Stree Swabhiman initiative while attending the National Conference for CSC Women VLEs (Village Level Entrepreneur). In this Stree Swabhiman Scheme, the Union govt. will provide sanitary napkins to girls and women for menstrual health and hygiene. Through this article, we will tell you about application process, eligibility criteria for registration and complete details.

Stree Swabhiman Portal Login at

Here is the complete process to make login at Stree Swabhiman Portal:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Login” tab present in the main menu or directly click

STEP 3: The the Stree Swabhiman Portal Login page will appear as shown below:-

CSC Stree Swabhiman Portal Login
CSC Stree Swabhiman Portal Login

STEP 4: Here you can enter username and password and then click at the “Log In” button to make Stree Swabhiman Portal Login

Digital Seva Connect (CSC Connect Request) at Stree Swabhiman Portal

Here is the complete process to make CSC Connect Request at Stree Swabhiman Portal:-

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STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Digital Seva Connect” tab present in the main menu as shown below:-

Digital Seva Connect Stree Swabhiman Portal
Digital Seva Connect Stree Swabhiman Portal

STEP 3: Then the Stree Swabhiman Portal CSC Connect Request page will open where you will have to login to place CSC Connect Request.

CSC Connect Request Stree Swabhiman Yojana
CSC Connect Request Stree Swabhiman Yojana

Make Donation for CSC Stree Swabhiman Yojana

Here is the complete process to make donation at Stree Swabhiman Portal:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Donate now” tab present in the middle of the page.

Donate Now Streeswabhiman In Portal
Donate Now Streeswabhiman In Portal

STEP 3: Then the page to make donation for girls or donation for schools at Stree Swabhiman Portal will open:-

Donation Girls Schools Stree Swabhiman Yojana
Donation Girls Schools Stree Swabhiman Yojana

List of Documents Required to Donate for Stree Swabhiman Yojana

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile number
  • Passport Size Photographs

Launch of Stree Swabhiman Yojana

The important features and highlights of this Stree Swabhiman Yojana are as follows:-

  1. Common Service Centers (CSC) are going to implement this initiative at the root level across the country.
  2. CSC are committed for providing affordable, reliable and modern menstrual pads (eco-friendly) to women and girls.
  3. This is unique initiative by CSC to protect Stree Swabhiman.
  4. Accordingly, these pads are safe to use and cheap in price.
  5. Furthermore, these pads will ensure safety and hygiene of women.
Stree Swabhiman Yojana CSC Women VLEs
Stree Swabhiman Yojana CSC Women VLEs

Through Stree Swabhiman Yojana, women in rural as well as urban areas will get aware of the benefits of using sanitary napkins and pads. Pt. Ravi Shankar had launched this initiative at National Conference of CSC Women VLEs.

State Wise Coverage of Stree Swabhiman Yojana

StateNumber of Sanitary Napkin MMU’s
Stree Swabhiman Yojana State Wise Coverage

*** This data of Stree Swabhiman Yojana state wise coverage is upto 23 June 2021.

What is Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2023 – स्त्री स्वाभिमान योजना

Indian govt. has launched Stree Swabhiman Yojana 2023 to promote good health and hygiene among girls / women of rural and urban areas. Common Service Centres (CSCs) would provide environment friendly sanitary pads at reasonable prices. The low cost sanitary napkins would ensure that poor girls / women can purchase it easily. All the girls can now avail benefits of Stree Swabhiman Yojana through Common Service Centers.

Objectives of Stree Swabhiman Scheme

The main objectives to protect Stree Swabhiman are described below:-

  • This initiative will provide access to sanitary napkins to the girls and women in rural areas.
  • Accordingly, this move of central govt. will improve awareness on menstrual health and hygiene.
  • Moreover, setting up and maintenance of semi-automatic and manual process production unit is easy and hassle free.
  • In addition to this, each production unit will generate employment for 8-10 women.

Currently, around 15 low-cost sanitary napkins manufacturing units are present across the entire country. So, Central govt. wants that more people should get involved for this cause.

False Claim under Stree Swabhiman Scheme

There are rumors that govt. is providing Rs. 1,24,000 to bank accounts of Stree Swabhiman Yojana beneficiaries. It is a false claim as govt. has not released any notification regarding this. This information is absolutely wrong and PIB has already exposed this false claim. In case you also heard of any such news, you must not pay attention to such claims.

Stree Swabhiman Yojana of PM Narendra Modi led govt. will primarily focus on “Women Empowerment”. Stree Swabhiman initiative would be implemented through CSCs.

Download Stree Swabhiman App from Google Play Store

Here is the direct link to download Stree Swabhiman App from Google Play store –

The page to download Stree Swabhiman App for android smartphone users will appear as shown below:-

Stree Swabhiman App Download Android
Stree Swabhiman App Download Android

Here you will have to click at the “Install” button and the Stree Swabhiman Yojana app will automatically start downloading. Stree Swabhiman application by CSC Academy offer VLE a mobile platform to distribute items to beneficiary of school across India.

Overview of CSC Stree Swabhiman Yojana

CSC has more than 35000 women entrepreneurs providing various G2C and B2C services to citizens specially in rural India. These CSCs provide digital inclusiveness and support in implementation of various government initiatives as digital literacy, financial inclusion, skill development etc. CSCs has proven self sustainably rural enterprise providing employment to local populace CSCs now venture into a new social initiative “Stree Swabhiman” where Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Units are being setup to promote women health and hygiene.

This service will provide the employment to 4-5 other women. CSC is empowering its women entrepreneurs to not only provide sanitary pads at their centres but also to educate women of their society to overcome this social taboo and encourage the usage of sanitary pads. It shall provide unit for manufacturing Bio-degradable, eco-friendly sanitary pads at our units.

Brief about Stree Swabhiman Project

  • The project focuses on training and establishing a sanitary napkin unit for women and girls to promote menstrual hygiene and to support village level entrepreneurs and SHG groups
  • The intervention proposes to create ongoing livelihood options for 35000 women who will be engaged in the manufacturing process by developing their own entrepreneurial ventures at their CSC Centre
  • The product (sanitary napkin) will be sold under local brand name and marketed by VLEs
  • The project also has a menstrual hygiene related awareness generation component and aims to increase usage of sanitary napkins among rural girls in schools and colleges by making the napkins available at the schools

Stree Swabhiman Scheme Initiation

Stree Swabhiman Project is conceptualized to create avenues for the rural and semi-urban women to become self-reliant and also progress towards a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle. CSC’s initiatives like Mini Manufacturing Unit for Sanitary Napkin Units have been received very well amongst numerous Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs).

Girl students face great challenges in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Many schools have insufficient numbers of latrines, which are often poorly designed and maintained. For girls who are menstruating, these problems compound the difficulties posed by the inability to afford sanitary towels as well as cultural taboos around menstruation. As a result, many girls miss on average four days of school every month which is over a month in a year, meaning they fall behind in class and sometimes even drop out of school altogether. This is an added challenge to the already existing problems that lead to the high dropout rate of girl students in primary and secondary schools.

CSC SPV Sanitary Pads Distribution in India

CSC SPV proposes to raise funds to provide sanitary pads to girl students in Rural Areas of Country. Village Level Entrepreneurs will distribute the pads to almost 1,000 girls in the primary and secondary schools in their village, encompassing girls from 7th to 12th grade under Stree Swabhiman Yojana.

These Women VLEs will organize trainings and question-and-answer sessions to give girls a forum to discuss related issues along with female teachers and other medical staff in the schools. This project will be on-going and is envisioned to address various issues of rural areas.

Sanitary Napkins Manufacturing

CSCSPV will provide, install and test the machines and train their Village Level Entrepreneurs and his/her team members. The main features for our Manufacturing facility for Sanitary Napkins are:-

  • This is an easy to set-up & manual process production line & its modular manufacturing unit is easy to maintain
  • Customized infrastructure and amenities that ensure timely accomplishment of entire production process
  • 750-1000 napkins can be sterilized in a day
  • Generate employment (4-5 per manufacturing unit) and provide livelihood development opportunities. Indirectly generating self-dependent communities
  • As low as 20% of the manufacturing process needs electricity

Role of VLEs in Stree Swabhiman Yojana

Model for Village Level Entrepreneurs a Social Kendra for their Villages:-

  • Village Level Entrepreneur will provide free of cost Sanitary Pads to School Girls (adolescent girls) of their village and town
  • Girls can also avail the same from their CSC Kendra’s of their village
  • CSC will provide Rs. 500/- per girls per year to their VLEs. (Subject to availability of donations)
  • Verification of the same will be done by the Principal of that school
  • The Principal of the School will provide written confirmation about the distribution and number of beneficiaries

Stree Swabhiman Yojana Progress Report

States / UTs Covered40
District Covered702
Blocks Covered4331
Number of Beneficiaries5066271
Stree Swabhiman Yojana Coverage

*** This data of Stree Swabhiman Yojana coverage is upto 23 June 2021.

For any query or information, feel free to contact us at

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