Portable Petrol Pumps in India – Complete Details, Cost & How to Setup

Portable petrol pumps in India are now official with government approval, here are complete details of portable petrol pumps such as setup cost, benefits & others
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Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas of central government has approved to setup Portable Petrol Pumps in the country. The responsibility to setup and distribute these petrol pumps is assigned to a Delhi based company – Alinz Portable Petrol Pump Private Limited which has tied up with Czech Republic. Czech Republic will help setup infrastructure to make machinery for portable petrol pumps in India.

Through these portable petrol pumps, any person can fill petrol / diesel / gas in their vehicles on their own. People will not have to become dependent on any other worker for this purpose. Govt. has a target to setup around 50,000 portable petrol pumps in the country. Petrol / Diesel / Gas are a major requirement for everyone in today’s life and thus people will get immensely benefited through this model.

This concept of Portable Petrol Pump is absolutely new in India, but this concept is already being implemented in 35 countries across the globe. So, here we are going cover the most helpful and essential details about this concept.

Portable Petrol Pumps – Complete Details

The most important details of these Portable Petrol Pumps are covered below with the 10 Questions and Answers.

What is a Portable Petrol Pump?

These types of petrol pumps are specifically designed for small and far flung areas. As per the Alinz Managing Director, any person can fill petrol / diesel through these petrol pumps on their own (self – service dispensation of petrol, diesel and gas). There is no need to deploy other workers for this purpose.

What is the difference between Portable & Common Petrol Pumps?

Portable petrol pumps can be taken from 1 place to another while the common petrol pumps or filling stations are fixed at a place. The space requirement is also very small and can be setup anywhere while common petrol pumps requires huge amount of land for installation.

How Portable Petrol Pumps Work – Operating Procedure?

Just like ATM Machines of banks, the same concept is followed here. Any person can withdraw money anytime from any bank’s ATM machine. Similarly, any person can make cashless payment and fill petrol / diesel in their vehicles on their own.

How to Make Payment at Portable Petrol Pumps?

Any person who wants to refill oil (petrol / diesel) or gas in their vehicles needs to make cashless transaction. Credit Cards and Debit Cards, Electronic Wallet will be the primary modes of payments.

How can one fill petrol through this PPP Machines?

The machines at Portable Petrol Pumps will work in a similar manner just like machines at other common petrol pumps work. However, there is no worker available at these pumps. In these machines, any person can pay the amount for which they want to refill their vehicle and then fill desired petrol / diesel.

How Much Portable Petrol Pumps will Cost?

It is a common question that how much these Portable petrol pumps will cost to setup, but there is no accurate information available as of now. However, the Alinz Company would be spending around 1600 crore to setup 4 plants where these machines will be built.

By when will it come to India?

Central govt. has approved this proposal of setting up of these petrol pumps. Alinz is holding talks with the state govt. and other petroleum companies for the process approval. After getting approval, govt. will start implementing this scheme but the dates have not been finalized yet.

How many Portable Petrol Pumps are to be setup in India?

Alinz has a target to setup about 50,000 portable petrol pumps in the next 5 to 7 years in India.

What is the capacity of Portable Petrol Pumps machine?

The containers of these pumps will has a working volume capacity ranging from 9,000 to 30,000 litres of petrol / diesel / gas.

What are the benefits of Portable Petrol Pumps?

These petrol pumps will immensely benefit the people in rural areas and those people who continuously roam outside the villages to go to cities. After the installation of these machines, people will get petrol / diesel easily in the far flung areas.

Where these petrol pumps can be setup?

Following are some of the places where these pumps can be setup.

  • Areas with less developed infrastructure of filling stations
  • Premises of companies (carriers)
  • Big construction sites
  • Agriculture areas
  • Chains of shopping centers
  • Railway depots
  • Small airports (aero club)
  • Near police, army compounds
  • Utilization during floods and natural disasters
  • Small municipalities and villages
  • Hospitals (rescue service)
  • Harbors
  • Rescue brigades
  • Car or motorbike championships

For more details about the portable petrol pumps in India, visit the official website of alinz at http://alinzbuyinghouse.com

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