Telangana KCR Kit Scheme 2021 for Pregnant Women – How to Register

Telangana KCR Kit scheme 2021, financial assistance of Rs. 12000 & Kits of 16 items to pregnant women, online registration for TS KCR Kit scheme can be done at PHC
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Telangana govt. has finally launched the KCR Kit Scheme 2021 for pregnant women. The state govt. has started online registration through its official portal However, the interested pregnant women can get themselves registered by visiting their nearest Public Health Center.

Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, Medical Officer or Deputy District Medical & Health officer would be able to process the online registration of the pregnant women under the KCR Kit scheme.

Telangana KCR Kit Scheme 2021

Telangana state government has launched KCR Kit Scheme which came into effect from 4 June 2017. Pregnant women can utilize this scheme for maximum 2 deliveries. Women who give birth at a government hospital can utilize this scheme. The main aim of this scheme is to provide all the necessary items for pregnant women and the newborn baby.

Under this scheme, pregnant women will be provided with financial assistance of Rs. 12,000 in 4 phases. In case of a baby girl, an additional Rs. 1000 will be given by the government. KCR Kit contains Baby oil, Soaps useful for mother and child, Mosquito net, Dresses, Handbag, Toys for child, Diapers, Powder, Shampoo, Sarees, Towel and Napkins, Baby bed.

Items in KCR Kit Scheme

KCR Kit scheme has been launched under which 16 essential items including the following would be provided

– Soaps useful for mother and child
– Baby oil
– Baby bed
– Mosquito net
– Dresses
– Sarees
– Hand bag
– Towel and napkins
– Powder
– Diapers
– Shampoo
– Toys for kid

The items provided in the Rs. 15,000 worth KCR Kit would be useful for the new born for up to 3 months. ‘KCR Kits’ are already been distributed to pregnant woman. The idea is to encourage more and more deliveries in the government hospitals, reduce the infant mortality rate and female foeticide.

Rs. 12000 Financial Assistance to Pregnant Women

The state government under the scheme would also provide a financial assistance of Rs. 12000 to working pregnant women to cover the wage loss. The amount would be provided in three installments as per the below schedule. An additional Rs. 1,000 would be given to pregnant women if the baby happens to be a girl.

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  • An amount of Rs 3000/- added to beneficiary account after completion of 2 ANC Checkup within 5.5 months from LMP date, approved by MO.
  • An amount of Rs 4000/- added to beneficiary’s account after delivery if baby born is boy. An amount of Rs 5000/- Rs added to beneficiary’s account after delivery if baby born is girl.
  • An amount of Rs 2000/- is added to beneficiary’s account after 1st Immunization (within 3 months after delivery)
  • An amount of Rs 3000/- added to beneficiary’s account after 2nd Immunization (within 9 months after delivery)


The General Public


For more information about the scheme, please visit Telangana State Government Official website

How To Apply

For more information about the scheme, please visit Telangana State Government Official website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is KCR KIT

KCR KIT is an exclusive scheme which is launched by the government of Telangana which takes complete care of women at every stage of their pregnancy.

Who are eligible for this scheme

Beneficiaries who belong to the Telangana State and must have Aadhaar card no with TS.

Who are not eligible

If beneficiary have more than two live children, if deliveries before 2nd June 2017, if beneficiary has taken treatment from non- government hospitals (eg: private hospital), if beneficiary’s Aadhaar card does not belong to the Telangana state.

How /where can I register for this scheme

Beneficiaries can register at their nearest PHC center or any government hospital (or) by providing their details to ASHA Workers.

Who does the registration

Registration is done by DEO/ANM (DEO: Data Entry Operator, ANM: Auxiliary Nurse Midwife).

What is the registration process

Registration process is done by DEO/ANM by taking details from the beneficiary (i.e Aadhaar no, name, age, address, phone no, LMP date, registration date, bank account details etc).

What is the total process flow for KCR KIT

Registration-MO Approval-Deputy DHMO Approval-Finance Department Approval-Beneficiary Account.

What is the total amount for beneficiary in this scheme

An amount of Rs 12,000/- for Baby Boy and Rs 13,000/- for Baby Girl.

How to know the payment status

By providing mother id in mother search option page in login page of ANM / DEO / MO / DYDMHO / DMHO.

How to update rejected payment details record

By using rejected payment details option in DEO login page, it is available only DEO login page.

While entering Aadhar no in registration page it is showing not exist

By using add Aadhaar option in DMHO login with scan copy of Aadhaar.

Check Frequently Asked Questions PDF –

Announcement of KCR Kit Scheme

The KCR Kit scheme was announced by the state government in its 2017-2018 budget for pregnant women and new born baby. The state government under the scheme would provide a kit containing some essential items for pregnant women and new born baby to manage the pregnancy complications. The scheme is designed to get pregnant women nutritious food and to take care of the new born after delivery. KCR Kit scheme is aimed at well being of mother and child and reducing the infant mortality rate. Encouraging institutional deliveries in the state is also one of the main objectives of the scheme.

The pregnant women are given Rs. 12,000 financial assistance in 4 phases. In case the pregnant women gives birth to a baby girl Rs. 1000 is given additionally. After the delivery for the well being of the mother and newborn the government is giving KCR Kit with 16 items. The Kit will have clothes, quality baby soaps, Baby oil, Baby powder, Mosquito net, toys, napkins, Diapers etc., which will be sufficient for three months. This is an affectionate gift given by the government to mother and child.

For more information about the scheme, please visit the official website of Telangana State Government at

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  1. Hello sir my name is suma 20/01/2019 ki delevary aindi but eppati varaku amount raledu plz check it my registration ID. plz check it

  2. Sir na miss’s delivery ae kuda 5 months eanthavaraku asalu one rupe kuda padaladhu sir plz check Id number 30010008000881

  3. Sir nenu andra kodalini puritiki telangana Amma vala imtiki vachanu memu pedavalam na adhar card telanga lo undee government hospital lo delivery iete telangana kit naku radaaa ne nu telangana adabidanu,andra Oldsmobil

  4. I have registration id. but not receving amount and when we are asking to team they are say already send to amount I your account. but I am not receving amount. I am born a not on 28th March Thursday still not given Kcr KITTU not clear my amount. Please check it. my id 29020116000914

  5. I got registration id. but I didn’t get any amount….. already I have checked 2 times….. My registration id is 29010052000192

  6. Good evening sir, my sister delivered on 17-11-2018 she give born to baby (girl) in private hospital is there any any scheme to new born baby (girl) ……….on pregnant time she when to government hospital for daily check up, at the delivery time she got dengue fever so we went to private hospital so please tell me any scheme is there for new born girls

  7. I have completed 30days to my delivery but I didn’t get kcrkit amount, just I got kit box in hospital, why kcrkit amount is delay? Not only I so many people are suffering from same problem in my village, who have completed there deliveries, as soon as possible we need response.

  8. Namaskaram sir iam pregnant 6 months sir naku 1st vidatha 3000 rs Raledhu sir plz thwaraga vachela cheyandi sir plz na mother id 31040014001551

  9. Sir my wife delivered in king koti hospital govt 36 days complete sir 2nd vidtha amount not credit sir pls check G firdous begam adhar no 224915320989.a/c 6473 ifsc UBIN0540056 UNIAON BANK OF INDIA. [email protected]

  10. Namaskaram sir iam pregnant 6 months sir naku 1st vidatha 3000 rs Raledhu sir plz thwaraga vachela cheyandi sir plz mother id no 21010022000138 adhar no. 218530523094

  11. Namaskaram sir iam pregnant 6 months sir naku 1st vidatha 3000 rs Raledhu sir plz thwaraga vachela cheyandi sir plz mother id no 21010022000138 adhar no. 218530523094

  12. డియర్, సర్ మాకు KCR Kit registration id వచ్చింది కానీ డబ్బులు మాత్రం రాలేదు. దయచేసి డబ్బులు వచ్చేలా చేయండి సార్.

  13. నమస్కారం సర్.
    నాపేరు కె.మల్లిస్వరి బుడమర్స్ గ్రామం,వడ్డెపల్లి మండలం,మహబూబ్ననగర్ జిల్లా. నేను 30.12.17 న డెలివరీ
    అయ్యాను.నాకు సంభందించిన గర్భిణి రూపాయలు,కిట్,టీకాల
    రూపాయలు ఇంతవరకు రాలేదు.కారణం ఏమిటో చెప్పగలరా.సంభదిత సిబ్బందిని అడిగితే వివరాలు తెలపడంలేదు.
    పరిస్కారం తెలపగలరని కోరుచున్నాను.cell 7093329832

  14. Sir this is Rajani Rajanna siricilla District present iam 8month pregnant my kcr kit id no 8010022000107 . Still now kcr kit amount not added what was the application status aadhar no 327421157780

  15. Hello sir my name A swapna, am from narsapur thanda, Marpally mondal, vikarbad distance. Now 9th month running but I didn’t get any money from kcrkit.

  16. Dear Sir ,

    my wife present 8th month running still not any installment visited to location hospital but not respond pls resolve .
    ID number :1202000300100 .
    V; konayamakula
    M: Geesugonda
    D: Warangal ( Rural ) Pin No : 506330.

  17. Hai sir my name is k.sandhya,,now am 8 months pregnant women,,,my husband private scl teacher,,,am now house wife,,,l have registered for kcr in ang annadi in my village,,,poojari tanda,,chinnadharpally,Mahabubnagar DIST,i got sms for meeseva,that u have received 3000 rups only i got it,after that no more money am not received,,,what,,why this problem happens,,plzz tel me reply me

  18. Aadhar card lo address telangana di ayyi undali inka aanganwadi center mee intidagara enroll cheyanchindi inka delevry kuda mee intidagaralo unna govt hospital lo chepinchandi

  19. Sir I am pelya santhosh my wife name pelya sebu naku kcr kit 3rd instalment raledu sir please mother addar no.683252508453 sir please respond sir reply

  20. Sir I am pelya santhosh my wife name is pelyasebu naku 3rd instalment raledu baby DOB 4monthus aendie plz sir I am poor reply plz sir id. No.10020106000195 addar no.68325208453

  21. Sir I am pelyasebu naku 3rd instalment ralyadu my Id no.10020106000195 my addar no.683252508453 ply sir 4 months DOB I am poor relya plz

  22. Sir I am pelya sebu naku 3rd instalment raledu sir I’ I am poor plz replay sir 4 months DOB sir plz reply

  23. నమస్కారం సర్ మా భార్య పేరు Chiraboina Sritha మా village Ryalamadugu మండలం&జిల్లా మేదక్. 21/07/2018 నాడు ప్రభుత్వ హాస్పిటల్లో డేలివరీ అయిoది. 5వ నేల నుండి ఇప్పటి వరకు kcr kit తరపున రావలసిన డబ్బు ఒక్క రూపయి కూడ రాలేదు. ANM కార్యకర్తని అడిగితే నాకు తేలీదు అంటున్నరు.మీరు కాస్త దయతలిచి మా విన్నపాన్ని పరిశీలించి మాకు రావలసిన డబ్బులను మా ఖాతా యందు జమ చేయగలరు . Sir contact no:9603975757

  24. KCR KIT is awesome scheme for telengana people . Need to introduce more schemes like . Hats off to government thinking for the people .

  25. Hand bag, napkins and diapers are missing in KCR kit which my sister received today from government hospital near gandhi bomma, Hyderabad.

    Washrooms are so dirty and there are too many mosquitoes in that hospital.

    Vaccine was not given with in 24hours to my sister’s baby.

    Apart from that all services are very good and on timely basis.

  26. sir my name is wife name is Banothu BHOOLAMMA.first two time check vachhindhi. total amount account lo add aindhi

  27. Sir my wife delivered in king koti hospital govt 22 days complete sir 2nd vidtha amount not credit sir pls check G Shoba rani adhar no 276099805921.a/c 0649101044530 ifsc CNRB0000649 Canada bank naraynaguda. Email [email protected]

  28. మీరు శ్రీమతి S Swathi కేసిఆర్ కిట్ పథకము నందు ఆధార్ నెం 445609423077, మదర్ నెం 31050020001129 తో నమోదు చేయబడినారు. ఈ పధకము ద్వారా మీకు రావలసిన 1 వ విడత పైకము రూ 3000 గురించి పరిశీలనకు పంపడం జరిగినది.
    But amount raledu sir plz check and help me sir

  29. I have registered forkcr kits .I got msg from meeseva that uh have recieved3000/-but in my account no money was transfer.can any 1tell me how to avail dis money

  30. sir maku kcr kit id vachindhi id 24010094000100 delivary aei 20rojulu aena okkarupaya kuda raledu dayachesi vachelacheyandi

  31. Sir maku registration ? vachindi kani amount raledu vachela chudandi I am mangali bhagyavathi from karchal,raikode,andoole,sangareddy 9951989166 lives in patan

  32. I got my Registration id-30020080000967 but I did not get my amount 1st scheme. Even I checked many times, kindly help me.

  33. Sir my baby born on 18th April 2018 at esi hospital nacharam sir till now we didn’t got any benefit please tell me the reason

  34. Sir we got 1st installment money of 3000
    But after delivery we did not get the 2nd installment money 4000 delivery date 4/1/2014
    We concelted hospital but they are not caring about me
    KCR kit no 30030134000990

  35. KCR Sir Kit no=29010055000562 M. Ambika సరు నేను(పతినెల 1నుండి9నెల వరకు govt hospital lo చుఇంచుకున రక్తం తకువ ఉన్నది అనరు10.03.2018 రక్తం ఏకించుకున 12.03.2018 నాడు రమనారు ఉదయం 8 గంటలకు వచం కని వరు మెము చేయం బయట చేసుకొండి అనరు, ఇది మన govt hospital పరిస్థితి ఇదేన బాంగరు తెలాంగణ, ఇంలంటి పరిస్థితి ఏవరికి కకుది,
    M No=9849283574

  36. మీరు శ్రీమతి Medipally Sumithra కేసిఆర్ కిట్ పథకము నందు ఆధార్ నెం 423079213972, మదర్ నెం 16020195000556 తో నమోదు చేయబడినారు. ఈ పధకము ద్వారా మీకు రావలసిన 1 వ విడత పైకము రూ 3000 గురించి పరిశీలనకు పంపడం జరిగినది.but not have money, so pls rectify


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