Nutana Unnata Abhilasha (NUA) Odisha 2024 to Empower Youth with Skills

Nutana Unnata Abhilasha Scheme launched in Odisha equip its youth with the skills required for modern workforce, check fund allocation, coverage, details
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Odisha government has launched Nutana Unnata Abhilasha Scheme with budget of Rs. 385 crore over next 3 years. Through this groundbreaking program namely NUA scheme, the state govt. wants to equip its youth with the skills required for the modern workforce. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the NUA yojana.

Nutana Unnata Abhilasha (NUA) aims to empower young individuals with the expertise necessary for new-age technologies and emerging trades. According to a notification issued by the Skill Development and Technical Education Department, the NUA program is set to cover all 30 districts of the state with a special focus on aspirational, tribal, and remote areas.

Nutana Unnata Abhilasha Scheme Execution

The execution of this ambitious Nutana Unnata Abhilasha scheme will be handled by the directorates of employment, technical education training, and the World Skill Centre. It will involve the utilization of existing and new skilling institutions, as well as partnerships with industries to provide high-quality training, as outlined in the notification.

The NUA scheme objective is to help in alleviating the shortage of skilled human resources in emerging trades. The initiative will not only offer top-notch training but also foster stronger links with industries, ultimately enhancing the employability of the youth.

NUA Scheme to Bridge Skill Gap in New Technology

NUA aspires to bridge the skill gap in the use of new-age technologies in traditional sectors such as handicrafts, handloom, agriculture, and more. By equipping individuals with modern skills, the government intends to revitalize these sectors, making them more competitive in todays fast-paced world. The schemes design is inclusive, targeting a wide range of beneficiaries, from school dropouts to engineering graduates and postgraduates.

Nutana Unnata Abhilasha Scheme offers a diverse set of programs, including fresh skilling for youths and employability skills for students in various institutions. These offerings span from skilling courses for youths to digital and e-courses for higher education students.

Components of NUA Odisha Program

Notably, the Nutana Unnata Abhilasha program encompasses multiple components to ensure its success. It includes the establishment of advanced laboratories, incentives for training providers, curriculum development, and training of trainers. These elements are crucial in ensuring the programs effectiveness and sustainability.

The NUA scheme is a testament to the Odisha governments commitment to nurturing the talents of its youth and preparing them for the challenges of the modern workforce. As it unfolds over the next three years, this initiative is poised to empower countless individuals, revitalize traditional sectors, and contribute to the states overall growth and development.

Nutana Unnata Abhilasha Overview

Name of SchemeNutana Unnata Abhilasha Scheme
in ShortNUA Scheme
State Odisha
ObjectiveTo empower young individuals with the expertise necessary for new-age technologies and emerging trades
Overall Budget (Allocated Fund)Rs. 385 crore
Time FrameNUA scheme will run for next 3 years, starting from the year 2023 onward
CoverageAll 30 districts of Odisha state
NUA Scheme Overview

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