Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins Scheme 2024 – Sanitary Pads @ Rs. 1 at Jan Aushadhi Kendras

Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins Scheme 2024 to provide oxo-biodegradable sanitary pads at Rs. 1 at Jan Aushadhi Stores under PM Bharat Janaushdhi Pariyojna, check details here
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Central government has now started Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins Scheme 2024 to promote menstrual hygiene among women. In this scheme, Indian govt. is providing Suvidha Sanitary Pads at just Rs. 1 (earlier Rs. 2.5) through Jan Aushadhi Kendras. Jan Aushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkin is being made available in more than 6,300 Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushdhi Pariyojna – PMBJP Kendras across the country at a minimum price of Rs. 1 per pad. The market price of the similar Sanitary Napkins is around Rs. 3 to Rs. 8 per pad. 

Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins Scheme 2024

Suvidha Sanitary Pads are available at the subsidized rates at designated Jan Aushadhi Stores. These sanitary napkins were sold in a pack of 4 and thus a packet will be priced at just Rs. 4 only. These oxo-biodegradable sanitary napkins are a massive boost to promote women hygiene. The subsidized oxo-biodegradable sanitary napkins at Rs 1 under the brand name Suvidha are available at 6,300 Jan Aushadhi Kendras across the country.

Suvidha Sanitary Pads at Rs. 1 at Jan Aushadhi Kendras

To fulfill its pre poll promise, Modi govt. is now providing Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins at only Rs. 1 per pad. The cost of manufacturing single sanitary pad comes at around Rs. 2.5. So to ensure reduced retail prices for sanitary pads, govt. will provide subsidy. The total annual expenditure on subsidy will depend on the sales volume.

Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkin Initiative

Since inception (4 June 2018) to 10th June, 2020 over 4.61 crore sanitary Napkins was sold at Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras. After the revision in the prices on 27 August 2019, over 3.43 Crore pads have been sold till 10th June 2020 at Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras. After reduction in prices, the sale of these pads is expected to jump over 2 times.

Central govt. is focusing on quality, affordability and accessibility to raise women hygiene. These pads are useful for poor women as average market price of one sanitary napkin is between Rs. 3 to Rs. 8. This move of Modi govt. is a major step towards empowerment of women in India through Bhartiya Jan Aushadi Pariyojana

Need for Jan Aushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Pads

Menstruation and menstrual practices still face some social, cultural, and religious restrictions which are a big barrier in the path of menstrual hygiene management. In many parts of the country especially in rural areas girls and women do not have access to sanitary products or they do not opt for them as most of these items available in the market are bit costly.

This step ensured ‘Swachhta, Swasthya and Suvidha’ for the underprivileged Women of India. This step has been taken by the Union Department of Pharmaceuticals to ensure the achievement of  Prime Minister Shri Narendera Modi’s vision of Affordable and Quality Healthcare for All. 

Quality of Oxo-Biodegradable Pads in Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins Initiative

Sanitary Napkins are environmental friendly, as these pads are made with Oxo-biodegradable material complying with ASTM D-6954 (biodegradability test) standards. Under the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana, these pads are being sold at Rs 1/- per pad. PMBJP Kendras are functional in this challenging time of outbreak of COVID-19 and ensuring availability of medicines and essentials to anyone who needs them.

Jan Aushadhi Suvidha sanitary napkins are available across all Kendra’s. Under PMBJP, more than 1.42 Crore pads have been sold in the month of March, April & May 2020, across the country. Suvidha Pads are available in sufficient quantities across all Kendra’s.

Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Bhartiya Jan Aushadi Pariyojana
Biodegradable Sanitary Pads Bhartiya Jan Aushadi Pariyojana

Biodegradable Sanitary Pads – PM Bhartiya Jan Aushadi Pariyojana

The important features and highlights of these sanitary napkins are as follows:-

  • Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers has introduced Suvidha sanitary pads.
  • These oxi-biodegradable sanitary napkins are priced at just Rs. 1 per pad.
  • Subsequently, these sanitary napkins comes in a packet of 4 pads for Rs. 4.
  • These Suvidha Sanitary pads will help under-privileged women as average price of packet is Rs. 12 to 32 which would be given at just Rs. 4 in this scheme.
  • Accordingly, govt. will provide these pads through 6300 Janaushadi centers.
  • The primary objective of PM Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana scheme is to empower rural women.

Background for Government Scheme for Sanitary Napkins

On the eve of World Environment Day 4th June 2018, Government of India proudly announced the launch of “Jan Aushadhi Suvidha Oxo-Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin” for women of India.

As per the reports of National Family Health Survey-4 of FY 2015-16, around 58% young women between 15 and 24 years of age still use cloth for menstrual protection. Accordingly, NFHS-4 also reveals that 42% young women uses sanitary napkins and 16% uses pads manufactured locally. Moreover, around 78% women in urban areas use hygienic sanitary napkins while only 48% women in rural areas uses clean sanitary napkins.

Other sanitary pads available in the market are non-biodegradable while these Suvidha Pads are bio-degradable which will ensure clean environment. Moreover Janaushadhi Suvidha Sanitary Napkins Initiative will ensure menstrual hygiene among women. All steps would be taken to ensure that there is no diversion of subsidized sanitary napkins.

Source / Reference Link: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1632082

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