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Clean My Coach – SMS at 58888 to Get Your Coach Cleaned

March 13, 2016 | UPDATED ON: April 26, 2019
Clean My Coach

Indian Railways Clean My Coach Service has finally launched and is available in 1297 trains running across the country.

What is Clean My Coach

Clean My Coach is another step in line with the Indian Railways Cleanliness Drive “Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat”. It is a Pan India scheme available in 1297 trains. Under the scheme, if the train passengers finds any cleaning requirements in their coach, they can request the staff through the website or sending an SMS.

How to Send Request for Clean My Coach Service

There are three ways passengers can avail clean my coach services.
1. Android App: The passengers can download the official app from Indian railways named “Cleanmycoach Indian Railways” from the Google Play store and then request the service by entering their PNR number. The android app can be download from the below URL

Download Cleanmycoach Indian Railways App

2. Website: The official website is also live for the passengers to visit and send request.

3. Through SMS: The passengers requiring cleanliness services in their coach can send an SMS at 54888 by typing CLEAN <10-digit PNR number>.

The format of the SMS is as below.

Clean My Coach SMS Format

Clean My Coach SMS Format

How Clean My Coach Works

When a passengers sends a request through any of the modes, the request is immediately acknowledged via SMS on mobile phone along with a code. A message is also sent by the server to the mobile number of On Board House Keeping (OBHS) staff traveling on the same train along with the details of the passengers such as coach number, berth number. OBHS staff contacts the passengers, carries out the cleaning work as per demand. If the passenger is satisfied, he discloses the code received during acknowledgement and OBHS staff in turn sends the same code through SMS and the complaint is then treated as closed. If the passenger is not satisfied, he/she doesn’t disclose the code and the complaint is treated as not closed.


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