AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 Online Application / Registration Form at

AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 application / registration form at, apply online for The Urban Learning Internship Programme, students to get training & work for smart cities under MoHUA, check benefits, features, stipend, duration, certificate & other details
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AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 Registration: Central government had launched The Urban Learning Internship Programme (TULIP) for students. In this Tulip scheme, govt. will provide internship opportunities to thousands of fresh graduates and engineers of the county under Smart City projects. All the interested candidates can apply by filling AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 online application form at

Under TULIP internship programme, students will get to work for 100 smart cities under Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MoHUA). As per the TULIP portal, there are a total of 295,200 internships under 23,970 companies. The main objective is to complete 1 crore internships by the FY 2025 and to curb menace of unemployment in the country.

It is expected that around 25,000 fresh graduates would be enrolled in AICTE TULIP Internship in the first year. All the interns would be selected for a period of 1 year.

AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 Online Registration / Application Form

Currently, there are around 80 lakh students who are studying in various engineering colleges in India. Now under AICTE TULIP Internship 2024, these engineering graduates will get internship opportunities in various departments under MoHUA. Here is the complete process of how to apply online for AICTE TULIP Internship 2024:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Register” button or directly click at to open the AICTE internship register page.

STEP 3: Here applicants can apply online as Candidate, ULB / Smart City / Parastatal, University, Employer (MSME, DM, MGO, PSU). For student registration, select user type as “Candidate” to open the AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 online registration form:-

AICTE Tulip Internship Online Registration Form
AICTE Tulip Internship Online Registration Form

STEP 4: Fill in all the details and then click at the “Register” button to complete the AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 online registration process.

STEP 5: Upon completion of registration, candidates can make AICTE TULIP Internship Login using the link here –

STEP 6: The page to make AICTE TULIP Internship Login will appear as shown below:-

AICTE Tulip Internship Login Candidates
AICTE Tulip Internship Login Candidates

Applicants can enter the e-mail ID and password to make login for AICTE TULIP Internship.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Training

All the applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria for student training under AICTE TULIP Internship 2024:-

A) AICTE TULIP Internship is open only to Indian citizens.

B) Not more than 18 months should have passed from the date of declaration of final year results to the date from which the internship is sought.

C) Students must have degree of B. Tech, B planning, B. Arch, BA, BSc, BCom, LLB can register for internships as per their interest.

Complete Details of AICTE TULIP Internship 2024

TULIP interns would get exposure in a large number of areas such as urban planning, urban design, different branches of engineering, information and technology, mobility, finance, social sector issues and environmental issues. AICTE TULIP Internship 2024 will provide students with insight into policy formulation and implementation and will interact with city officials/ members of the civil society. Students will be oriented towards best practices, knowledge sharing and project implementation on ground. The interns will carry with them a rich experience in urban governance which will help them in their future endeavours.

Benefits of Training

AICTE training to students will provide short term exposure to fresh graduates to enhance their professional development. This is done through experiential learning with ULBs and smart cities. Accordingly, fresh energy and ideas would be harnessed towards ULBs and smart cities endeavours to solve critical challenges.

Duration and extension of engagement

The duration of the AICTE TULIP Internship will be a minimum of 8 weeks upto 1 year.

Stipend and other Allowances

Amount of stipend/subsistence allowance/expenses would be payable at the discretion of the ULB/ smart city. Moreover, there shall be no liability of providing any employment on the ULB or smart city whatsoever.


Interns shall bring laptops / mobile internet connectivity / other devices etc. as needed by them. The interns shall normally arrange their own boarding/ lodging/ transport to and from their place of stay to the place of internship. However, the ULB/smart city may reimburse transport/travel expenses incurred by the intern during the course of any assignment. The ULB/smart city can support the interns in any way with resources essential for completion of the assignment as per their discretion.

Certificate of Internship

A digitally signed and shareable certificate regarding successful completion of internship shall be issued jointly by MoHUA, State Government, AICTE and the ULB/smart city.

Recent Key Announcements for Indian Students

Here are the key announcements for Indian students which are made recently by the central government:-

1) Internships for students & fresh engineers.

2) Turning youth from job seekers to job creators.

3) Apprenticeship embedded courses.

4) Online education programmes for students.

5) Financing Education Sector [FDI, External commercial borrowing].

Features of AICTE TULIP Internship

All the applicants would be able to share credentials, broadcast interests, showcase diverse skills. Moreover, students can choose roles to be offered, decide stipend and logistics and also decide terms of engagement.

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