(Closed) AP Rythu Runa Mafi List 2024 & Loan Status at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in

AP Rythu Runa Mafi list 2024 and loan status of eligible farmers can be checked online at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in, farm loan waiver scheme now stands closed in YSR government
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The state government of Andhra Pradesh has announced the AP Rythu Runa Mafi Yojana list 2024 and can be checked online on the official website at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in. Andhra Pradesh Rythu Runa Mafi Yojana is a farm loan waiver scheme under which the state government has waived-off Rs. 3600 Cr. towards the farmers’ loans in the state in final phase.

The government is paying the loan waiver under the AP Rythu Runa Mafi Yojana starting 9th October with 10% interest for two years. Under the third list of Rythu Runa Mafi Yojana, about 36.72 Lakh farmers would be benefited from farm loan waiver.

AP Rythu Runa Mafi List & Loan Status

The loan status and AP Rythu Runa Mafi list of eligible farmers for final phase can be checked on the official website of Andhra Pradesh at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in. Below are the links to check the final phase list of farmers and loan status of AP Rythu Runa Mafi Yojana.

Visit the official website of AP Govt at http://apcbsportal.ap.gov.in/ or directly click the below link.
http://apcbsportal.ap.gov.in/Debtwaiver/Login.aspx – For Bankers

Other two links where the list of eligible farmers and loan status can be checked are

LINK 2: http://apcbsportal.ap.gov.in/loanstatus/

The loan status of AP Rythu Runa Mafi can be checked by ration card number, Aadhar card number or the loan account number. Below is the screenshot of the page where you need to enter the details to check the loan status

AP Rythu Runa Mafi Loan Status
AP Rythu Runa Mafi Loan Status

For more details about the AP Rythu Runa Mafi Yojana, please visit the official website of Andhra Pradesh Govt.

85 thoughts on “(Closed) AP Rythu Runa Mafi List 2024 & Loan Status at apcbsportal.ap.gov.in”

  1. HI guys,

    There is no permision to other guys means login permision Having only authorised persons r bank jobers.so dont waste ur time regarding these links.previous these links are openend,But this time we dont have permision.

  2. sir,
    hamne 9 aur 10, 07/10/2017 date ko form fill kiya tha uski final print out aaj bhi nahi nikali h
    jab ham vo from kholte hai to vo 3 khry divas tak pratiksha kare btata h


  4. mana time waste gane..government sites ..open avadam antie …marie comedy kadu kanie ask the bank officers about these matters .. opening these link is efortless

  5. Still not received Runa mafi 3rd list… I’m submit runa mafi bond with bank account and aadhar card..bank says I’m not received amount please waiting for 2monthes…09/10/2017 to 09/12/17 government has announced that Runa mafi

  6. the link cannot come into the action in the which we cant even find anything regarding to give your input, please update the site as soon as possible

  7. this is purely political stunt. CBN says we are going digitally ahead. but they cant even set right the degitaligestion. we can’t see any of the details of our requirement.

  8. Pl release the amount at one time and open the site. many farmers not got waiver amount. running to the banks . it is bad. why playing with farmers. sir

  9. Dear Weast fellow,

    TDP goverment is worust govt, Runamafi Site Not working since long time, every body govt employee not involved in this matter.

  10. ఇంక రుణమాఫీ రైతు లా ఖాతా లో జమ కాలేదు ..ఎన్కౌంమెంట్ చేసి 3 నెల్ల ల అవుంతుంది ….

  11. hi sir,
    This is narayana reddy pleaase update weebsite as early as possible,we are suffring lot of problems so please update website.dont put these illigal websites all are scolding to government so please update website

  12. Its my humble request to AP RUNAMAFI team that you want to pay to farmers pay at a time if you have any financial issues you clearly say that. Shouldn’t play with farmers as they are keenly waiting for the amount and some of them already got and many of them don’t. This is not at all acceptable? At least make it clear now either the AP government is able to pay or not, if yes when ??? give them a clear road map. Please don’t make them fools.

  13. Don’t waste the Government Funds Funds Death Claims of Grivance plus Statement of dated:11/05/2018 that claims Bankar Partially given in 3rd Installment.There is a ineligible amount.

  14. Respectes sir,
    please inform to farmers the loan instalments when you release funds to loans of farmers.Because even they dont know whether they got instalments from you due to the irresponsbile replies of officials.If you send sms to individuai farmers about mafi instalments they felt very happy and very much interested about government.
    thanking you sir y.s.prakasa rao

  15. Wast government…With out providing site details how can we check the runamafi details.. I think in AP all most people are not get the runamafi. If some one get they didn’t get full amount still.

  16. సర్ నా ఆధార్ no 477770519211 నేను గోల్డ్ లోన్ తీసుకోన్నాను
    3 rd phase list లో ఉన్నది కానీ ఇంతవరకు నాకు ఒక రుపైకూడా నాకు జమ కాలేదు దీనికి పరిస్కరం లెదు నేను ఏమి చేయాలి ఎవరిని అడగాలి ఈ ప్రభుత్వం పబ్లిసిటీ ఎక్కువ పని తక్కువ అని అంచనా


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