[5th Installment] AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme 2024 Payment Status

Check AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme 2024 status, eligibility criteria, list of beneficiaries, amount release date, Rs. 10,000 p.a to Nayee Brahmins (hair dresser), rangrej (tailors) & rajaka (washermen) occupational groups in 5th installment
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Andhra Pradesh government has released AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme 5th Installment on 19 February 2023. Under this YSR Chedhodu scheme 2024, the state govt. is providing financial assistance (Rs. 10,000 each) to Nayee Brahmins (Hair Dressing), Rangrej (Tailors) and Rajaka (Laundry). This assistance will enable the beneficiaries to lead a life of dignity and honour.

The AP govt. led by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had firstly launched AP Jagan Anna Chedodu Scheme on 10 June 2020. In this article, we will tell you how to check Jagananna Chedodu list, status, eligibility criteria, amount release date and apply online process.

Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Amount Release Date

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy disbursed the fifth installment of Jagananna Chedodu to the beneficiaries accounts on 19 October 2023. The government has released Rs. 325 crore for the 3.25 lakh beneficiaries including Rajakas, Nai Brahmins and tailors.

The AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme will raise the living standards of the Nayi Brahmins, rangrej and rajakas. The 3 category beneficiaries constitute about 16% of the total Andhra Pradesh population. CM Jagan Anna Chedodu Scheme will provide assistance to such a huge section of the society and govt. will also work for their upliftment.

Accordingly, the assistance provided to these occupational groups (hair dressing, tailors, laundry) will boost the economy of the state. The purchasing power of these 3 category people who performs their traditional activities would get increased.

5th Installment Distribution by CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on 19 October 2023 released Rs. 325 crore under Jagananna Chedodu benefiting over 3.25 lakh Rajaka (laundry / washermen), Nayee Brahmins (hair dressing / barbers) and rangrej (tailoring / needling) benefiting Rs. 10,000 each. The amount would be directly credited into their bank accounts.

CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy disbursed the financial assistance under Jagananna Chedodu Scheme with an aim to empower the BC communities financially. The state govt. is extending financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 to the poor tailors, barbers and washermen. This is for the fifth year in a row for AP govt. to extended aid to beneficiaries. Around 3.25 lakh people who are engaged in tailoring, barber and washing professions received benefit under Chedodu scheme.

In the last four years, the State government has spent Rs. 1252.52 crore under Jagananna Chedodu extending a total financial assistance of Rs. 40,000 to about 12.52 lakh Rajakas, Nayee Brahmins and tailors each, Reddy said..

AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Features

The important features and highlights of this AP Jagan Anna Chedodu Scheme 2024 are as follows:-

Name of the SchemeAP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme
Financial AssistanceRs. 10,000 per year
Beneficiaries (% of total population)Nayee Brahmin (3.99%), Rangrej (0.19%), Rajaka (11.88%)
Occupation Wise BeneficiariesHair Dressing, Tailoring and Laundry
Launched in Which StateAndhra Pradesh
Launched ByCM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Implementation DepartmentSocial Welfare Department
5th Installment Date19 October 2023
No. of Beneficiaries Eligible for 3rd Installment3.25 lakh beneficiaries belonging to Nayee Brahmins, washermen and tailors category.
Fifth Installment AmountRs. 325 crore
Payment Status Checking Linkhttps://egsws.ap.gov.in/bor/Paystatus_Chedodu.aspx
Registration / Application FormTo be filled by the beneficiary through online / offline mode
Initial Launch Date10 June 2020
AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Details

The major occupational groups identified for assistance would get benefited through AP Jagan Anna Chedodu Scheme 2024. These people can invest this money in carrying out their traditional activities or can use it for their own personal purposes.

Check Jagananna Chedodu Payment Status

If any beneficiaries wants to search payment status of Jagananna Chedodu Scheme by Aadhar number, then here is the link – https://egsws.ap.gov.in/bor/Paystatus_Chedodu.aspx

Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Payment Status
Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Payment Status

Here beneficiaries will have to enter their aadhar number, captcha code and click “Submit” button to track payment status.

Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • The total family annual income should be less than or equal to ₹ 2,50,000.
  • The Total Family Land holding of the applicant should be wetland below 10 acres/ dry land below 25 acres/ or wetland and dry land under 25 acres.
  • No family member should be a government employee or Government pensioner. The families of Sanitary workers are exempted.
  • The students must have availed admission in the colleges/universities or institutes recognized in one of the following (regular) courses – B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, ITI, Polytechnic, B.Ed, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy, MBA, Other Degree/PG Courses. * For PG Courses only Government/University Colleges are eligible.
  • The students should be enrolled in one of the following institutions – Government or Government Aided; Private Colleges affiliated with State Universities / Boards; Day scholar students; Students in College Attached Hostels (CAH) and Department Attached Hostels (DAH)
  • The aggregate attendance of the applicant should be 75%.
  • No member of the family should own a four-wheeler (Taxis / Tractors/ Autos are exempted).
  • The family of the applicant should not own any property or should own property less than 1500 sq. ft. of built-up area (Residential or Commercial) in urban areas.
  • No family member should be an income tax payee.
  • Both Male & Female, Ages should be depending on the Eligible of prescribed courses.
  • Students belonging to SC, ST, BC, EBC (other than Kapu), Kapu, Minority, and Differently Abled categories are eligible.


  • This scheme is not applicable to deemed and private varsities (Except for Government Quota).
  • The scheme is not applicable to students studying through distance learning and correspondence courses.
  • This scheme is not applicable to the student belonging to management and NRI quotas.

People engaged in hair dressing, tailoring or laundry business generally requires money to purchase their working tools for which they have to borrow money from the market. This money comes at a huge interest rate from market. So, to ensure that people from the above mentioned 3 castes does not falls into debt trap, the govt. has started AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme 2023.

How to Apply For AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme

  • On Citizen Schemes Portal landing page, the citizen can log in using the Aadhaar-tagged mobile OTP Authentication. In the “Citizen Scheme Application” page, citizens can select “Jagananna Chedodu” from the schemes dropdown and click on “Submit”.
  • Applications submitted are forwarded to Welfare and Education Assistant (WEA) /Ward Welfare and Development Secretary (WWDS).
  • The Volunteers / WEAs / WWDS conducts the field verification for each application, takes eKYC, makes a relevant recommendation, and forwards it to Mandal Parishad Development Officer (MPDO) / Municipal Commissioner (MC).
  • The MPDO/MC reviews the application and makes relevant recommendations and forwards the application to the Executive Directors of the Backward Classes Welfare Department (ED BC).
  • The Executive Director of the Backward Classes Corporations (ED BCs) verifies the application and makes relevant recommendations.
  • Based on recommendations made by the ED BCs and the applicants’ eligibility as mentioned in the Scheme Eligibility Calculator, the Social Audit lists namely the Provisional eligible list and Reverification list (with reasons for ineligibility) are published in all secretariats.
  • The citizens in the Reverification list can raise a grievance if they think that the reason mentioned for ineligibility is incorrect.
  • The final list of Eligible and Ineligible Beneficiaries is published in all secretariats.
  • The citizens mentioned in the Final Ineligible list can raise a grievance in Citizen Schemes Portal if he/she thinks that the reason for rejection is incorrect.
  • The scheme benefit is disbursed to all eligible beneficiaries through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). The acknowledgment of receipt of the payment by the beneficiary is done by the Volunteers / WEAs / WWDS using eKYC (Biometric Authentication).
  • The beneficiaries can track the status of their payment on the Citizen Schemes Portal landing page by clicking on “Track Application Status”.

List of Documents Required for YSR Chedodu Scheme

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Rice Card / Income certificate
  • College admission particulars
  • Parents details
  • Declaration of No Government Employee / Pensioner
  • Non-taxpayer declaration / No Four-Wheeler / No Urban Property beyond 1500 Square feet / No agriculture land beyond the prescribed limit.

AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Launch Date

The major objective of AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme is to ensure a high quality of life for Nayi Brahmins, Rajakas and Tailors. This is the first of its initiative in the entire Indian nation. Hon’ble CM YS Jagan launched the Jagananna Chedhodu scheme; providing financial assistance of Rs. 10,000/- each to eligible beneficiaries from the Rajakas, Tailors & Nayee Brahmins community. An amount of 298 Cr was disbursed on 10 June 2020, benefiting 2,98,000 people.

The Andhra Pradesh government has selected the beneficiaries without any recommendations. YSRCP govt. has promised this scheme before the assembly elections and after coming to power, CM Jagan is fulfilling its promise. Social Welfare department has issued a notification for the implementation of AP Jagananna Chedodu Scheme.

Jagananna Chedodu Scheme Information – https://www.myscheme.gov.in/schemes/jc

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