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CSIR launches Aarogya Path Portal at www.aarogyapath.in, National Healthcare Supply Chain Information Platform, one stop solution to health care needs
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CSIR India has launched Aarogya Path Portal (www.aarogyapath.in) as one stop supply chain solution for all your healthcare needs. It includes PPE, Medical equipment, drugs, diagnostic kits, auxiliary supplies among others. The vision of AarogyaPath initiative is to setup information management and forecasting databases platform at national level. It will capture demand and supply scenarios for key healthcare items which are necessary for national needs.

Aarogya Path Portal by central government is essential to tackle current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation as well as future normal and epidemic scenarios. Check how this Aarogya Path platform will help healthcare users / facilitators and provide seamless access to manufacturers / suppliers / importers.

The idea of the development of AarogyaPath information portal is to provide path which leads to a journey towards Aarogya (healthy life).

CSIR Aarogya Path Portal

The intelligent back end of the Aarogya Path Portal will not only track demand and supply scenarios for healthcare items but also their 1st level components. For this purpose, AarogyaPath platform will use unique capabilities of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The 24*7 availability of competitive to create business opportunities will be helpful in handling COVID-19 like pandemics.

STEP 1: People can now access the new CSIR Aarogya Path website through the link given here https://www.aarogyapath.in/

STEP 2: The homepage of the Aarogya Path platform will appear as shown below:-

CSIR Aarogya Path Portal Homepage
CSIR Aarogya Path Portal Homepage

STEP 3: Here at this AarogyaPath portal, one can check offers for customers, seller opportunity, stakeholders, products and other details.

AarogyaPath Portal to Benefit Healthcare Users / Facilitators

The AarogyaPath public platform will help healthcare users / facilitators such as:-

A) Hospitals.
B) Pathology Laboratories.
C) Research Institutes.
D) Medical Colleges.
E) Individual Patients.

Information to Suppliers/ Manufacturers/ Importers on Healthcare Needs & Demands

Aarogya Path platform will provide information about existing demands for traditional healthcare necessities. This portal will also provide seamless access to Suppliers/ Manufacturers/ Importers on prevailing needs and demands for:-

  1. Medical Equipment.
  2. Diagnostic instruments and accessories.
  3. Drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).
  5. Respiratory Assistance Devices.
  6. Prosthetics and Orthotics.
  7. Apparel / Textiles.
  8. Primary Medical Supplies.
  9. Everything else needed for primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare.

Through this portal, anticipated shortages can be addressed and met at the national level so that any national pandemic situation can be effectively handled. Aarogya Path Portal will ensure checking of opportunistic pricing, hoarding and over-forecasting of healthcare items. Also over-production of healthcare items can be avoided.

Need for Aarogya Path Portal

In the present national health emergency of COVID_19 pandemic, CSIR strongly felt the absence of an integrated public platform to provide single point availability of key healthcare goods required like:-

  • Test Kits
  • Essential Medicines
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Shoes)
  • Hospital Assistive Devices (Ventilators, Oxygen Concentrators) and
  • Sanitizer

It was further discovered that ability to produce and supply of these healthcare items may also be compromised due to

  • Shortage of Raw Materials (Inputs) required for manufacturing these goods, locally or internationally.
  • Logistics Challenges
  • Hoarding
  • Panic Buying
  • Low installed or operating capacities for items not ordinarily required in trade and
  • Import dependence and geopolitical considerations

This led to the development of the Aarogya Path information portal and developed with a vision of providing path which leads one on a journey towards Aarogya (healthy life).

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