Shala Asmita Yojana (SAY) to be Launched Next Month by HRD Ministry

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The HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry is all set to launch probably the world’s largest student tracking system next month.

Named as Shala Asmita Yojana (SAY), the scheme is basically a tracking system for over 25 Crore students from class 1st to 12th. The tracking system will keep records of academic journey of every students studying in about 15 lakh private and Government schools in India.

Asmita stands for All School Monitoring, Individual Tracing Analysis. The tracking system, in other words the online database will be a single platform which will carry all the information about every student such as student attendance and enrollment, mid-day meal service, learning outcomes and infrastructural facilities, among other things.

The tracking of students will be done on the basis of Aadhar numbers. About 65% of the students between the age of 5 to 18 years have Aadhar numbers, according to estimates. The students without Aadhar numbers will be provided unique identity number for tracking.

According to the ministry officials, a presentation about the Shala Asmita Yojana (SAY) is to be made at the Prime Minister’s office on Monday. The scheme will be launched by mid June 2016.

The data of the students will be manually entered into the online tracking system by the local authorities of each state. According to the sources, all the states are on board. The tracking system is also expected to track leakage and corruption in mid-day meals.

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