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Raj Kisan Sathi Portal registration 2024 online at rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in, 150+ mobile apps for farmers welfare schemes in Rajasthan, apply to get grant, agricultural subsidy, others benefits, complete details here
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Raj Kisan Sathi Portal Registration 2024 process has been started by the Rajasthan government at rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in online. At this portal, around 150+ mobile apps for farmers will remain available at one place. As we all know that farmers are backbone of the Indian nation. The farmers supply us food items such as dal, rice, wheat etc. which comes from their hard work in fields. Now the state govt. is going to start farmers registration process which will enable them to avail scheme benefits online.

Now a days, most of the farmers schemes benefits can be obtained after applying online through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode. This application process includes central govt’s as well as state govt’s schemes. But some farmers have to make offline registration for farmers schemes for which they have to make unnecessary visits to the govt. offices. This roaming from one dept. to another causes great problems to the farmers.

Moreover, farmers had to face inconvenience in filling application forms of govt. schemes which are invited at different portals. So to ensure the availability of farmers schemes at one place, govt. has launched Raj Kisan Sathi Portal. Farmers are enabled to apply for different schemes at one place.

Rajasthan Raj Kisan Sathi Portal Registration / Login

The Single Window Rajasthan Raj Kisan Sathi Portal will be beneficial for farmers involves in both agricultural as well as animal husbandry. At this portal, farmers would be able to apply online for all the farmer welfare schemes at a single place. Raj Kisan Sathi Portal Registration would be done through online mode by following steps mentioned below:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official raj kisan sathi portal at https://rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in/

Rajkisan Rajasthan Gov In Portal
Rajkisan Rajasthan Gov In Portal

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “किसान / नागरिक लॉग इन” link or directly click https://rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in/Rajkisanweb/login/2

Raj Kisan Sathi Portal Login
Raj Kisan Sathi Portal Login

STEP 3: Farmers / citizens can make login using SSO ID, Janaadhar ID. If you want to create new Rajasthan SSO ID, then click here – https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register or apply for Jan Aadhaar ID Card.

Important Links to Apply / Make Department Login

Department login feature is enabled using digital identity (SSO ID) and password. Also check the other important links to apply:-

  • I Forgot My Digital Identity (SSO ID) Click Here
  • I Forgot My Password Click Here
  • Helpdesk No.(Agriculture) 0141-2927047
  • Helpdesk No.(Horticulture) 0141-2922613
  • Working Time Monday to Friday ,09:30 AM-06:00 PM
  • IP Phone 27047
  • Email [email protected]

Alternate link for Farmer / Citizen / Manufacturer Login – https://rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in/Login/CitizenSSOLogin

Services Request at rajkisan.rajasthan.gov.in Portal

  • Apply for Licence (Seed / Fertilizer / Pesticide) – Click Here
  • Apply for BT Cotton Sale Permission in Rajasthan for Kharif 2024 Season – Click Here
  • Apply for Subsidies under Rajasthan Agro Processing, Agri Business and Agri Export Promotion Policy – Click Here
  • Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Sathi Yojana – Click Here
  • Agriculture School / College Registration – Click Here
  • Check Application Status – Click Here

किसान सुविधाएं

कृषि विभाग

बागवानी विभाग

  • फव्वारा संयंत्र
  • ड्रिप संयंत्र
  • मिनी स्प्रिंकलर संयंत्र
  • माइक्रो स्प्रिंकलर संयंत्र
  • रेनगन
  • ग्रीन हाऊस
  • शेडनेट हाऊस
  • वाक इन टनल


कृषि विभाग

  • फव्वारा सैट
  • बीज मिनीकिट
  • जिप्सम
  • सूक्ष्म पोषक तत्व प्रदर्शन
  • जैविक खेती
  • फसल बीमा
  • समन्वित कृषि
  • फसल प्रदर्शन
  • खेतों की तारबंदी
  • कृषि वानिकी
  • मृदा परीक्षण प्रयोगशालाएँ
  • कृषि यंत्र किराया केंद्र सूची

मोबाइल एप्स

राज किसान क्रेता विक्रेता

बागवानी विभाग


कृषि विपणन

  • न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य
  • कृषि प्रसंस्करण, व्यवसाय, निर्यात प्रोत्साहन नीति
  • गोदाम
  • मंडी की सूची
  • एपीडा मे पंजीकृत निर्यातकों की सूची
  • भाड़ा/परिवहन अनुदान
  • ब्याज अनुदान
  • विधुत प्रभार/सौर ऊर्जा अनुदान
  • पूंजीगत निवेश अनुदान

पशुपालन विभाग

User Guide for Department at Raj Kisan Sathi Portal

Here is the complete user guide along with their links for department:-

Registration and Jurisdiction Mapping – Download User Manual / Videos

  • Agriculture Supervisor – Hindi
  • Assistant Agriculture Officer – Hindi
  • Agriculture Seed Production User Registration Manual – Hindi
  • Apply for Capital Investment Click Here
  • Apply for Freight Subsidy Click Here
  • Apply for Horticulture Subsidies Click Here
  • Post Verification Process Manual(In Hindi) Click Here
  • Locust Survey App(In Hindi) Click Here
  • Agriculture E-signature Validate Click Here
  • Locust Survey offline App(In Hindi) Click Here
  • Agriculture Farm-Implements Registration Manual Click Here
  • Service Record Manual Click Here
  • Apply for Incentive to Girls Click Here
  • School/College Registration Process Click Here
  • Farm Implements Document Scrutiny Process Click Here
  • Rajkisan Paymanager Bill Process Click Here
  • Revised AS generation Process Click Here
  • School/College login and e-certification Process Click Here
  • Seed Grower Process Click Here
  • Incentive to Girls (Departmental Process) Click Here
  • कृषि लाइसेंस अनुमोदन प्रक्रिया Click Here
  • कृषि सब्सिडी हेतु बैंक IFSC कोड अपडेट करने की प्रक्रिया Click Here
  • कृषि सब्सिडी हेतु बैंक विवरण जाँच की प्रक्रिया Click Here
  • Agriculture Manufacturer Registration Click Here
  • Horticulture Manufacturer Registration Click Here
  • Rajkisan Jaivik App Click Here
  • Rajkisan Seed Certification Mobile App Click Here
  • कृषि उधान सब्सिडी अनुमोदन प्रक्रिया Click Here
  • Apply for Farm Pond – Hindi
  • Agriculture Supervisor – Hindi
  • Assistant Agriculture Officer – Hindi
  • Document Scrutiny Hindi
  • Pre Verification In mobile App Hindi
  • Offline Pre Verification In mobile App Hindi
  • AS Generation & Esign Hindi
  • Revert back to citizen by AO Hindi
  • Application Re-submit by Farmer Hindi
  • AS-GP Mapping Hindi
  • AAO-PS Mapping Hindi
  • User-Role Mapping Hindi
  • Seed Production Registration Hindi
  • User-Role Mapping Hindi
  • Seed Production Registration Hindi
  • Seed Plant Approve (Form Entry) Hindi
  • Seed Production Processing Material (Form Entry) Hindi
  • Seed Production Raw Seed Stock details (Form Entry) Hindi
  • Revert Seed Plant Data (Form Entry Process) Hindi
  • Apply for Incentive to Gilrs Hindi
  • Apply for Capital Investment(Registration) Hindi
  • Locust Survey App Click Here
  • Manufacturer Login Click Here
  • Citizen Login Process Click Here
  • Service Record Process Click Here
  • Seed Grower Process Click Here

RajAgri QC

Subsidy Application Approval Process

Farm Pond Subsidy – English

150+ Apps for Rajasthan Farmers at One Place

Around 150 Apps for farmers would be developed which will remain available at the Raj Kisan Sathi Portal. The Rajasthan state govt. has issued directions to develop user friendly apps for various schemes. The main aim is to ensure that farmers can easily apply online for these “Kisan Kalyan Yojanas” which will also promote transparency. A project management units has been setup to review the works of app development. Out of the 150 apps which are to be developed, around 20 apps have already been completed.

Development of Raj Kisan Sathi Portal under Ease of Doing Farming

Raj Kisan Sathi Portal is being developed under the “Ease of Doing Farming” initiative of the Rajasthan government. The main plus point of this Raj Kisan Sathi official website will be to provide farmer centric services at single place. Farmers will be able to access information related to agriculture and would be able to fill application form for various subsidies with the concerned department. The portal is developed in collaboration with the Information Technology & Communication department of Rajasthan.

Online Benefits of Agricultural Schemes at Raj Kisan Sathi

Most of the schemes in India provides benefits to farmers through DBT mode for which farmers have to apply online. The main striking feature of Raj Kisan Sathi portal is that after applying online for schemes, applicants will get messages of step by step process at their registered mobile phone. This process will ensure transparency. At the portal, agricultural machinery, gardening, agricultural marketing, cooperatives, animal husbandry, fisheries dept, seed corporation and organic certification body have been included.

Raj Kisan Sathi Benefits

The apply online process for various grant schemes of agriculture and concerned departments are reviewed and are being simplified. Department of Information Technology and Communication is also involved in the development of Raj Kisan Sathi Portal. With the help of this portal, the entire process from providing grant to payment to farmers will be made online.

Other Important Information at Raj Kisan Sathi Portal

Farming and agricultural activities are most important pillars for the development of Indian economy. A substantial percentage of gross domestic products (GDP) depends on farm produce. So, the central as well as state govt’s have to design schemes and work for the welfare of farmers to raise their production. It is because when the farmers would prosper, then the entire nation will prosper. Moreover, if the quality of farmers produce will increase then it will significantly have positive impact on the health of citizens.

Farmers will also get the advance technical information and expert opinions at the Raj Kisan Sathi Portal. Farmers will be made aware of many facilities on their mobile phones such as agricultural scheme, latest tech updates, seed production, organic farming, mandi prices, how to take machine on rent.

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