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Now check the case status, judgement, hearing dates, court orders and other information related to any criminal or civil court under trial / pending in any court in India at the ecourts services portal at
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ecourts Portal / App: Central govt. has started two easy ways to get information about your court case anytime, anywhere, quickly and directly through e-Court India Services mobile app and eCourts portal. Now people can get complete information of any case in India by CNR number, party name, case number, filing no., advocate name, FIR number, act type at website or e-Courts Services App. Even people can get notifications regarding next date of hearing of cases.

The facility to search cavets and get copies of judgements is also present at the eCourts portal and eCourts Services mobile application. There is a single mobile app for High court and District court cases through which complete information regarding cases, hearing, judgements could be accessed. At the eCourts services mobile application, the complete information of cases can be accessed just by scanning the QR code.

How to Check Case Details at eCourts Portal ( in India

At the eCourt India services portal, people can search case information either by CNR number or party name or case number or filing no. or advocate name or FIR number or act type.

eCourt India Services Portal – Get Case Information by CNR Number

Below is the complete procedure to find case details using the CNR number:-

STEP 1: Visit the official eCourts portal at

STEP 2: At the homepage, you will find a page by default to search case details by CNR number as shown in the figure below:-

eCourt India Services Case Info CNR Number
eCourt India Services Case Info CNR Number

STEP 3: Here people can just enter their 16 alphanumeric CNR Number without any – (hyphen) or space and click at the “Search” button to open the page containing case details. This will open the current status and the entire history of the case.

In case this page to access case information by CNR number does not opens by default, then people can click at the “CNR number” option under “Search Menu” section on the extreme left side of eCourts portal.

eCourts Services Portal – Check Case Status

In case the person doesn’t know the CNR number of the case then it can be searched by other options like case registration Number, party name, advocate name etc. as described below:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the eCourts India services portal at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Case Status” option on the extremely left side of the page under ‘Search Menu‘ section.

STEP 3: This will open a new page where candidates will have to select their state, district & court complex as shown below:-

eCourts Services Portal Case Status
eCourts Services Portal Case Status

STEP 4: Then candidates can select the criteria on which they want to search the case, from the tabs provided on the screen.

e-Courts India Portal Judgements / Court Orders

To find the judgements passed or the court orders issued by the honourable courts, follow the process given below:-

STEP 1: Visit the same official e-Courts portal at and click at the “Court Orders” option on the left side under ‘Search Menu section’ to open a new page as shown below:-

eCourts Portal Court Orders Judgements
eCourts Portal Court Orders Judgements

STEP 3: Here people can select State, district and court complex of the case and the orders / judgements can be founded on party name, case number, court number and order date.

Similar process is followed for Cavet search at the eCourts India Services Portal. At the official e-Courts portal, just click at the “Cavet Search” option under ‘Search menu’ section on the left side of the page.

e-Courts Services Mobile App Download

People can also download the eCourts services mobile application on their android phones (from google playstore) or apple iPhone (App store). Here we are giving you the direct links to download app:-
Download eCourts Services Android App –

PM Modi said that the “Increase in the use of technology in judicial system will be helpful in making the people’s lives easier and in enhancing Ease of Living. The objective of all our efforts are that poor people should no longer be afraid of courts, they should get timely justice and expenses on legal processes of courts should come down”. For more details on eCourts services, visit the official web portal to check hearing dates, judgements, case status and details.

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