Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (H.U.M) Portal – Enterprise Registration & Login for UID

Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (H.U.M) Portal enterprises registration / application form at harudhyam.edisha.gov.in, login & apply online for unique HUM ID for all enterprises like shops, MSMEs, large & mega industries
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Haryana government had launched the Haryana Udhyam Memorandum Portal at harudhyam.edisha.gov.in on 5 June 2020. The new H.U.M web portal is a unique initiative to bring all industries i.e micro, small, medium and large enterprises registered in Haryana on a single platform. All the enterprises can apply by filling Enterprise Level User online registration / application form & making login for UID at the official website.

H.U.M portal provides unique identification (UID) to all enterprises whether shops, MSMEs, large and mega industries to enable permissions and services to be provided in an integrated manner. Moreover, Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM) portal will also enable registration of labour engaged by enterprises (udyam). It will creating a database of all employees engaged in industrial enterprises in the state.

The new database will also obtain details of migrant workers given the experience of the recent pandemic. The HUM Unique ID will form the primary key for integrating services and data in respect of Haryana and enable better planning and support.

Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM) Portal

Haryana Udhyam Memorandum is a unique initiative of the state government to provide UID to all enterprises whether large, medium, small, micro level. HUM portal is developed with joint collaboration of Citizen Resource Information Department (CRID), Industries & Commerce department and Labour department. To get unique H.U.M number, every industry must apply online & fill enterprises registration / application form at H.U.M portal as mentioned below.

Enterprise User Registration Form / Login

Below is the complete process to fill Enterprise User Registration Form and Login:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at http://harudhyam.edisha.gov.in/

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Sign Up As Enterprise User” tab under ‘Account Login‘ section.

STEP 3: Afterwards, the Create Enterprise Level User Sign Up page will appear as shown below:-

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Haryana Udhyam Memorandum Portal Enterprise Registration Form
Haryana Udhyam Memorandum Portal Enterprise Registration Form

STEP 4: Here select user type (enterprise level), user name (as per Aadhaar), aadhar number, designation, mobile no, e-mail address, authorized person and click at the “Save & Continue” button to complete the registration process.

STEP 5: Finally, candidates can make login as enterprise user using the mobile number and click at the “Get OTP” button on the homepage as shown below:-

HUM Portal Enterprise User Login
HUM Portal Enterprise User Login

STEP 6: Then applicants can fill the enterprise online application form at the Haryana Udhyam Memorandum portal.

Unique H.U.M Number (ID) to Industries

A unique H.U.M number would be issued to every industry which makes registration on this harudhyam.edisha.gov.in portal. It is a user friendly portal and for registration, the industries are required to fill up basic details. All the registered enterprises would also have to upload the basic details of their employees engaged in the enterprises.

Database of Industry & Employees at Haryana Udyam Memorandum Portal

Haryana Udyam Memorandum Portal will help in creating a complete database of all types of industries registered in Haryana as well as employees working in it. The created database will help the Haryana govt. in formulating welfare policies in the upcoming times.

Integration with HEPC & Labour Dept. Portal

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has given directions that Haryana Enterprises Promotion Centre (HEPC) portal and portal of Labour Department should also be integrated with HUM portal. Accordingly, H.U.M ID will be made mandatory for all applications in respect of service provided on the HEPC portal or by Labour Department on their portal.

Access to Saksham Yuva Portal to Registered Enterprises

All the industries which made registration on the H.UM. Portal should also be provided access to the “Saksham Yuva Portal” of the state government. It would enable industries to hire candidates as per the industry requirements. The youths of the Haryana state will get maximum employment opportunities with this initiative. The Chief Minister directed that SMS should be sent at the earliest to all about 50,000 employees of different industries in the State who have sought permission for movement to other States during Covid-19 to enable them to register themselves on the H.U.M portal.

Helpline Number / E-Mail ID / References

In case of any query or information, one can contact the helpline number (toll free) at 1800-200-0023. Users can even send an email at [email protected]. The other useful links are as follows:-

A) Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (HUM) User Manual – Click Here

B) Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (H.U.M) Standard Operating Procedure – Click Here

C) National Industrial Classification Code (All Economic Activities) – Click Here

D) Employee Information Details Bulk Seeding Download File – Click Here

For more details, visit the official website at http://harudhyam.edisha.gov.in/

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  1. It is informed that in the registration of JANTA ELECTRIC STORE of HUM (Haryana Udhayam Memorandum) there is a clerical mistake in the selection of enterprise type. JANTA ELECTRIC STORE is Sole Prop. firm. While registration on HUM JANTA ELECTRIC STORE enterprise type shows Partnership. We are requested to kindly Change the Enterprise Type of JANTA ELECTRIC STORE to Sole Prop. instead of Partnership.
    Copy of HUM registration & proof of Proprietor

  2. this site is not working properly . it is showing message Adhar not verified, adhar number and name not matching
    please resolve the issue

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    I just want to ask that how can we edit in authorized person name in Haryana udhyam memorandum in case we wrote incorrect name.


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