AP YSR Pedalandariki Illu Scheme 2023 – YSR Free House Sites Distribution

AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme 2023, govt. to distribute documents for free house sites to eligible people on 25 December 2020, construction of 15.1 lakh houses in Phase 1 & 13 lakh homes in Phase 2, check details here
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AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme 2023 to be launched by the Andhra Pradesh state government. Under this scheme, the state govt. is going to distribute documents for free house sites to the eligible people. This includes the commencement of housing construction for the poor. Under Pedalandariki Illu, the government intends to provide more than 30.6 lakh house sites at an outlay of Rs 8,000 crore to all eligible houseless poor in the state.

AP Pedalandariki Illu Scheme 2023

As per the official sources, the state govt. of Andhra Pradesh had launched AP Pedalandariki Ilu Scheme on 25 Dec 2020. On this day, CM had allocated housing sites by providing necessary documents to all eligible people. Around 30.6 lakh beneficiaries have been identified across the entire state. Documents for free house sites had been distributed to beneficiaries in the “litigation-free areas.”

Implementation of Pedalandariki Illu Scheme

In the video conference, Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has given directions to officials for successful implementation of Pedalandariki Illu Scheme. CM has directed district collectors to complete preparatory works to distribute housing sites as well as for the house construction scheme. He also asked officials to take steps to vacate the stay orders issued by the High Court in certain areas, where the land acquisition process for the house sites has been contested. This scheme was a part of the Navratnalu of CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy led AP government.

Phase 1 & 2 of YSR Pedalandariki Illu Housing Scheme

Under the Pedalandariki Illu (home for all the poor) scheme, the construction of 15.1 lakh houses was taken up in Phase 1 on 25 December 2020. Expenditure on construction of a single house was around Rs. 1.80 lakh per house and these houses were be handed to the beneficiaries free of cost. The first phase of construction is targeted to be completed by June 2022. In the second phase, the government aims to construct 15.5 lakh more houses by June 2023.

Impact of YSR Free House Site Distribution Scheme

CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy reiterated that the YSR Free House Site Distribution Scheme is a flagship programme under the government’s Navaratnalu programme. This YSR Housing Scheme is going to boost the Andhra Pradesh economy and further encourage employment in urban and rural areas. Chief Minister has also instructed the officials to complete the entire land acquisition process, identification of plots and geo-tagging of houses soon.   

For more details, check the Navaratnalu Schemes list at the link – https://krishna.ap.gov.in/scheme/navaratnalu/

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  1. Though We are eligible We didn’t get it only because of change of address in Ration Card. Is it fair Jagan Anna? The address in the ration card is different as we shifted the house from Dhone to Kurnool. Only because of this the head of the Sachivalayam No.69 (Kurnool) simply rejected our request.

  2. Hi sir i am vasantharani w/o jagannadham bellana own house leka chala ibbandi padutunnamu rent pay చేయలేక ఒక్ ఇంట్లో 6 members ఉంటున్నాము దయచేసి మాకు హౌజ్ సెంక్షన్ చేయండి


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