Rajasthan Budget 2024-25 – Complete List of Schemes Announced by Rajasthan Govt.

Check out the complete list of social welfare schemes and their budget allocations announced by Rajasthan Government in its 2024-25 modified budget
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The Rajasthan Government, in its Modified Budget 2024-25, has announced a plethora of social welfare schemes aimed at inclusive development and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens. This comprehensive article delves into these schemes, highlighting their objectives, financial allocations, and expected impacts.

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Rajasthan Budget 2024-25 – Overview

The fiscal indicators of the budget are as follows:

  • Estimated Revenue Receipts: ₹2,64,461.29 crores
  • Estimated Revenue Expenditure: ₹2,90,219.40 crores
  • Estimated Revenue Deficit: ₹25,758.11 crores
  • Estimated Fiscal Deficit: ₹70,009.47 crores (3.93% of GSDP)

Key Social Welfare Schemes

1. Jal Jeevan Mission (Drinking Water Initiatives)

  • Objective: To provide drinking water to rural households and urban areas.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹15,000 crores for drinking water to 25 lakh rural households.
    • ₹20,370 crores for six major drinking water projects.
    • ₹5,180 crores for drinking water works in 183 cities/towns under AMRUT 2.0 Scheme.

2. Energy Sector Initiatives

  • Objective: To ensure sustainable energy production and meet future electricity demands.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹2,25,000 crores for energy demands up to 2031-32.
    • Development of solar parks and renewable energy projects.
    • Provision of solar energy-based electricity for government offices.

3. Infrastructure Development

  • Objective: To enhance road connectivity and urban infrastructure.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹60,000 crores for a 53,000 km road network.
    • ₹9,000 crores for state highways, flyovers, and bridges.
    • Construction and maintenance of green field expressways and urban amenities.

4. Industrial Development

  • Objective: To promote industrial growth and job creation.
  • Policies and Allocations:
    • Introduction of Industrial Policy-2024, Export Promotion Policy, and Garment and Apparel Policy.
    • Development of Rajasthan Petro Zone (RPZ) and Defense Manufacturing Hub.
    • Establishment of various industrial parks and centers of excellence.

5. Tourism, Art, and Culture

  • Objective: To boost tourism and preserve cultural heritage.
  • Allocations:
    • Creation of Rajasthan Tourism Development Board and Rajasthan Tourism Infrastructure and Capacity Building Fund.
    • ₹200 crores for major tourist places development.
    • Development of eco-tourism sites and heritage conservation projects.

6. Youth Development and Welfare

  • Objective: To empower youth through education and employment opportunities.
  • Allocations:
    • Recruitment of 4 lakh individuals over five years.
    • Introduction of Youth Policy-2024 and various apprenticeship programs.
    • Establishment of new ITIs, polytechnic colleges, and Rajasthan Institute of Technology.

7. Medical and Health Initiatives

  • Objective: To improve healthcare infrastructure and services.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹125 crores for Ayushman Model CHCs.
    • ₹15,000 crores for health infrastructure under the MAA Health Infrastructure Mission.
    • Establishment of super-specialty facilities and Spinal Injury Centres.

8. Social Security

  • Objective: To provide financial support and improve living conditions for marginalized communities.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹1,500 crores for SCSP and TSP funds.
    • ₹200 crores for Babasaheb Ambedkar Integrated Village Development Scheme.
    • Financial assistance and concessional loans for SC/ST/OBC/Minority Development Corporations.

9. Agricultural Development

  • Objective: To support farmers and enhance agricultural productivity.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹650 crores for Rajasthan Krishi Vikas Yojana (Raj KVY).
    • Subsidies for agricultural equipment and establishment of Custom Hiring Centres.
    • Development of agricultural mandis and promotion of organic farming.

10. Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development

  • Objective: To enhance livestock management and dairy production.
  • Allocations:
    • ₹250 crores for the Chief Minister’s Livestock Development Scheme.
    • Upgradation of veterinary facilities and milk processing plants.
    • Camel Protection and Development Mission.

Tax Proposals and Economic Relief Measures

The budget also outlines several tax proposals and relief measures to support the common man and businesses:

  • Reduction in VAT Rate on Petrol & Diesel.
  • Abolition of Land and Mandi Tax on certain commodities.
  • Relief in Registration & Stamp Duty for various categories.
  • Incentives for electric vehicles and promotion of energy-efficient practices.

The Modified Budget 2024-25 of Rajasthan is a comprehensive effort towards inclusive development, focusing on critical areas such as water supply, energy, infrastructure, industrial growth, youth empowerment, healthcare, social security, agriculture, and animal husbandry. The financial allocations and policies reflect the government’s commitment to sustainable development and welfare of its citizens, aiming to create a prosperous and resilient Rajasthan.

1. Jal Jeevan Mission

Objective: To provide drinking water to rural households and urban areas.

  • ₹15,000 crores for drinking water to 25 lakh rural households.
  • ₹20,370 crores for six major drinking water projects.

2. AMRUT 2.0 Scheme

Objective: To enhance urban water supply and sewage services.

  • ₹5,180 crores for drinking water works in 183 cities/towns.
  • Repairs works of 32 Urban Water Bodies, ₹127 crores.

3. Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS)

Objective: To improve the reliability and quality of power supply.

  • Installation of more than 25 lakh smart meters this year.

4. Rajasthan Regional and Urban Planning Bill-2024

Objective: Planned development of cities along with peri-urban areas.

  • Provision of ₹500 crore for regional development.

5. Dang, Magra, Mewat and Brij Regional Development Schemes

Objective: Focused development of specific regions.

  • ₹50 crore each for Dang, Magra, Mewat, and Brij.

6. Rajasthan Petro Zone (RPZ)

Objective: To establish a hub for petrochemical industries.

7. Rajasthan-One District, One Product Policy 2024

Objective: To promote unique products from each district.

  • ₹100 crore annually.

8. PM-Unity Mall

Objective: To promote local products. Location: Jaipur.

  • Estimated cost ₹200 crore.

9. MSME Policy-2024

Objective: To support micro, small, and medium enterprises.

10. Rajasthan Tourism Infrastructure and Capacity Building Fund (RTICF)

Objective: To develop tourism infrastructure.

  • Works of more than ₹5,000 crores.

11. Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Development Authority

Objective: To conserve and develop heritage sites.

12. Jaipur Walled City Heritage Development Plan

Objective: To develop the heritage area of Jaipur.

  • ₹100 crore.

13. Rajasthan Tourism Development Board

Objective: To promote tourism in the state.

14. Youth Policy-2024

Objective: To empower youth through education and employment.

  • Apprenticeship and internship programs, AI-based counseling.

15. Atal Entrepreneurship Programme

Objective: To support startups and entrepreneurship.

  • Funding up to ₹10 crore through i-Start Fund.
  • Fund of Funds with ₹100 crore for financial support to startups.

16. Learn, Earn And Progress (LEAP) Programme

Objective: To upskill startup founders and youth.

17. Business Innovation Programme

Objective: To promote innovation in schools and colleges.

  • ₹20 crore, more than 1 lakh beneficiaries.

18. AVGC-XR Policy (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics-Extended Reality Policy)

Objective: To promote the AVGC-XR industry.

19. Rajasthan Digital Health Mission

Objective: To digitize health services.

20. MAA Yojana

Objective: To provide pediatric healthcare.

  • New pediatric packages, relaxation in empanelment norms for private medical institutions.

21. Ayushman Model CHC

Objective: To establish model community health centers.

  • ₹125 crore.

22. MAA Health Infrastructure Mission

Objective: To improve health infrastructure.

  • ₹15,000 crore over three years.

23. Rajasthan Irrigation Water Grid Mission

Objective: To develop a comprehensive water grid.

  • Works of more than ₹50,000 crores.

24. Voluntary Load Disclosure Scheme

Objective: To regulate and support agricultural electricity connections.

25. Rajasthan Krishi Vikas Yojana (Raj KVY)

Objective: To support agricultural development.

  • ₹650 crores.

26. MGNREGA– Govardhan Projects

Objective: To support rural employment and agriculture.

  • Works amounting to ₹197.86 crores.

27. Camel Protection and Development Mission

Objective: To protect and develop camel populations.

28. Sainik School for Girls

Objective: To establish military schools for girls.

29. Rajasthan Sports Modernization Mission

Objective: To modernize sports infrastructure.

  • ₹250 crores for Maharana Pratap Sports University.
  • ₹50 crores for each sports college at division level.

30. One District-One Sport Scheme

Objective: To promote sports at the district level.

  • Establishment of sports academies in each district.

31. Sports Life Insurance Scheme

Objective: To provide insurance coverage for athletes.

  • Coverage up to ₹25 lakh for international medal winners.

32. Maharana Pratap Sports University

Objective: To establish a sports university.

  • ₹250 crores.

33. Mission Harit Rajasthan (Green Rajasthan)

Objective: To promote environmental conservation.

  • Works amounting to ₹4,000 crores over five years.

34. One District-One Species Programme

Objective: To promote biodiversity conservation.

35. Green Budget

Objective: To focus on environmental sustainability. Initiative: Target of 7 crore plantations.

36. Forest Carbon Credits Certification Mechanism

Objective: To certify and trade carbon credits from forests.

37. Agriculture Accelerator Mission

Objective: To support agricultural innovation and startups.

38. Rajasthan Journalist Health Scheme (RJHS)

Objective: To provide health insurance for journalists.

39. Rajasthan Warehousing and Logistics Policy

Objective: To develop warehousing and logistics infrastructure.

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