Muhafiz (Guardian) Scheme for Workers in Unorganized Sector in Jammu & Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir Government is going to launch Muhafiz (Guardian) Scheme for the workers in the unorganized sector. Subsequently, this scheme will provide social-economic security to these workers. Under this Muhafiz (Guardian), govt. will cover approx. 3 lakh workers who are registered with “J&K Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (JKBOCWWB)”. These workers will get an accidental, life and disability insurance coverage.

J&K govt. will launch this scheme on 8 January 2018. The children of these workers will also receive educational scholarships. Moreover, govt. will also extend micro credit facilities for these workers. Accordingly, the workers in the unorganized sector will have to make registration through online or other modes.

Initially, govt. will spend Rs. 5 crore as premium amount for these workers. This scheme will benefit the labourers especially belonging to the rural areas.

Details of Muhafiz (Guardian) Scheme

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • Under Guardian Scheme, the workers who are registered with JKBOCWWB will get socio-economic security and an insurance coverage.
  • Initially, the credit facility limit will remain Rs. 10,000 along with a counter guarantee.
  • For this reason, JKBOCWWB will deposit Rs. 30 crore in the J&K Bank.
  • Moreover, govt. will also provide educational scholarships for the children of labourers.
  • This scheme will benefit around 3 lakh workers of unorganized sector especially from rural areas.
  • Furthermore, JKBOCWWB has also provided financial assistance of Rs. 275 crore for education, marriage, chronic diseases etc. in the previous 3 years to such workers.

Govt. is going to start this scheme because unorganized sector consists of the wage paid labourers. Subsequently, they have seasonal nature of employment and also their enterprises have scattered locations. Accordingly, workers have low income, unstable jobs, lack of protection from various legislations or trade unions. So J&K govt. is going to launch this scheme.

J&K Govt. will raise the funds for socio-economic welfare of the workers through cess levied under the Building and Other Construction Workers (RE&CS) Cess Act. Moreover, this scheme will provide social security to the workers and their children.

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