Karnataka Maralu Mithra App Download – Sand Booking / Buy Sand Online

Karnataka Maralu Mithra mobile app download from android google play store, sand booking online at Maralu Mitra app, buy / track status and get sand delivered at doorstep
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Karnataka government is going to launch a new Maralu Mithra App for sand booking and buying sand online. People would be soon able to buy sand online using their smartphones just like people order groceries or apparels. All the android mobile phone users would be able to download Karnataka Maralu Mitra App from google play store.

Booking of Sand would be absolutely free of cost and the purchased sand will be available for much below the market price. Once the Maralu Mithra app is launched, the Karnataka govt. intends to supply sand at a maximum rate of Rs. 1,500 per tonne. The current market rate is close to Rs. 3,250 to Rs. 3,500 per tonne.

The Maralu Mithra App in Karnataka would enable customers to book sand online, pay digitally and get it delivered at their doorstep.

Karnataka Maralu Mithra Mobile App Download

Just about 1 month after launch of new sand policy in Karnataka, govt. is now set to roll out new Maralu Mithra App. As soon as the official Maralu Mithra app is launched, we will update the app download link here.

Sand Booking & Buying through Maralu Mitra App

After the official launch of this new Maralu Mithra App, consumers would be enabled to book sand online and get it delivered wherever they want. Customer has to provide the following details for booking sand and buying it through app:-
A) Name

B) E-mail ID

C) Postal address

D) Quantity of Sand

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E) Sand Quality i.e Coarse, Medium and Fine

F) Select type of sand (river/M-sand)

Accordingly, people can enter the following details at Maralu Mithra App, find nearest place where sand is available. On the basis of distance of place from which sand is booked, transportation cost would be decided online.

Status of Sand Booking in Karnataka

After the placement of sand booking order, people can track the status of the sand delivery till consignment reaches him. The entire details of sand order placing, shipment, delivery is available at the Maralu Mithra App. This model was successfully implemented in Udupi district in FY 2019 on an experimental basis and this model of sand booking and buying through Maralu Mitra app is now being extended across the state.

Upgradation of Maralu Mithra Mobile App

The state govt. of Karnataka is planning to upgrade the Maralu Mithra mobile app so as to provide the location of the block from where sand is extracted. The Karnataka govt. is also in talks with transporter associations to register them via. Maralu Mitra app so that transportation cost and location from where sand will be ferried can be known in advance. The online application process to book sand online and buy it will help in bringing about more accountability and transparency in sand distribution and put an end to illegal sand mining in the state.

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