Jammu and Kashmir Karkhandar Scheme 2024 for Development of Craft Sector | Check Eligibility, Need, Vision, Objective, Methodology, Amount

J&K Karkhandar Scheme 2024 for development of craft sector in Jammu and Kashmir UT, check eligibility, need, vision, objective, methodology, financial assistance, complete details here
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Jammu and Kashmir government has launched J&K Karkhandar Scheme 2024 for the development of craft sector in UT. The new Karkhandar Scheme will provide fresh impetus to craft industry, especially to the languishing crafts. In this article, we will tell you about the eligibility, financial assistance provided under the scheme along with other details.

What is Jammu & Kashmir Karkhandar Scheme 2024

The Jammu & Kashmir Government announced the Karkhandar scheme to develop craft sector in the Union Territory. The scheme will be taken up on a pilot basis by the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir. It is a landmark decision that will give a fresh lease of life to the craft industry of UT and especially to the languishing crafts.

Need for Jammu and Kashmir Karkhandar Scheme

People working in the craft sector are exploited and end up being trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and pessimism, which in turn, force them to abandon craft activity. In a bid to upscale their learnings techniques, improve their earnings, and inculcate entrepreneurship qualities in them, the Karkhandar Scheme for Development of Craft Sector has been started by the J&K Government.

Vision of Jammu&Kashmir Karkhandar Scheme

The Jammu & Kashmir Karkhandar scheme will identify and impart skill upgradation training in crafts that are facing human resource crunches such as walnut wood carving, silver filigree, carpet, Kani shawl weaving, Khatamband and Papier Machie crafts. Besides these, other crafts will also be given due consideration as per the need basis ascertained by respective Assistant Directors of Handicrafts & Handloom Department. 

The number of crafts centres allocated to each craft shall be transferable to other crafts depending upon the take-off of the scheme in each craft. A minimum of one and a maximum of five training programmes per craft shall be considered for the six-month duration. 

Objective of J&K Karkhandar Scheme

The J&K Karkhandar scheme aims to:-

  • Revive the languishing crafts.
  • Upscale the learning techniques of trainees.
  • Improve the wages of the craftsmen through collectivization.
  • Create linkages with producer organizations to inculcate entrepreneurship skills and aptitude to the trainees.

Eligibility Criteria for Karkhandar Scheme in J&K

  • Pass out meritorious trainees from training centres run by Handicrafts and Handloom Department or ex-trainees. However, such conditions shall not be applied in the case of languishing crafts. 
  • A minimum of five trainees for an identified small Karkhana and a maximum of 10 trainees far identified big Karkhana. 

Jammu & Kashmir Karkhandar Scheme Methodology

  • As mentioned in Annexure A, meritorious pass-out trainees or ex-trainees of the departmental training centres will be identified and motivated to opt for registration under Karkhandar Scheme.
  • Registration cards will be issued to such trainees.
  • Bank accounts of trainees will be opened under Jan Dhan Yojana.
  • Complete database of the identified trainees will be maintained, including  Aadhar number, EPIC number, bank account number. 
  • As mentioned in Annexure B, registered Karkhanas or Karkhandars who are willing to enrol ex-trainees or pass-out trainees in their Karkhana will be identified by the Handicrafts and Handloom Department. 
  • All necessary logistics in the shape of tools, equipment, looms, raw material, space, and so forth shall be provided by the identified Karkhandar. These Karkhandars shall be provided with a lump sum of Rs.25,000/- per batch in two instalments for the expenditure of all logistics to run the training program successfully.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the trainees can form Cooperatives and all the requisite support or guidance will be provided to them to attain the objective of the scheme. 

Financial Assistance Provided under Karkhandar Scheme

  • Rs. 2000 will be paid per trainee per month. However, the stipend will be paid in two instalments– Rs. 1000 will be paid through an individual bank account and the remaining amount shall be disbursed on the successful completion of the probation or practical training session.
  • Rs. 2000 per trainee per month will be given to Karkhandars for Logistic Charges as well as an honorarium to meritorious trainees. These, however, will only be disbursed after assessing that the trainees have achieved the desired level of skills. The trainees will be evaluated through an approved qualifying framework devised for skill up-gradation level. 

Other major schemes such as the Artisan Credit Card Scheme and Scheme of Financial Assistance to the Cooperatives have already been launched to boost the craft industry of J&K, especially to the languishing crafts. 

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