[50%] Haryana Horticulture Subsidy Scheme 2023 for Planting New Orchards

Haryana Horticulture Subsidy Scheme 2023 launched, 50% per hectare subsidy for planting new orchards, check subsidy amount for guava, lemon, amla orchard plantation
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Haryana Horticulture Subsidy Scheme 2023 is launched to provide 50% per hectare subsidy for planting new orchards. In view of the high risk and cost involved in traditional farming, Haryana govt. is providing 50% per hectare subsidy to farmers for planting new orchards. This would enable farmers to earn more profit by adopting horticulture. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Haryana Orchard Plantation Subsidy Scheme.

What is Haryana Horticulture Subsidy Scheme 2023

In Haryana Horticulture Subsidy Scheme 2023, the state govt. will provide subsidy for plantation of new orchards. This assistance will be provided for planting orchards of guava, lemon, amla etc. You can check the assistance amount given by the state government here.

Subsidy Amount for New Orchard Plantation in Haryana

Here is the subsidy amount for new orchard plantation in Haryana state:-

  • Guava Orchards – Rs. 11,500
  • Lemon Orchards – Rs. 12,000
  • Amla Orchards – Rs. 15,000

Under this Haryana Horticulture Subsidy Scheme 2023, a farmer can plant an orchard up to 10 acres of land.

Haryana Horticulture Insurance Scheme

Haryana Horticulture Department is already implementing several schemes to double the income of the farmers and encourage them towards horticulture. Horticulture insurance scheme is being run by the government to compensate for horticulture crop losses.

This Horticulture Insurance Scheme will prove to be effective in compensating the crop expenditure to farmers by making their horticulture crops risk-free from natural calamities. Farmers who are willing to adopt and get benefits of this scheme can contact the respective District Horticulture Offices along with their land documents, bank copy and Aadhar card.

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