Free Education Scheme For Girls Till Graduation Planned by Yogi Govt. in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh govt announces to launch UP Free Education Scheme 2024 to provide muft shiksha to girl students till graduation to enable them to get employment
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Uttar Pradesh govt. announces to launch a Free Education Scheme for Girl Students till graduation. Subsequently, govt. will provide free education till graduation level and Yogi Adityanath (UP CM) had made an announcement in this regard earlier on 2 October 2021. Accordingly, this scheme will benefit girls from the economically backward classes, SC, ST and OBC category.

As the academic section has been started, so UP govt. is planning to launch this free education scheme as soon as possible. Moreover, CM mentioned that all those parents who discourages their children from going to school will have to face consequences. This scheme will enable girl children to study and build their career. Accordingly, girl students will be able to earn their livelihood and thus can contribute to the growth of entire state.

What is UP Free Education Scheme 2024 for Girls Till Graduation

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on 2 Oct 2021 (Saturday) announced scholarship to over 1.5 lakh students and free education scheme for girls till graduation. By 30 November 2021, all the students will get their scholarship transferred to their account so that they will not have any problem in further studies. Under this scheme, govt. will provide free education to girls till graduation level, but if there are two sisters in a family, only one will get the benefit.

UP Free Education Girls Private Schools
UP Free Education Girls Private Schools

The state govt. will focus on parents to make them understand the need of sending their wards to school. Moreover, govt. will take strict action against all those parents who denies their wards to go to school.

UP Education Dept to Waive Fee of One Female Child in a Family

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister also asked the education department to waive the fee of one female child in case more than one girl of the same family are studying in one school. “In private schools and colleges in which two and more than two girls from the same family are studying, and if they are sisters, then take action to waive the fees of one sister. If not, then the department should work to consider it. This will help their parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

UP Fee Waiver Scheme Girls
UP Fee Waiver Scheme Girls

CM Yogi further slammed the Akhilesh Yadav-led government and said, “Our government is giving a scholarship of Rs 3,900 crores which were only of Rs 1800 crores in the previous government.” Education is the most important aspect of the life of children without which they cannot develop as a good human being. Moreover, all the uneducated girl children lives a life of backwardness and are also denied of job opportunities.

Need for UP Free Education Scheme for Girl Students

This UP Free Education Scheme will particularly benefit the girl students from backward classes and will remove any hindrance (hurdle) in their studies. Through this UP free education scheme, govt. will convince the parents on the importance of education. All the girl children belonging to backward classes can get absolutely free education and build a future for themselves. Moreover, this scheme will improve the financial situation of the girl students and enable them to get better jobs in private or government sector. This free educational policy for girls is a part of Yogi govt’s efforts to improve the standard of education.

Salient Features of UP Free Education Scheme for Girls

Name of SchemeUP Free Education Scheme
Announced byCM Yogi Adityanath
Date of Announcement2 October 2021
ObjectiveFree Education to Girls till Graduation
Applicable StateUttar Pradesh
Article CategoryEducation
UP Girls Free Education Scheme Features

Earlier Updates on UP Free Education Scheme

Here are some of the previous announcements made by the Yogi govt. regarding UP Free Education Scheme:-

Uttar Pradesh KG to PG Scheme for Free Education in UP

Uttar Pradesh government is going to launch KG to PG Scheme to provide free and compulsory education to all the students. This scheme will be launched in a few cities from the next academic session. Under this scheme, free education would be given to all students between Kindergarten (KG) to Post Graduate (PG) level in all government institutions. Yogi Aadityanath is soon going to make an announcement in this regard.

UP Free Education Scheme is going to benefit poor people to a large extent. This information about the launch of UP KG to PG Scheme was given by Dinesh Sharma in a convocation ceremony of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University. Now all the students who drop out due to lower family income will be able to complete their studies and build their career.

People from the economically weaker sections will get most of the benefits of Free Education Scheme in UP. They would be able to earn their livelihood and contribute towards the growth of the society.

Yogi to Start Free & Compulsory Education in UP

All the students in the Uttar Pradesh will be given access to quality education from their KG standard till they complete their Post Graduate course. The state govt. focuses on making people understand the need of sending their children to the schools. Education is the most important part of one’s life without which no one can become a good human being. The state govt. has decided to make an academic calendar to ensure that studies takes place in institutions for at-least some fixed number of days.

UP govt. wants to start this KG to PG Scheme to make the complete education of students absolutely free. In addition to this, govt. has also decided to reduce the exam schedule for both UP Board and Degree Colleges. People who are denied of good education are always forced to live in backwardness and does not get the jobs as per their talent. So to provide them quality life, education is important.

Backward Class Students will get benefited and any hindrance in their path of education will be eliminated. The state govt. is also planning to perform counselling or giving advice to the parents in order to make them aware about the importance of education. Govt. is also planning to set a target for course completion in a certain specified number of days.

All the children belonging to economically backward classes can get absolutely free education and build a future for themselves. Accordingly the primary objective is to train people to enable them to get good jobs / placements in private or government sector. This free educational policy is a part of Yogi govt’s efforts to improve the standard of education.

Previously in the month of February, CM Yogi Aadityanath has announced to make education free upto Intermediate level (Class 12th). The state govt. has also passed a bill in the UP Assembly to check arbitrary hike in fees by private schools.

Preschool kits / Booklets Distribution to Anganwadi Schools in UP

The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has decided to equip 1,70,896 Anganwadi Centres with booklets and preschool kits for the smooth implementation of the Early Childhood Children Education (ECCE) scheme. In addition, the centres will also provide assessment cards for children.

Early Childhood Children Education (ECCE) Scheme by Yogi Government

Under the New Education Policy 2020, preschool kits have been distributed to children at 1,06,128 Anganwadi centres spread over 44 districts of UP as part of the ECCE scheme till 29 July 2021. The National Book Trust is providing storybooks for three to six-year-old children according to their age, apart from conducting field visits to the centres to promote activity-based learning.

In order to facilitate the implementation of ECCE activities at Anganwadi centres, an ECCE manual named ‘Pahal’ has been prepared by the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) for the Anganwadi workers. This manual has been prepared as per the syllabus developed by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and has been distributed in all 44 districts. Furthermore, category wise individual assessment cards for the half-yearly assessment of three to six-year-old children have reached 44 districts of the state.

Anganwadi Centre buildings are being constructed in the state as per the guidelines of the Government of India through the convergence of MGNREGA, Panchayati Raj, and the Child Development and nutrition department. Out of the targeted 10,187 Anganwadi Centres in four years, construction of 8,820 Anganwadi centres has been completed while construction of 1,367 buildings is underway.

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