Amrit Bharat Station Scheme 2023 Planned by Indian Railways

Indian Railways plans Amrit Bharat Station Scheme 2023 to modernise 1000 small stations, check redevelopment master plan, objectives, scheme document, complete details here
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Amrit Bharat Station Scheme 2023 has been planned by Indian railways to modernize 1,000 small yet important stations. It is separate from the ambitious plan to revamp 200 big stations under a separate redevelopment programme. Small stations will be identified not just for their footfalls but also based on the cities they cater to. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Amrit Bharat Station Scheme which is planned by Indian Railways.

About Amrit Bharat Station Scheme 2023

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme aims to identify developing cities with potential and envisage railway stations as city centres that would link not just various parts of the city but also between different cities in the future. The plan is to map everything connected to it i.e bridges and different modes of transport. The idea is to start modernising stations in a cost-effective manner through Amrit Bharat Station Plan.

As per the need, divisional railway managers (DRMs) will take a call on modernisation works in a phased manner. A special fund will also be earmarked with the DRMs for development of stations under Amrit Bharat Station scheme.

Scheme Document for Amrit Bharat Station Plan

As per the scheme document, Amrit Bharat Station Plan aims at preparing master plans of railway stations and implementing those in phases. ABS plan will enhance facilities including and beyond the minimum essential amenities. This modernisation of stations would result in the creation of roof plazas and city centres at stations. The scheme’s target is the introduction of new amenities as well as to upgrade and replace existing facilities, it said.

ABS Scheme to Follow Khurda Model of Redevelopment

The stations under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme will be redeveloped under what is being internally called the “Khurda model of redevelopment”. Khurda station in Odisha was modernised for Rs. 4 crore with all contemporary amenities for passengers. The main structure was renovated, the facade was redone and the number of railway tracks was also increased.

DRMs were taken on a tour of the Khurda station to get a feel of what can be done under the new ABS scheme. The new Amrit Bharat Station Scheme envisages cost-efficient improvement to facades and makes provisions for wide, well-lit and aesthetically pleasing entrance porches. The DRMs have been instructed to review existing buildings in the station premises and release space for passengers near the entrances and enable relocation of rail offices to other places.

Objectives of Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

Amrit Bharat Station scheme aims at relocating redundant/old buildings in a cost-efficient manner. This would ensure that the space is released for higher priority passenger-related activities. Moreover, it would ensure that future development may be carried out smoothly. The scheme document said “Creation of new buildings should generally be avoided other than those required for relocation of old structures or relocation of structures to improve circulation or provision of structures to improve the size of waiting halls. Decision on this shall be taken by the DRM”. Modernisation of stations under Amrit Bharat Station Plan would include improved station approaches to ensure smooth access by:-

  • Widening of roads
  • Removal of unwanted structures
  • Properly designed signages
  • Dedicated pedestrian pathways
  • Well-planned parking areas
  • Improved lighting
  • Others

Furthermore under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, elements of landscaping, green patches and local art and culture should be used to create a pleasant experience for the users of railway station. This should be done with the help of suitable professionals. The station should also have a second entry station building and high-level platforms with a length of 600m.

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