Ujala Gujarat Yojana for Distribution of LED Bulbs

June 4, 2016 | UPDATED ON: July 25, 2016
Ujala Gujarat Yojana

Gujarat Government has launched the Ujala Gujarat Yojana for distribution of energy saving LED bulbs across the state. The Ujala Gujarat Yojana has been launched under the central government’s Ujala Yojana scheme at a function in Vadodara.

Objective of Ujala Gujarat Yojana

The state government has set a target of providing LED bulbs to 1.21 Crore households across the state in next one year. The main objective of the scheme is to encourage people to adopt sustainable energy options to save and reduce energy costs and consumption.

Under the Ujala Gujarat Yojana, the state government will provide LED bulbs to the state residents at a subsidized rate. The LED bulbs under the scheme will be available at Rs. 80-85 per piece to the domestic consumers while LED bulbs will be sold at Rs. 90 per piece to industries.

A single LED bulb can save upto Rs. 315 a year and installing LED’s throughout the home can save a lot to the domestic consumers. The provided bulbs under the scheme will come with 3 year replacement warranty. The LEDbulbs will consume only 7-8 watt of energy and provide luminosity of 900 lumens.

The state government plans to distribute about 12 Crore LED bulbs to 1.21 crore households within next one year under the Ujala Gujarat Yojana. One household will get a maximum of 10 LED bulbs in the first phase and the amount will be charged in 8-10 installments through the electricity bill.

How to buy LED bulb under Ujala Gujarat Yojana
The consumers can buy the LED bulbs by showing monthly electricity bill or ID cards.

The scheme will not only help save cost to the consumers but also contribute to the energy security of India.

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