UIDAI Aadhaar Services – How To Generate Virtual ID Number at uidai.gov.in

UIDAI Aadhaar Virtual ID Number generate / retrieve at uidai.gov.in, Unique 16 digit VID no. compulsory for residents to enable people not to disclose their 12 digit Aadhar No (Biometric Identification) and use Virtual ID instead for security and privacy, residents can generate 16 digit VID at www.uidai.gov.in
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Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has given the gift of Unique 16 digit Virtual Identity (VID) Number to all the residents. Now, people will not have to disclose their 12 digit Biometric Identification Number / Aadhaar Number anywhere. They can just generate / retrieve VID on the UIDAI Portal and can use it anywhere. Virtual ID will replace the Aadhaar Number for Authentication and KYC purposes. This UIDAI Aadhaar Service will ensure privacy and security of Aadhaar Database.

16 Digit Virtual ID acts as a security layer in Aadhaar Database and will fulfill the privacy concerns of the people. People can use this Aadhar Service in New SIM Purchase, SIM Replacement, Banking Facilities, Passport etc. as a replacement to Biometric ID. 16 digit VID is revocable and expires after a limited time period. VID Virtual ID limits the storage and collection of personal and demographic data of all the Aadhaar Holders.

How to Generate 16 Digit Virtual ID Number

The complete procedure to generate / retrieve Virtual ID has been specified below:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India at https://uidai.gov.in/

UIDAI Gov In Official Website
UIDAI Gov In Official Website

STEP 2: On the homepage, scroll over the “My Aadhaar” section and then click at the “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” link under “Aadhaar Services” sub section.

My Aadhar Uidai Aadhaar Services
My Aadhar Uidai Aadhaar Services

STEP 3: Direct Link – All the candidates can directly click the link to generate / retrieve Virtual ID (VID) – https://resident.uidai.gov.in/vid-generation

STEP 4: The UIDAI Generate / Retrieve Virtual ID (VID) Page will appear as follows:-

Uidai Generate Retrieve Virtual Id
Uidai Generate Retrieve Virtual Id

STEP 5: Here candidates have to enter the “Aadhaar Number” and “Security Code” and then click at the “Send OTP” button to get an OTP on the Registered Mobile Number.

STEP 6: Then candidates can enter their One time Password (OTP) and then click at the “Generate VID” or “Retrieve VID” and click at “Submit” button.

STEP 7: Finally, Generated 16 digit VID will be sent on the Registered Mobile Number of the Resident.

Virtual ID is a temporary 16 Digit Random Number which gives limited information like Name, Photograph and Address to other authorized agencies.

UIDAI Virtual ID (VID) – Aadhaar Card / Database Privacy & Security

To address privacy concerns, UIDAI has launched a brand new concept of Virtual ID for Aadhaar users. Subsequently, Aadhaar holders can now generate this 16 digit random number from the UIDAI website. Accordingly, Virtual ID will replace Aadhar number for authentication and KYC purposes. This Virtual ID will act as a security layer for Aadhaar Database.

Now people can use this 16 digit Virtual Id for various purposes which also includes SIM Verification. Now people can use this as a replacement to share their 12 digit Biometric ID (Aadhaar Number). Accordingly, this will give people an alternative option of not sharing their Aadhaar Number.

UIDAI has started this concept to ensure privacy and security of Aadhaar database. Moreover, this move will also limit the collection and storage of personal and demographic data of Aadhaar Card holders.

UIDAI Virtual ID Details

The important features and highlights of this new system are as follows:-

  1. Virtual ID is a temporary 16 digit Random Number. This Virtual ID will give limited information like name, address and photograph only to other authorized agencies like mobile companies.
  2. There is no limit on generation of Virtual ID’s. Any Person can generate any number of such ID’s.
  3. Moreover after generation of a fresh ID, the previous ID gets auto-cancelled.
  4. Central govt. is going to make the acceptance of Virtual ID compulsory from 1 June 2018 for all agencies, which makes use of Aadhaar Card for authentication.
  5. This revocable 16 digit number will get mapped on the Aadhaar Number of person. Accordingly, Aadhaar issuing body will start accepting these numbers from 1 March 2018.
  6. People can use this number as an alternative option for aunthentication and KYC services.
  7. Subsequently, this number will remain valid for specified amount of time or till the time user changes it.
  8. Candidates can generate this ID themselves. However, no other agency is permitted to generate this ID on behalf of the Aadhaar holder.
  9. UIDAI has also started “Limited KYC” process. In this, UIDAI will provide limited amount of information about the users to any unauthorized agency (providing a specific service).
  10. Furthermore, all the agencies which are unable to migrate to this newly introduced concept within specific deadlines will have to face financial disincentives.

UIDAI has now started giving instructions to all the concerned agencies about the implementation of this Virtual ID.

UIDAI Virtual ID Working

The working of this Id is explained as follows:-

  • The last digit of 16 digits in VID is a checksum which uses Verhoeff algorithm similar as used in Aadhaar number.
  • At a particular time, only 1 active and valid VID will exist for any Aadhaar number.
  • Verhoeff algorithm is checksum formula for error detection which was developed by Dutch Mathematician Jacobus Verhoeff in 1969.
  • People can use this VID instead of Aadhaar Number for authentication or KYC Services. Its usage is similar as Aadhaar Number.
  • Agencies are not permitted to use VID for de-duplication.
  • VID is revocable and after a specific validity period it get replaced with a new one.

Till date, UIDAI has issued around 119 crore Aadhaar Cards. Central govt. has taken this step after the security concerns arising for the use of Aadhar Cards. As per the reports in newspaper, Aadhaar data of around billion users was available just for Rs. 500. So, central govt. has decided to remove flaws in Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) system.

UIDAI Aadhaar Virtual ID (16 Digit VID) Mandatory for KYC for Security Concerns

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) notifies that only 16 Digit Virtual ID can be used for Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Now people will not have to furnish their Aadhaar Card Details including 12 digit Aadhaar Number for authentication purposes. Instead they can simply use the Aadhaar Virtual ID which can easily be generated / retrieved on uidai.gov.in. This move will resolve the Aadhaar Card Security Concerns like Data Breach.

UIDAI Virtual ID (VID) concept was introduced in the month of April 2018 and now this concept is operational. All the Authentication User Agencies (AUA) have now been migrated to VID & UID token. This usage of Aadhar VID will result in Database Privacy and Security of the customers as more than 100 crore people are enrolled with UIDAI & possess Aadhaar Card.

It is clear in notification that Aadhaar Virtual ID (16 Digit) has completely replaced Aadhaar Number (12 Digit). People can generate / retrieve VID in 3 easy steps and utilize this number for KYC.

What is 16 Digit Virtual ID Concept & Security Features

In the month of March, there was a security concern regarding the privacy of our personal details in Aadhaar Card. As various companies and banks ask for 12 digit Aadhaar Card Number for authentication necessary to provide services to its customers. People furnish their important personal details like biometrics, age, finger prints without knowing that if such data is leaked, this could become a major problem for their privacy.

So to ensure Data Privacy and Security, central government has introduced a new concept of Virtual ID in April 2018. This is a 16 digit temporary random number and can be referred to as “Aadhaar Clone”. Anyone can now provide this 16 digit VID number to complete verification process instead of 12 digit Aadhaar Number.

Aadhaar Virtual ID KYC Notification
Aadhaar Virtual ID KYC Notification

But various banks and companies did not possess the required system to accept such IDs. So, Reserve Bank of India has given 3 months time to all such banks and companies to make changes in their system and to make it compatible for accepting Aadhaar Virtual ID. This time duration is now ended and VID system will be applicable across the country. Aadhaar Virtual Number can be utilized to open a Bank account, to avail Government Subsidy, Tatkaal Passport, Purchase of New Insurance policy etc.

Benefits of Virtual ID in India

All the residents are allowed to generate any number of Virtual ID’s. Thee previous VID will be auto-cancelled on the generation of new VID. This is an alternative option for Authentication and KYC Services which remains valid for a specific amount of time or till the time the user changes it.

This Virtual ID is similar in usage to the Aadhaar Number and the agencies can not utilize the VID’s for de-duplication. This new VID Number System will ensure security and privacy of the Aadhaar Card Holders. Till date, UIDAI has issued 119 crore Aadhaar Card across the country whose security and privacy needs to be maintained.

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