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Sikkim Su Swasthya Yojana 2024 online registration form & login at, download Su-Swastha Yojna Nodal Officers List PDF, hospital list, documents list, check helpline number, complete details here
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Sikkim government has launched Su Swasthya Yojana 2024 as an Employees Health Services Scheme. Su-Swastha Yojna is envisioned and launched by the Honorable Chief Minister of the State of Sikkim Shri Prem Singh Tamang. This scheme aims to provide healthcare services to employees of the Sikkim govt. and their dependent family members for a cashless benefit covering hospitalizations across top tier hospitals in India. In this article, we will tell you how to download Su-Swasthya Yojana Form PDF and make login at

What is Sikkim Su Swasthya Yojana 2024

The top-tier network of hospitals Su Swasthya Yojana places within access of employees and their families is a step forward to the ultimate goal of achieving excellence of medical care while unburdening members of the financial costs of healthcare. Su-Swastha Yojna has benefits which no other employer led scheme or initiative elsewhere in the country has created.

Su-Swasthya Yojana also includes vehicular accidents & trauma, cancer care, infertility treatment and many more to the reach of Su-Swastha members. Administrated by an expert team of medical personnel, doctors, nurses, healthcare information technology and finance experts Su Swastha Yojana is paving the way to attaining a truly holistic healthcare service in Sikkim.

Vision of Su-Swasthya Yojana

Su-Swastha Yojna underlines the vision of the Chief Minister of Sikkim to put healthcare of our employees and their families at the top priority. Today healthcare quality, accessibility and costs have taken the center stage of discussions. Su-Swastha aims to bring quality healthcare to easy accessibility of its members utilizing technology innovation and good governance practices.

Mission of Su-Swastha Yojna

Su-Swastha Yojna is on a mission to set an example in delivering a comprehensive healthcare coverage by focusing on a combination of excellence of care, convenience of accessibility and a people-centric experience in their journey from sickness to health.

Values for Su Swastha Yojana

Su-Swastha Yojna runs on values which we believe are foundational to the service we envision to provide employees and their families in easing their pain and discomfort when they are in need of healthcare.

  •  Empathy
  •  Trust
  •  Innovation
  •  Quality
  •  Collaboration

Su-Swasthya Yojna Salient Features

Su-Swastha is a cashless health services scheme for employees of Sikkim government via an innovative, caring and quality centric platform. Some of the benefits under Su-Swastha Yojna are launched for the first time in the country for any public (and in some cases even private healthcare schemes)

  •  Su Swastha Yojna has the lowest employee contribution across all state run or private run employee health schemes or private plans. Treatments like IVF, Trauma care, critical illness cover and cancer etc are covered from day 1.
  •  Age limit of dependents/ family members 100 years in certain cases e.g. parents of self or spouse.
  •  Humane approach to inclusion of family members e.g. there is no age limit for physically or mentally challenged children and unmarried & unemployed dependent daughter).
  •  Pre existing illnesses are covered from Day 1 of successful enrolment in the scheme.

Su Swasthya Yojna Coverage Benefits

Su Swasthya Yojana is a cashless healthcare cover extended to duly enrolled beneficiaries only, from year 2021 onwards. The benefits are not automatically extended to members for each hospitalization, the benefits are extended only when the process of availing benefits are duly followed. Please click the link – to familiarize yourself with the process of availing benefits.

Su-Swastha replaces the previous practice of “referral and reimbursement” of healthcare in the State of Sikkim and is poised to incrementally become more and more focused on service, quality and convenience. Through the link here, download the benefits table and details of terms and conditions including inclusion exclusion limits, sub-limits and applicable policies.

Sikkim Su-Swasthya Yojna 2024 Online Registration Form / Login

The first step to avail the benefits of Su Swastha Yojana is to enrol as a member, for which the enrollment process is mentioned here:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website of Su-Swastha Yojna at

Sikkim Su-Swastha Yojna Official Website
Sikkim Su-Swastha Yojna Official Website

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Enrol Now” tab or directly click

STEP 3: Then the Login page for employees under Sikkim Su-Swastha Yojna will appear as shown below:-

Su Swastha Sikkim Login Employee
Su Swastha Sikkim Login Employee

STEP 4: Here applicant employees can enter their mobile number and click at “Send OTP” button. Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number and click at “Login” button.

STEP 5: Then the “Part 1: Self Enrolment Form or Su Swasthya Yojana Online Registration Form 2024” will open as shown below:-

Sikkim Su Swasthya Yojana Online Registration Form
Sikkim Su Swasthya Yojana Online Registration Form

STEP 6: You can even click at “Part 2: Dependent Enrolment Form” link to open Su-Swastha Yojana Dependent enrolment form:-

Sikkim Su-swastha Yojna Dependent Enrollment
Sikkim Su-swastha Yojna Dependent Enrollment

STEP 7: Enter all the details accurately and click at “Save Draft” tab to submit Su-Swasthya Yojna online registration form.

Instructions to Fillup Su-Swastha Yojna Online Application Form

  • This is an online form to be submitted for enrolment of employee and dependents in Su-Swastha Yojna
  • Only regular employees and eligible dependents can be enrolled in the Su-Swastha Yojna
  • Forms can be filled and submitted together or saved and submitted later
  • Part 1 (employee’s self enrolment) needs to be submitted before Part 2 (dependent enrolment) can be submitted
  • Please do not use spaces, or special characters like &#@*!() – it will prevent submission of form In case of any query or assistance please reach us at [email protected] or call us at 9800347944

Download Su Swastha Yojana Nodal Officers List PDF

Download List of Nodal Officers PDF –

List of Documents Required to Apply Online for Su-Swasthya Yojna

  • ID Proof (for all beneficiaries) – Aadhar Voters/Passport/Drivers (only government ID proof allowed)
  • Relationship Proof (for dependent) – government or non government proofs

Su Swastha Yojna Hospital List

Su-Swastha Yojna allows members to access, and avail inpatient hospitalizations on pre-agreed tariffs with a network of hospitals. Click the link – to view and connect with hospitals empanelled currently with Su-Swastha. The network is constantly expanded with a target of bringing 400+ top tier hospitals in India within the Su-Swastha panel. We also maintain a preferred provider list which is an information page for quality organizations of India for healthcare. You can search here for a list of hospitals empanelled with Su-Swastha by specialty or by location. 

Overview of Su-Swastha Yojana in Sikkim

The values created for the member beneficiaries of Su-Swastha Yojna are as follows:- 

  • Cashless admission and discharge across network hospitals to take away the hassle of arranging funds when someone needs to get admitted at a hospital 
  • Best healthcare accessible to Su-Swastha beneficiaries by empanelment of top tier hospitals and Institutes in India 
  • Assurance of quality of care, with the Su-Swastha Facilitation Center keeping oversight of medical care provided by hospitals for Su-Swastha beneficiaries
  • Transparent billing with standardization of tariff with hospitals based on infrastructure and quality of care provided 
  • Communication with patient and family at each step of care 

In the first phase of launch in April 2021, the Su-Swastha Yojna aims to cover regular employees in service of the Government of Sikkim and dependent family members up to a maximum of 5 dependents in a scheme that provides 10 lacs of cover to the family per year. The scheme renews every year and new benefits are planned to be added as further phases of the Yojna are implemented.

Contact Information

Connect with us through the link – if you need any assistance or to plan your visit to any of these hospitals. Su-Swastha has coverage which is unparalleled by any other public healthcare scheme across the country whether it is the amount of healthcare covered or by the low contributions employees make towards the financial corpus of the scheme.

Your feedback, suggestions and complaints help us to continually improve our services. Fill the form below and our team will connect with you soon!

Employer Login –, Hospital Login –

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