Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana to Provide Free Meal in Uttar Pradesh

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The state govt. of Utter Pradesh is planning to introduce Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana in the state. The Purpose of the scheme is to provide one time free meal for poor peoples in the state. This scheme onset will be launched in the Saharanpur district of the state.

State govt. has announced that the Administrative officials, NGOs and industrialist must come forward and support this scheme. Govt. would provide full support to the scheme through the administrative officers. The aim of the scheme is that nobody in the state is left hungry and at least everybody gets one time full meal. In addition to this, nobody in the state should starve at night.

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India and is home to 200 million people, 60 million of whom are poor. The state govt. is seeking to improve the health condition of poor and reduction of malnutrition. Gradually, Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana will cover all districts across the state.

Highlights of Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana

  • Canteens under Prabhu Ki Rasoi Yojana will be established at a location near railway station.
  • Free Afternoon meals will be provided to poor at various Rasoi established in the state.
  • Meal will include Pulses, rice, chapati and other vegetables dishes.

At initial stage, this scheme will be implemented with the support of 40 government officials. The Commissioner of Saharanpur district has given permission to purchase 200 plates and glasses to start the Prabhu Ki Rasoi Scheme.

Due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, children survival and development are mostly affected in the childhood period. The scheme would surely improve the healthcare and secure a precious life for the small children. The scheme will benefit people belonging to economically weaker section and poor laborer in Uttar Pradesh. Thus, children will remain healthy and help in National Development.


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