[मध्य प्रदेश ई उपार्जन] MP E-Uparjan 2021 | किसान पंजीयन, आवेदन सर्च Online at mpeuparjan.nic.in Portal

MP E-Uparjan 2021 farmers registration / application form / ticket status online at mpeuparjan.nic.in Portal, मध्य प्रदेश ई उपार्जन किसान पंजीयन, आवेदन सर्च, register with kisan code / mobile no. / Samagra ID to sell kharif / rabi crops at mandis, check helpline no.
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मध्य प्रदेश ई उपार्जन किसान पंजीयन, आवेदन सर्च: Madhya Pradesh government is inviting MP E-Uparjan Farmers Registration Form 2021 online at mpeuparjan.nic.in Portal. MP E Uparjan Portal facilitates the registration of farmers through selecting the district, Kisan Code or Mobile number or Samagra ID. Now all the farmers who wants to sell their agricultural produce of any season either Kharif or Rabi at minimum support price (MSP) to the govt. can apply online. For this purpose, they have to make MP E-Uparjan Portal Registration as Farmers through online mode at the official website. Moreover, android phone users can also download euparjan kisan mobile app from google play store.

This year, the total number of procurement centers, runners and data entry operators has been increased by the MP government. Increment has been made for the Wheat / Kharif / Coarse Grain Procurement System. Farmers must follow COVID-19 protocols and must ensure COVID appropriate behaviour while taking their crops to the procurements centers to prevent Coronavirus spread.

MP E-Uparjan Portal 2021 – मध्य प्रदेश ई उपार्जन पोर्टल

The process of registration of farmers for Rabi / Kharif uparjan in the state of MP has been started. All those farmers who are interested in selling their crops at MSP to the MP government can now register online at MP E-Uparjan Portal. Such farmers will have to make online registration through Kisan Code or mobile no or Samagra no. MP govt. requests farmers that only at the date specified in the SMS, farmers should take their crops at the procurement centres. Moreover, farmers can now track their application status at the official MP e Uparjan website.

ई उपार्जन से किसानो से अनाज की प्राप्ति के पश्चात, उन्हें अनाज बेचने की रसीद एवं उनके द्वारा बेचे गये अनाज कि राशि सात कार्यालयीन दिवसों में उनके बैंक खाता मे जमा कर दी जयेगी। ई-उपार्जन साफ्ट्वेय़र के माध्यम से संग्रहण केन्द्र को अनाज जारी एवं बारदाने जारी तथा बारदाने कि प्राप्ति की जाती है। उपार्जन केन्द्र मे होने वाली अनाज खरीदी की संपूर्ण प्रक्रिया ई -उपार्जन साफ्ट्वेय़र के माध्यम से ही की जायेगी।

MP E Uparjan Coverage Planned

E-Uparjan Application द्वारा पूरे मध्यप्रदेश को कवर करने का योजना बनाई गयी जिससे मध्यप्रदेश प्रदेश के हर राज्य के अनाज, गेहूं और धान की मोनिटरिंग की गयी। As a part of the Wheat Procurement System, there are 2830 procurement centers, 708 runners and 2830 data entry operators, 12834 farmers sold their crop every day. As a part of Paddy / Coarse Grain Procurement System, there are 795 procurement centers, 199 runners and 795 data entry operators, 4250 farmers sold their crop every day.

Mp E-Uparjan Process for Procurement of Crops at Purchase Centers

E-Uparjan की प्रोसेस के अंतगर्त 6 स्टेप आती है जिसके द्वारा माल खरीदने,बेचने और परिवहन आदि ऑपरेशन किये जा सके ताकि एक सही योजना बनाई जा सके. Here is the complete description of 6 steps of MP E-Uparjan Process:-

STEP 1: Farmer Registration – Farmers will have to go to the purchase center. Upon reaching there, farmers will have to make registration.

Madhya Pradesh Government Schemes 2021मध्य प्रदेश सरकारी योजना हिन्दीPopular Schemes in Madhya Pradesh:MP Jai Kisan Fasal Rin Mafi Yojanaमध्य प्रदेश लाड़ली लक्ष्मी योजनाMukhyamantri Jankalyan (Sambal) Yojana

STEP 2: Get Kisan Code – On successfully registering online, farmers would be provided with a slip with registration code or Kisan Code.

STEP 3: SMS Regarding Date of Crop Procurement – Then advance SMS alert would be sent to the farmers intimating about the date of procurement.

STEP 4: Go to Procurement Center at Specified Date – In order to sell their crops, farmers will have to go to the purchase center (crop procurement center) at the date mentioned in the SMS.

STEP 5: Get Receipt of Transaction – Upon reaching the crop purchase center, procurement transaction would be performed and receipt would be given to the farmers.

STEP 6: Release of Payment – Finally, the payment amount would be credited directly into the bank accounts of the farmers.

Progress of MP E-Uparjan in Last 5 Years

ई-उपार्जन के माध्यम से विगत 5 वर्षो में कुल 118.57 लाख किसान न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य के लिए निशुल्क पंजीक्रत हुए, जिनमे से 64.35 लाख किसानो से 2415.62 लाख एम्. टी. अनाज खरीदा गया, जिसका रु. 69111 करोड़ का भुगतान किया गया|

MP E Uparjan Farmers Registration – किसान पंजीयन, आवेदन सर्च

Below is the complete procedure to fill online application form of farmers for MP uparjan kharif crops 2021:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at http://mpeuparjan.nic.in/mpeuparjan/Home.aspx

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “खरीफ 2021-22” link as shown here or directly click http://mpeuparjan.nic.in/PPMS2021/MainPage.aspx as shown here:-

mpeuparjan nic in Homepage Kharif 2021-22
mpeuparjan nic in Homepage Kharif 2021-22

STEP 3: At the new opened page, click at the “किसान पंजीयन / आवेदन सर्च” as shown below:-

MP e-uparjan Farmers Registration Application Search
MP e-uparjan Farmers Registration Application Search

STEP 4: Direct Link –

STEP 5: Then the MP E-Uparjan Panjiyan with Kisan Code page will appear as shown below:-

MP E-Uparjan Panjiyan Kisan Code Kharif 2021-22
MP E-Uparjan Panjiyan Kisan Code Kharif 2021-22

STEP 6: Here applicants can select district, enter the ‘किसान कोड’ या ‘मोबाइल नंबर’ या ‘समग्र नंबर’ and then hit at “किसान सर्च करें” tab to check details of registered farmers.

STEP 7: Farmers can even click at “टिकट की स्तिथि देखें” link to track MP E Uparjan Farmer Ticket Status as shown below:-

MP e-uparjan Farmer Ticket Status
MP e-uparjan Farmer Ticket Status

STEP 8: Here applicant farmers can enter their mobile number to track farmer ticket status and complete details.

Each farmer will also get SMS on their registered mobile number specifying date of procurement at mandis. Farmers will then be able to sell their kharif season crops and get appropriate payment.

MP E-Uparjan 2021 Crops Procurement at MSP

CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has officially announced the procurement of kharif / rabi crops from farmers at mandis. To assist farmers in procurement, the total number of procurement centers of crops have been raised. It is advised that farmers who are suffering from any disease or are old need not come to procurement center themselves. They should come only when their turn to sell kharif / rabi crops comes.

MP E Uparjan Mobile App Download

In order to download MP E-Uparjan Mobile App, visit the same official website at mpeuparjan.nic.in. At the homepage, click at the “ई उपार्जन किसान मोबाइल एप” link. The MP E-Uparjan Kisan mobile application will appear as shown below:-

MP E-Uparjan Kisan App Download
MP E-Uparjan Kisan App Download

Download this app, install it on your smartphones and then make farmers registration at your mobile phone to sell kharif / rabi crops for 2021.

Helpline Number for Farmers MP E Uparjan 2021

For any grievance, query or any difficulty in selling kharif / rabi crops at procurement centres or making registration, farmers can contact at:-
Helpline Number: 181
Official website: http://mpeuparjan.nic.in/mpeuparjan/Home.aspx

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  1. Dear Sir,
    my name is Sanjay singh rana village tudila till time not any message regarding wheat selling and some people in my village is already sell in wheat . So please help us.


  2. please Please Ignore the above comments of Feb 2021 the on 19 feb 202 at time 0230 hours . As next day they this was canccelled by Society . and registration for all started regularily by them. over and thank

  3. sir.
    the time segmant for registration is be coming sharter then infromed > The ahkari employees gone for about 10 to 12 day strike . hence their offices were close on 17 feb offices were opend the last date given is 20 february month of 2021 .
    in this short time it is not only difficult but some what immpossible to registered name of all farmers

    Therefore it is simple way request to increase the of Uparjan registration date for up to 04 marh 2021. so many left farmers can registered their name foe Wheat and Gramm GEHUN AND CHANA corps in madhya pradesh. thank

  4. Sir ‘
    on 27 jan 2021 wesnesday I have for Registration for wheat corp. Here They Have informed me to go Revenue Departmenr for Linking My Aadhar Card number with the Record of Tehsildar and Patwari . N ext day on 28 Jan I have gone to Tehsildar . and to olso Patwari Ai Tehsil _ Parasia Distt Chhindara MP . here tehsildar expressed unability to link my Aadhar Card Number with Khasra and Girdawali Record of Revenue Record . He told to contact to Patwari . there patwari office room was locked . Office Mesanger told me to Link my Aadhar at Private internet shop . BUT none of them inform me any correct thing . I have then Checked with Tehsildar He simply said you can do so by down loadind revevent Mobile App .
    What is correct . Does we as anoemal knows how to use SUch Mobile App or private internat cafe are authorised to do so. If THEY don’t do then what normal farmer who is not educatedat this level can do .
    Kindly look into this matter and stickly inform Patwari and Revenue office to do urgently Needful.
    Thank you very much . My Mobile no. 9496726528 and 7610694963 e/mail [email protected]
    today date 28 feb 2021 time now 1545 Hours . Name Tulsiram Suryawanshi Village – Likhawadi tehsil Parasia Distt
    Chhindwara. mp —– over and end . of commentt.

  5. चना मसूर में जिनके खाते जॉइंट है जिनका भवान्तर में रजिस्ट्रेशन है वह खाते में चना मसूर बेची है अब उसका बिल नही बन रहा है उसके लिए पोर्टल खोल जाए जो किसान वंचित रह गए है उनके लिए

    • Krishanpal, Registration Lines may soon be opened again. Govt. is focusing on this problem. As soon as it gets opened, it will get updated here.

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  6. ना मस्जिद की बात हो,न शिवालों की बात हो,
    प्रजा बेरोज़गार है, पहले निवालों की बात हो.

    मेरी नींद को दिक्कत, ना भजन से.. ना अज़ान से है,
    मेरी नींद को दिक्कत, मरते हुये जवान और खुदकुशी करते किसान से है

    किसी के बुझते चूल्हे में हवा लगाकर तो देखो।
    किसी के पांव के छालों पर दवा लगाकर तो देखो।।

    किसानों की मेहनत पर उंगलिया उठाने वालों
    समझ में आ जाएगा मूल्य भी फसलो का

    जरा कभी खेतो में भी cc tv कैमरे लगाकर तो देखो

    • वाह भाई वाह, बहुत खूब कहा आपने और बहुत सही कहा

      बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद् आपके इस सन्देश के लिए

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