MahaLabharthi Portal Online Registration 2024 / Login at | Apply for Maharashtra Govt. Schemes

Mahalabharthi Portal online registration 2024 / login at by Maharashtra govt. for all govt. schemes information, register online at Mahalabharthi Portal to get personalized scheme information
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Mahalabharthi Portal Online Registration 2024 / Login: MahaLabharthi portal is a new online portal at launched by the state government of Maharashtra to provide information about all the Maharashtra government schemes. At the MahaLabharthi portal, the citizens of the state can register themselves and receive personalized information about various schemes of state government.

The MahaLabharthi portal will provide personalized information about the schemes such as eligibility, scheme benefits, contact authority, application form and other necessary details. For this, the citizens would be required to provide their contact details, profession and income details among others at the portal.

The registration for Mahalabharthi can be done through both online and offline modes. Online registrations can be done through the Mahalabharthi portal at Offline registration can be done at MKCL MS-CIT Help Centers across the state with by paying a maximum registration fee of Rs. 70. Below is the detailed procedure to register online and offline for MahaLabharthi Yojana benefits.

MahaLabharthi Portal Online Registration 2024 at

Below is the step by step procedure to register online at

STEP 1: Visit the official MahaLabharthi Portal at

STEP 2: By Default, it will open in Marathi Language, you can change the language by selecting English from the top center of every page.

STEP 3: After English is selected, click the “CITIZEN LOGIN” button or “नागरिकांचे लॉगीन” in Marathi.

STEP 4: If you are not already registered, on the next page click on “REGISTER” button or “नोंदणी करा” in Marathi.

STEP 5: After clicking the registration button, a registration form will open similar to below.

Mahalabharthi Online Registration
Mahalabharthi Online Registration

STEP 6: Fill the correct mobile number and click the “Send OTP” button, a 6 digit One Time Password will be sent to your mobile number which you will need to enter to verify your mobile number.

STEP 7: After verifying the mobile number, fill all other required details and click the “Register” button.

STEP 8: You will be provided a username and password which can be used to login and fill more details about yourself and get personalized information about Maharashtra Government Schemes.

MahaLabharthi Yojana Application Form PDF

The offline registrations for the Mahalabharthi can be done by filling and submitting the prescribed Mahalabharthi application form to any of the registered MKCL MS-CIT Help Centers. The PDF form of Mahalabharthi Yojana application form can be filled after downloading it from the official website and then is to be submitted at MKCL MS-CIT centres.

List of MKCL MS-CIT Centers – The list of MKCL MS-CIT centers for Mahalabharthi registration can be checked at the below link

More information about the Mahalabharthi Yojana application / registration procedure, please visit the Mahalabharthi portal at

The current status of the Mahalabharthi website is “Technical Upgradation in Progress, Website will be available soon.” Till the website is functional, access the Aaple Sarkar Portal at

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