Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2024 – Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana Details

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme or Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana, free treatment upto Rs. 50,000 in any govt. or private hospitals to save the life of accident victims
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Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme or Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana 2024 has been launched by the state government. Under this scheme, the state govt. will provide free treatment upto Rs. 50,000 to all the road accident victims in the first 48 hours of reaching the hospital. This scheme will be applicable for all people whether resident of Gujarat or an outsider meeting road accidents in the state. Victims will be able to get admitted for treatment in any of the government or private hospital in the state.

This scheme is a major step of the state govt. to reduce the number of deaths due to accidents. Providing timely and best available treatment to the victims during the golden hour after accident will minimize the loss of life of people. The intention of the state govt. is clearly to help people facing road accidents anywhere in Gujarat.

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2024

The important features and highlights of this Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme are as follows:-

  • Any victim of road accidents can avail free treatment in any govt. or private hospitals in the state.
  • All the expenses upto Rs. 50,000 of each of the accident victims in the first 48 hours in any hospital will be reimbursed by the state govt. under Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana.
  • Along with Gujarat residents, people from other states and even from other countries facing accidents in Gujarat are also applicable for this scheme. Even there is no income criteria attached with this scheme.
  • The primary objective of Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme is to provide timely and best quality treatment to the victims in order to reduce the life risk as first 48 hours are crucial for accident victims.
  • Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme or Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana will also change the intention of people to shift victims immediately in a govt. hospital which sometimes does not have the quality treatment facilities. Now, people can admit such victims directly into the nearby hospital (either private or govt.) with specialist doctors and other required facilities without caring about expenses.
  • Ambulance Operators will also be given directions to admit road accident victims in the best hospitals near the location of the place where accident took place.
  • Private hospitals will not charge upto Rs. 50,000 money for the first 48 hours from the accident victims instead they will get this amount reimbursed from the state govt.

Gujarat govt. has started implementing this Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana. In Gujarat, around 29,300 accidents take place every year out of which around 6,400 results in death of patients. Providing best possible treatment in a timely manner will help in saving many lives. For this reason, govt. will provide instructions to the private hospitals to start giving free treatment and submit their bills with the officials for reimbursement.

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  1. i m rakesh, my road accident at 12/5/18
    near godhara nation highway so i m in hospital, and my laft hand is frecher, so around 45000 to 50000, bill soon, my opration is done, so pls help me why this benifit take me, 9909986699

  2. My name kalpesh goswami my road accidant at 21/06/2018 near rancharda shilaj road and my face frecher so around 200000 to 250000 bil soon, my opration is done,so plss help me why this benifit take me ,9825748347
    my father number ,7874570086

  3. My father accident done and need rs. 35000 for operation
    How to claim for a road accident compensation scheme declared by government
    Please contact urgently Dipak Parmar 9913277441

  4. Goverment has only declared but not given any notice to any private hospitals so that this is only sceme started in talking and on scocial media no written evidence if it is currently applicable to all hospital, govt. should give written order to each private hospital of major cities of state via health system..i want to talk with health commisnor regarding this if they put office number on website. waiting for reply..

  5. My Elder brother met an accident bcoz of animals suddenly ran towards his motorcycle and felt down and seriously injured in his right leg near sugarfactory N H No 8 valsad on 30/8/18 evening and emergency surgery done on 01/09/2018 doctor told surgery expenses is nearly Rs. 250000/ so as per the scheme he is entitled to reimburse Rs. 50000/ pls inform me on-9429784139 or 8488917910

  6. Today is 29th of September 2018, is this accident scheme is still running or its close down, if anybody knows plz reply as soon as earlier. I need your help so. Plz plz

  7. My cousin Mr rajnikant Patel eccident in Surat on date of 6 Feb 2019.and we have admited in BAPS Hospital adajan Surat, we told to hospital staff about Gujarat road accident victim scheme,but here’s staff’s behavior Shawn very bad,and told us that it is not valid scheme in our hospital,we have questioned about scheme,

    BAPS adajan hospital not good for any type of government health approved scheme.

  8. I was travelling with my family including my mother in law by private bus from Navsari to Morbi on 8th March ,2019 and held with an accident at 2 am midnight at near by Dhodka. My mother in law was injured and take her to near by hospital “Shree Kalikund Parshwanath General Hospital ” at Dhodka by 108 ambulance.

    As I know that the Gujarat govt has introduced new scheme of “Take Immediate treatment of any accident in any hospital and no need to pay upto Rs.50000/-“. After completing all treatments and at time of payment, I have requested to give benefit of govt scheme, they upfrontly denied and said that there is no such gujarat govt scheme. We were not able to get benefit of the scheme.

    Please help me to get my money back from hospital.

    Please help me to send this mail to concern person or dept

  9. Dear sir

    My big brother 3 day ago road accident and 108 call and transfer to civil but no services provide because no any instrument of medical related.and I am.poor man .and sir transfer to private hospital move.becuse loy bhliding and so suggest private but lot up money plz how apply this scheme
    . Plz as ap urgent base reply mi

  10. My son expired in road accident on 12 Sept 19 at zoydus hospital Ahmedabad. Zoydus hospital charged 44000 bill for two hours treatment. How could I reimburse please reply

  11. Sarkar Sri mari name yunush bhai karim bhai malek che hu sayajipura Ajwa Road Vadodara ma rahu chu maru Accident tha u che mane 1sarkari manse kidhu che ke aapni sarkar accident mate 1 yojna che mane khabar nathi kevi rite karvi a mate me khub prayatno kariya che pan kai tha u nathi hu 1kalo chu saheb ghar ma kamavawado hu pachla 3 mahina thi ghar ma chu saheb mara jamna pag ma sadiya nakhiya che kai kam nathi kari sakto saheb hu colour nu kam karu chu pan nathi kari sakva ma asamarth chu saheb koi shahay madti hoi to madad karjo saheb

  12. Dear sir please send me data sannd may ancal roads accident today 60000 rup claim to data shering please send me 9824648996 call argent


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