Gujarat Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana (DSY) 2024 | Dudh Sanjivani Project to Tackle Malnourishment

Gujarat Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana (DSY) 2024 is a flavoured milk distribution scheme, Dudh Sanjivani project to tackle malnourishment in primary school going tribal students, check details here
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Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana (DSY) 2024 is an initiative of state Government of Gujarat to tackle malnourishment. CM Vijay Rupani had launched this Dudh Sanjivani Scheme in Gujarat in the financial year 2016-17. This scheme aims to improve health of children in tribal talukas. In this article, we will describe the complete details of the Doodh Sanjeevani Yojna in Gujarat state.

Doodh Sanjivani Yojana in Gujarat Budget 2023-24

Finance Minister presented Gujarat Budget 2023-24 on 24 February 2023. FM said ” A provision of Rs. 144 crore for providing special nutrition to approximately 8 lakh children in total 52 tribal talukas under Doodh Sanjivani Yojana. A provision of Rs. 126 crore to provide pasteurized flavored
milk to approximately 13 lakh children, pregnant and lactating mothers in tribal and developing talukas under Dudh Sanjivani Yojana”.

Doodh Sanjivani Yojana Gujarat Budget 2023-24
Doodh Sanjivani Yojana Gujarat Budget 2023-24

Gujarat Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana 2024

Doodh Sanjeevani Yojna in Gujarat aims to improve and enrich the level of nutrition of primary school going tribal students. Now we will describe the scheme in detail:-

Inception of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojna

2006-07 (Implemented for 48,109 tribal students in 299 primary schools and 26 Ashram schools of Danta and Amirgadh Talukas in Banaskantha district)

Partner / Geographical Footprints

District level co-operative dairies are the partners in Doodh Sanjeevani Scheme. This initiative finds its geographical footprints in around 26 talukas.

Eligibility Criteria / Intended Beneficiaries of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana

Schedule Tribe (ST) students of primary schools and Ashramshalas are the intended beneficiaries of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana. Moreover, these students are only eligible to get benefits of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojna.

Benefits under Dudh Sanjivani Yojana

The students get 200 ml of fortified milk with added 3% fat, 24 gm. carbohydrate, protein 7 gm., vitamin A 500 I.U., vitamin D 40 I.U. milk in school every day.

Key Achievements of Dudh Sanjivani Scheme

This scheme has successfully solved the problem of malnutrition in children. In the year 2019-20, a total of 7,68,465 children from 8958 schools of 52 talukas of 14 districts have been given benefits under this scheme.

Background of Doodh Sanjeevani Yojna (Update As on 12 July 2016)

Doodh Sanjeevani Yojana was launched and implemented to improve the nutrition level in children in tribal areas of central and eastern Gujarat. But the scheme has been extended to other developing talukas in order to improve health of children there. Under the Yojana, the primary school children in Gujarat are getting flavoured milk with their midday meal. The students are given a pouch containing 200ml of flavoured milk along with the mid day meal for the five days a week. DSY has been successful in improving the nutrition level in children in the districts already getting benefits of the scheme.

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