AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme 2024 Payment Status, Input Subsidy List

Check AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme 2024 Payment Status, Input Subsidy list of beneficiary farmers, Jagananna Yantra Seva launched to provide agricultural machinery / farm tools on rent through custom hiring centres (CHCs) to farmers, installment released
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AP YSR Yantra Seva Payment Status, AP Input Subsidy List: Andhra Pradesh government has released the assistance amount under AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme on 15 February 2022. CM credited a total amount of Rs. 571 crore to the bank accounts of 5.97 lakh beneficiary farmers and 1,220 farmer groups. Under YSR Yantra Seva Scheme, input subsidy is provided to farmers who suffered crop losses. In this article, we will tell you about the details of AP YSR Yantra Seva Padhakam Scheme including how to check AP YSR Yantra Seva Payment Status, input subsidy scheme beneficiary list among others.

CM stated that “In the past, farmers in Andhra Pradesh were so burdened that they would end their lives. Now, the state has flourished into an example of farmer welfare, so much so that other states are replicating our farmers’ welfare schemes.

AP YSR Yantra Seva Scheme Latest Update

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has unveiled Dr YSR Yantra Seva Scheme in Guntur city on 07 June 2022. CM flagged off the tractors and harvesters and handed these to the farmers groups under the name of Dr YSR Yantra Seva Centres which are also called custom hiring centres located at the Ryot Bharosa Kendras. The farmers could hire these tractors and harvesters from these centres at nominal cost. The Chief Minister flagged off 3,800 tractors, 320 combined harvesters and 1140 other farm implements. At the same time, 5,260 farmers groups are given a subsidy of Rs. 175.61 crore which are directly deposited into their accounts.

Till date, the state govt. has distributed tractors, combined harvesters and other farm implements worth Rs. 691 crore to 6,781 RBK and 391 cluster level community hiring centres. The YSR Yantra Seva Scheme is aimed at providing the modern machinery to the farmers at a nominal rent to make agriculture profitable. The government is establishing 10,750 YSR Yantra Seva centres across the State at a cost of Rs. 2,106 crore with the machines each costing Rs. 15 lakh.

The government is also setting up 1,615 similar centres with combined harvesters each costing Rs. 25 lakh in 20 districts which cultivate paddy. These centres are run by farmers groups which are given 40% subsidy in the cost of these machines. The APCOB and the DCCBs are providing the 50% loan amount at reduced interest. The AP state government allocated Rs. 808 crore as subsidy.

AP Govt Input Subsidy November 2021 Update

CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched the Input Subsidy Cash Deposit Program in accounts of farmers who lost their crops in November 2021 due to heavy rains and floods. Around Rs. 542.06 crore deposited in bank accounts of 5,97,311 farmers and Rs. 29.51 crore deposited in 1,220 farmer group accounts. Thus a total of Rs. 571. 57 crore have been disbursed as input subsidy under AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme.

The Chief Minister had made it clear that input subsidy should be provided to the farmers who suffered crop loss in the same season, so that they can invest the same for the subsequent season and recoup losses to some extent. For those farmers, who suffered from seeds not germinating due to heavy rains, 1.21 lakh quintals of seeds were provided immediately after heavy rains at 80% subsidy. Since Jagan became the Chief Minister, 19.93 lakh farmers have been provided Rs. 1,612.62 crore as input subsidy. 

In the TDP regime, input subsidy for Kharif 2014 was paid in November 2015. No input subsidy was paid for crop loss in Kharif 2018, said a government release. In the YSRC regime, it is a completely different picture. For the losses suffered till March 2020, 1.56 lakh farmers were paid Rs 123.70 crore in April 2020 and for the losses suffered from April to October due to rains, 3.71 lakh farmers were paid Rs. 278.87 crore. For Nivar cyclone crop loss in November 2020, 8.35 lakh farmers were provided Rs 645.99 crore input subsidy in December. 

YSR Yantra Seva Input Subsidy Amount Released 2022
YSR Yantra Seva Input Subsidy Amount Released 2022

What is AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme 2024

The AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme is designed to help farmers with limited means to overcome the shortage of farming machinery. Under AP Yantra Seva Scheme, govt. will provide necessary machinery and tools on a rental basis through community hiring centres (CHCs) to farmers. As many as 10,750 CHCs have been established for this purpose at a cost of Rs. 2,134 crore.

Jagan stated that 1,035 cluster level CHCs would be set up with harvesters, at the rate of five units in each mandal of East and West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur districts, where paddy cultivation was extensive. The Chief Minister said the government had been implementing welfare schemes despite financial difficulties and brought several changes in the last 32 months where agricultural advisory boards were set up, and providing agricultural schemes through e-cropping registration.

Installment under AP YSR Yantra Seva Scheme

On 15 February 2022, CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy deposited Rs. 29.51 crore in the accounts of 1,220 farmers groups and Rs. 542.06 crore in accounts of 5.97 lakh farmers under AP YSR Yantra Seva Scheme. Each YSR Yantra Seva Kendra is community hiring centres of farm mechanisation and under the scheme 1,220 farmer groups are provided with Rs. 29.51 crore. 

The Chief Minister said the government had taken the responsibility of clearing the pending arrears of the previous government which were about Rs. 10,000 crore. He said besides these, to support farmers in every step, Market Intervention Fund, CMAPP, Custom Hiring Centres, RBKs, e-cropping and Agriculture Advisory Boards were set up. Although the Centre was providing MSP to only 17 crops, additionally the state government was providing MSP to another seven crops, he said.

Jagan stated that in the last 32 months, Rs 18,000 crore was spent on providing quality power for nine hours during the day benefiting almost 20 lakh farmers. He said the government was also taking steps in providing quality fertilisers and pesticides through RBKs and providing input subsidies to the farmers for the crops within the same season.

Official Website of YSR Yantra Seva Padhakam Scheme

The official website of AP YSR Yantra Seva Pathakam Scheme is https://www.apagrisnet.gov.in/

Check AP Input Subsidy 2024 Payment Status

Here is the direct link to check AP Input Subsidy Payment Status – https://ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in/INSSTATUS/RB/inputsubsidystatus

All the candidates can enter their aadhaar number or registered mobile number to track AP Input Subsidy Payment Status.

AP Input Subsidy 2024 List of Beneficiaries

To check AP Input Subsidy 2024 List of beneficiaries, click the link – https://karshak.ap.gov.in/ekarshak/distWise_InputSubsidy.jsp

In input subsidy and crop insurance abstract report, you can select the name of district, mandal, village and drill it to the beneficiary level.

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