AP Seva Portal 2.0 Website Launched by CM Jagan for Better Delivery of Citizen Services

AP Seva Portal 2.0 for better delivery of citizen services launched by CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, track status of application online, check list of services at Citizen Services Portal 2.0
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Andhra Pradesh government has launched AP Seva Portal 2.0 website for better delivery mechanism. CM YS Jagan Mohan Redddy started this integrated AP Seva portal as a volunteer system to take governance to the doorstep of the people. In this article, we will tell you about this new initiative of the AP state govt. to ensure people can get benefits of services easily even while sitting at their home.

About AP Seva Portal 2.0

Chief Minister YS Jagan on 27 January 2022 launched AP Seva which is an improved citizen services portal for an improved delivery mechanism. It is an integrated digital platform for all services from the village secretariat to the state secretariat and intended for better inter-departmental coordination.

Launch of AP Seva Portal 2.0 Website

While launching the AP Seva Portal 2.0, CM mentioned that the initiative will take the governance much closer to the people. Accordingly, people living in remote villages would be able to avail citizen services right from their doorstep without running from pillar to post. CM asserted that this is being done in a true spirit of Gram Swaraj.

AP Seva Portal 2.0 to Offer More Citizen Services

The new AP Seva Portal 2.0 will offer the following services:-

  • 30 services of revenue and land
  • 25 services of municipal administration
  • 6 services of civil supplies department
  • 3 services of rural development department
  • 53 services of energy department

About four lakh volunteers and staff are part of the delivery mechanism and offering over 540 services directly to the people. Since January 26, 2020, as many as 3.46 crore government services have been provided to the public through village/ward secretariats. The State government launched AP Seva system to take governance to the doorstep of the people.

Track Status of Application at AP Seva Portal

With the launch of the improved AP Seva Portal 2.0, people can know the details of their application at every step and they will receive SMS alerts related to the service sought. All the applications can be approved online and officials can also issue certificates and documents online. The portal is also enabled with payment gateways to access paid services. The people can avail the services from any secretariat across the state, CM explained.

“This will not only ensure transparency and accountability but also see that there is no scope for any corruption at any level. On one hand people will know the status of their applications, reason for delay if any and at the same time senior officials will be able to keep track of what is happening at the lower level so that they can respond swiftly in case anything is out of line,” CM said.

Source / Reference Link: https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra-pradesh/2022/jan/28/jagan-launches-integrated-ap-seva-portal-for-better-delivery-mechanism-2412209.html

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  1. ap sevaportal not working till the date there is no use to your aim so please provide in working condition for our peoples

  2. in every gov. office should take application and give them to suitable receipts, and follow the citizen chart, if problem is not solved according to the citizen chart, the officials should intimate authorized reason for that. due to that if you are not intimate the applicant will blame to the government and sincere officials, and also enter and entertained the brokers and corruption will started. ever officers and leaders to know where the corruption is started, when problem was not solved in time according to your citizen chart . I hope that wen AP SEVAPORTAL WEBSITE SINCIERLY working condition they may be prevent corruption, increase the responsibility of officials, to know the problem of citizen, officers, or any reasons THANKING YOU SIR


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