Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme 2024 – 50% Subsidy for Purchase of Cattle

Telangana government approved Buffalo Distribution Scheme 2024 to provide cattle at Rs. 40,000 to farmers, dairy farmers to get 2 lakh buffaloes at 50% subsidy, check details here
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Check Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme 2024 Details: Telangana Govt. has approved the launch of a new Buffalo Distribution Scheme for Dairy Farmers who produces and sell milk. Under this scheme, the state govt. will provide 50% subsidy on the purchase of new buffaloes. The total number of Cattles to be distributed is 2 lakh with a total outlay of Rs. 800 crore. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme.

Now farmers can purchase one buffalo by paying a minimal price of Rs. 40,000. The state govt. will bear the rest amount. The Buffalo Distribution Scheme is next major step after the successful implementation of Rs. 6000 crore Sheep Distribution Scheme. This scheme will boost the farmer’s income who are into the business of milk production. Govt. will soon finalize the implementation guidelines.

Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme – Subsidy & Cost

Here we are giving you the details of the government subsidy and total cost for the purchase of new buffaloes under this scheme:-

  • Subsidy & Number of Buffaloes – CM K Chandrashekhar Rao has now given approval to the new Rs. 800 crore plan of distributing 2 lakh buffaloes to farmers at 50% subsidy.
  • Effective Cost of Cattle After Subsidy – The cost of purchasing a new buffalo is around Rs. 80,000. Out of this total amount, govt. will pay Rs. 40,000 for each buffalo (50% subsidy). So, Farmers will only have to pay Rs. 40,000 for the purchase of new buffaloes.

This Cattle Distribution scheme will benefit around 2 lakh families of the farmers who produces and sells milk for their income. This is a first of its kind initiative in the country.

Eligibility & Application Forms

The state govt. will invite online applications for this new Buffalo Distribution Scheme. The modalities are not yet finalized yet but govt. will soon reveal the eligibility criteria and the complete procedure on How to Apply Online for Cattle Distribution Scheme. This scheme will empower farmers, generate an additional source of income for farmers, increase in farmers income, boost milk production and to provide happiness to the farmers.

Telangana Buffalo Subsidy Scheme for Farmers

The state government of Telangana has announced to provide subsidy for those farmers who are buying buffaloes in the state. As per the notification, the government is planning to frame a comprehensive scheme for the development of dairy sector to start a milk revolution (Ksheera Viplavam) across the state.

According to the notification, government will provide 50 per cent subsidy to the farmer from general categories while SC/ST community farmers will get 75 per cent subsidy for buying a buffalo. The scheme would be implemented through several dairy development societies.

Dairy Development Societies

Below is the list of dairy societies will get top priority under the scheme:-

  • Vijaya Dairy Development Society
  • Mulkanur Dairy Development Society
  • Nalgonda and Rangareddy Districts Dairy Development Societies
  • Karimnagar Dairy Development Societies

State government has also accepted the demand of other dairy farmers to provide Rs. 4 per liter as incentive. Earlier, the demand of incentive was accepted only in the case of Vijaya dairy development society.

The milk production percentage is a very small when compared to the demand of 1 crore litres. All dairy development societies put together across the state are producing around 7 lakh liters. Karnataka state is supplying 6 lakh liters, AP 4 lakh liters and Gujarat 2 lakh liters to the state.

Therefore, State government is planning to frame a comprehensive policy for dairy sector through which milk production in state can be increased and the state won’t rely on supply from other states.

For more details, Download Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme PDF –

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