Uttarakhand Saubhagyawati Yojana 2024 Apply Online Form – Kits for Pregnant Women & Newborn Children

Uttarakhand Saubhagyawati Yojana 2024 apply online process to start soon, fill application form for pregnant ladies / infant kits after official launch, check items in kits for pregnant women & newborn children under Saubhagyawati Scheme
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सौभाग्यवती योजनाUttarakhand government is going to launch Saubhagyawati Yojana 2024 for pregnant women and newborn children. In this scheme, the state govt. will provide food kit and clothes to beneficiary pregnant ladies as well as infants. In this article, we will tell you about the apply online process, application form and complete details of the Saubhagyawati Scheme.

Saubhagyawati Yojana 2024

The state govt. of Uttarakhand led by CM Trivendra Singh Rawat has announced to started Mukhyamantri Saubhagyawati Yojana 2024. In this scheme, 2 separate kits would be made where one would be for pregnant women and the second is for newborn children. The main objective is to ensure proper hygiene and provide nutritious food necessary for their better health. It would reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) as well as Infant Mortality Rate (IMR).

Saubhagyawati Yojana Apply Online Form

Just like other state / central govt. schemes for pregnant women like KCR Kits Scheme, PM Matru Vandana Yojana, the Uttarakhand govt. may invite Saubhagyawati Yojana online application form. The registration forms for this scheme may be invited at a dedicated new portal or the official website of the UK state government. The apply online process would be specified at a later date after the official launch of the Saubhagyawati Scheme.

As soon as the Saubhagyawati Yojana apply process begins, we will update it here. So, stay tuned for further updates and regularly visit this website to get any further information. Till then, check the initial details of the scheme for pregnant women and newborn children.

Eligibility Criteria for Saubhagyawati Scheme

Below is the complete eligibility criteria for Saubhagyawati Scheme in Uttarakhand:-

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Uttarakhand state.
  • She must be pregnant women.
  • Only those pregnant ladies above 18 years of age would be eligible.
  • The family and dependents of all government employees paying Income Tax would not be covered under the project.

Only those candidates fulfilling the above mentioned eligibility criteria would be eligible.

List of Documents Required for Saubhagyawati Scheme in Uttarakhand

Here is the complete list of documents required for Saubhagyawati Scheme in Uttarakhand:-

  1. Identity Card such as Aadhaar Card.
  2. Address Proof such as Ration Card, Voter Card, Driving Licence, Electricity Bill or any other.
  3. Age Proof of Pregnant Lady such as Birth Certificate or 10th Class marksheet.
  4. Recent Passport Size Photographs
  5. Bank Account Details

What’s in the Kit for Pregnant Ladies & Newborn Babies

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat would soon launch this Saubhagyawati Project in Uttarakhand. It is as important as nutritious food, dry fruits, toiletries and clothes which have to be ensured for women and their newborn children. Under the Uttarakhand Saubhagyawati Scheme, 2 separate Kits would be made – one for women and second for newborn babies. The kit would also include clothes according to the weather conditions.

Items in Pregnant Women Kit under Saubhagyawati Yojana

Women and Child Welfare Department has designed this Saubhagyawati Yojana and would be responsible for its successful implementation. For welfare of pregnant women, kits would be provided and the items in the pregnant ladies kits would be:-

250 बादाम गिरी/सुखी खुमानी/अखरोटदो कॉटन गाउन/साड़ी/सूट
एक शॉल गर्म फुल साईज500 ग्राम छुआरा
एक स्कॉर्फ कॉटन/गर्म स्टैंडर्ड साइजदो जोड़े जुराब स्टैंडर्ड साइज
एक तौलिया बड़े साइज कादो पैकेट सैनिटरी नैपकिन (आठ प्रति पैकेट)
दो जोड़े बेड शीट (तकिये के कवर सहित)एक नेल कटर
200 एम.एल हैण्डवाश लिक्विडएक नारियल/तिल/सरसों/चुलू का तेल
दो कपड़े धोने का साबुनदो नहाने का साबुन
Items in Pregnant Ladies Kits under Saubhagyawati Yojana

Items in Newborn Children Kits under Saubhagyawati Yojana

In the kits for newborn children for Saubhagyawati Yojana, following items would be there:-

मौसम के अनुसार सूती या गर्म दो जोड़े शिशु के कपड़े, टोपी और जुराब सहितएक पैकेट (10 पीस) कॉटन डाइपरएक तेल
एक बेबी तौलिया कॉटन सॉफ्टएक पाउडरतीन बेबी साबुन
एक रबर शीटएक समस्त सामग्री पैक करने के लिए सूती बैग शामिल रहेगादो बेबी ब्लैंककेट गर्म अथवा कॉटन (मौसम अनुसार)
Items in Infant Kits under Saubhagyawati Yojana

Upon getting these kits, it would be the responsibility of the mothers to utilize these items for themselves and their kids. This would ensure that both the pregnant women and newborn children stay healthy and hygienic. Health is the most important aspect if a state wants to grow fast as kids are the future of the state.

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