Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme 2024 [AQ / AR / AS Series] – Lucky Draw / Result

Odisha govt's Small Savings Incentive Scheme 2024 (AS / AR / AQ series), coupon to participate in lucky draw, winner to get Rs. 5 lakh cash reward, total of 2438 number of prizes in 7 categories
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Every year, Odisha government launches a new Small Savings Incentive Scheme for the current calendar year 2024. The Odisha Small Saving Incentive Scheme was launched under the notation “AQ” series in the year 2019, “AR” Series in the year 2020 and “AS” Series in the year 2021. A free web-based coupon would be provided to each of the beneficiaries through which people can participate in lucky draw. The result for the AS / AR / AQ series are also going to be updated here on a timely basis.

The winner of the lucky draw to get Rs. 5 lakh cash reward as prize money under Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme. The state govt. has launched this scheme to ensure that people does not fall in trap of unauthorized / fraud companies ensuring high returns. This lucky draw of the Odisha govt. is a safe and secure one which offers guaranteed returns at no risk.

Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme 2024 – AS Series

Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme “AS” series would be launched for the calendar year 2021. Issue of free incentive coupon under the scheme would be started soon. Till then, check the previous AR Series and AQ Series Small Savings Incentive Scheme details.

Odisha AR Series Small Savings Incentive Scheme (Update of Year 2020)

Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme “AR” series has been launched for the calendar year 2020. Issue of free incentive coupon under the scheme has already been started. Here are the highlights of Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme AR Series

  1. Period of the scheme – 01 January 2020 to 31 December 2020
  2. Minimum amount of deposit – Rs. 2,000/- for participation in the scheme
  3. One free incentive coupon is to be issued for deposit of Rs. 2,000/- each
  4. Eligible Small Savings schemes are NSC-VIII issue, KVP, SSA, PPF, SCSS P.O.M.I.S / N.S.M.I.A, P.O.R.D / N.S.R.D.A and 5yr P.O.T.D / 5yr N.S.T.D.A.
  5. Deposits must made in any Post Offices or Banks situated within the State of Odisha only. SCSS deposits made in Banks should be a Govt. of India Small Savings Scheme.
  6. “AR” series web based coupons are available in O/o the Collectors, Sub-Collectors and BDOs.
  7. Last date of issue of coupon is 31 May 2021.
  8. Date of draw is 18 July 2021 at Bhubaneswar.
  9. There are 2428 nos. of prizes in 07 categories.  

Prize Profile of Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme AR Series (Year 2020)

Period of deposit – (01.01.2020 to 31.12.20), Last date for issue of coupon – 31.05.2021, Date of Draw-18.07.2021

Category of PrizeNo. Of PrizesAmount of prize money of each prize (in Rs.)Total amount of prize money (in Rs.)
1st Prize01Rs. 5,00,000/-Rs. 5,00,000/-
2nd Prize01Rs. 3,00,000/-Rs. 3,00,000/-
3rd Prize02Rs. 1,00,000/- eachRs. 2,00,000/-
4th Prize04Rs. 50,000/- eachRs. 2,00,000/-
5th Prize20Rs. 10,000/- eachRs. 2,00,000/-
6th Prize400Rs. 5,000/- eachRs. 20,00,000/-
7th Prize2000Rs. 2,000/-eachRs. 40,00,000/-
Total2428Rs. 74,00,000/-
Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme Prize Money

N.B: Deposit under S.C.S.S made in the Banks must be a Govt. Of India Scheme (Small Savings).

Odisha AQ Series Small Savings Incentive Scheme (Update of Year 2019)

Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme AQ Series was launched on 8 August 2019. The important features and highlights of Small Savings Incentive Scheme in Odisha are as follows:-

  • Any eligible person will have to deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 2,000 in any small savings schemes during calendar year 2019.
  • This amount must be deposited in any Post office or any bank situated within Odisha.
  • All the eligible beneficiaries will get a free web based coupon from the office of collectors, sub-collectors and block development officers.
  • A state level lucky draw of the Small Savings Incentive Scheme would be held on 26 April 2020.
  • People can win cash award as an incentive for their habit of thrift.

Category of Prizes in AQ Series Small Savings Scheme of Odisha

The state govt. will distribute a total number of 2428 number of prizes in 7 categories. The state govt. expects that after the launch of Small Savings Incentive Scheme, people will not run after suspicious non-banking private financial institutions in the greed of high returns. The total prize money amounts to Rs. 74 lakhs. The first prize would be of Rs. 5 lakh. People will now show their faith in the Small Savings Schemes as it is proven to be safe and secure. Results of AQ Series can be checked using the link http://www.assaodisha.nic.in/overlapped_coupon/AQ_Series.pdf

For complete details of Odisha Small Savings Incentive Scheme, visit the link – http://www.assaodisha.nic.in/login

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