Kerala KSFE Laptop Scheme 2024 Application Form / Details – KSFE Vidyashree Scheme

Kerala KSFE Laptop Scheme or KSFE Vidyashree Scheme 2024 application form and details PDF. Know the benefits and salient features of KSFE Laptop Scheme 2024
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Kerala KSFE Laptop Scheme or KSFE Vidyashree Scheme 2024 is a new scheme launched by state government of Kerala to provide laptops to the students belonging to weaker section of the society or the Kudumbashree members. The scheme is launched to ensure online education for students. KSFE Vidyashree Laptop Scheme 2024 by Kerala government is a micro-finance scheme to fund students for purchasing laptops. Under this scheme, govt. will provide laptops worth Rs. 15,000 to poor students at an easy installment of Rs. 500 p.m for 30 months.

The KSFE laptop scheme will help about 2.65 lakh students in the state who lack adequate facilities to access the online educational programme. A majority of these children are likely to be from the homes of Kudumbashree members.

Kerala KSFE Vidyashree Laptop Scheme 2024

KSFE laptop scheme is a part of KSFE (Kerala State Financial Enterprises) Chit Fund Scheme which is already running in the state. After 3 months on payment of Rs. 500 monthly installment, the scheme members will be provided laptops or if they wish, they can withdraw their money from 13th month of the onset of the scheme.

Of the 43 lakh school children in the State, around 2.65 lakh lack adequate facilities to access the online educational programme. A majority of these children are likely to be from the homes of Kudumbashree members. In this context, Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) has proposed a scheme where it can collaborate with Kudumbashree to implement a Microcredit Scheme- KSFE Vidyashree Scheme to support member families to avail Laptops to ensure online education to their children. The investment will be useful as children can continue to use the online educational platform beyond the tenure of COVID 19 pandemic, once the schools start working too.

How to Apply for KSFE Laptop Scheme 2024

KSFE will start a savings scheme of Rs. 15,000 where students can deposit Rs. 500 for 3 months. Students joining the scheme and successfully paying Rs. 500 for 3 months will be given laptops worth by KSFE. The laptops will be procured from the agencies empaneled by KSFE to provide Laptop at a concessional rate. A member who joins the KSFE Laptop Scheme will get Rs. 14,250/- after deducting the commission.

The dully filled KSFE Vidyashree laptop scheme application form (given below) can be submitted at the KSFE branches. The complete list of KSFE branches is available through this link –

Salient Features of the KSFE Vidyashree Scheme

  1. The total scheme amount is Rs. 15000/- which will have to be repaid in 30 months by paying Rs. 500/- per month. A member who joins the scheme will get Rs. 14,250/- after deducting the commission . However there is incentives for NHGs and NHG members for prompt repayment.
  2. Interested members with healthy credit repayment history from any neighbourhood groups that have completed 6months may join the group through their NHGs.
  3. The members who join the Vidyashree scheme to procure laptop will be given Laptop by releasing cost of laptop ( within Rs.14250/-) to the empanelled agencies by KSFE from the third month of onset of the scheme . Others who join the scheme as a means of savings will be able to withdraw their money from 13th month of the onset of the scheme.
  4. IT Department will negotiate and empanel the agencies to provide Laptop at a concessional rate .
  5. The interest portion this Micro Credit Program will be jointly borne by Government of Kerala and KSFE .

How to avail the KSFE Laptop Scheme amount for those who need a laptop

The amount required for the purchase of a laptop out of the deposit of Rs. 14250/- will be made available in advance to the requesting members. The amount after purchasing the laptop in the plan amount will be given to the respective children (members of the chit) at the end of the plan. (Example:- If the laptop provided by the company being empaneled by the State IT Department is Rs. 12900/-, the remaining amount of Rs. 1350/- plus interest will be paid at the end of the plan).

Benefits of Regular Repayment

Members who pay regularly (EMls) without interruption will get discounts on installments. That is, the tenth installment will be exempted for those who pay 1 to 9 without interruption and the twentieth for those who pay from 1 to 19 without interruption. In addition, for those who pay the installment amount of 1 to 30 on time, and for those who wish to join a similar scheme which will be started anew, the first installment will be Rs. 500/-.

Minimum amount available to members after commission: Rs. 15000/ – with a down payment of Rs. 500 / – ending in 30 months (total outlay). Out of this Rs.750 / – will be paid as commission and Rs.14250 / – will be paid by the members joining the scheme.

KSFE Laptop Scheme Application Form

KSFE Laptop scheme application form PDF – Preview

KSFE Vidyashree Laptop Scheme Application Form
KSFE Vidyashree Laptop Scheme Application Form

The application form of KSFE Vidyashree scheme or KSFE laptop scheme can be downloaded in the PDF format using the link below.

Download KSFE Laptop Scheme Application Form:

The state govt. will bear 5% of the loan interest, the KSFE will bear 4% under the scheme. The government will try to provide subsidies from various departments, govt. agencies and social organizations for the students procuring laptop through the scheme. The Finance Minister of Kerala has announced to start new initiatives to promote online education learning. These initiatives are as follows:-

  • KSFE to Fund Kudumbashree to Microfinance Students to Purchase of Laptops – The laptops worth Rs. 15,000 would be purchased from companies empaneled by IT department. Loanees should repay in 30 installments of Rs 500 per month. After 3 months into the scheme, KSFE will release Rs. 14,250 (After deduction of commission) to the empaneled agencies for laptop procurement. Those who repay installments on time, KSFE would pay their last three installments.
  • KSFE Chit Fund Scheme for Kudumbashree Workers – Around 40 lakh Kudumbashree workers can join chit fund scheme in KSFE. After 3 months by paying Rs. 500 monthly installment, these workers will be provided laptops. The payment for laptops can be made in installments for 30 months. Members who don’t need laptop can join it too and they will be given money. KSFE would also remit the last 3 installments for those making the payment without default. No security would be needed to be furnished for getting the laptop.
  • Setting of online study centres – To setup online study classes, KSFE will fund local bodies 75% of expenses and remaining has to be borne by the local bodies itself. These local bodies will purchase items such as TV, local bodies and should submit utility certificate to KSFE. Once local bodies identify a public place for setting up the online study facility and identify beneficiary students, KSFE would issue the cheque in two or three days. Apart from local bodies, other agencies are also free to set up such common facility centres.

KSFE branches and local bodies will be implementing the scheme and television will also be installed in public spaces for students to watch and learn. In view of the COVID-19 situation, he added that there’s a need for all students to have laptops. The Kerala government will be launching the scheme that will be implemented by KSFE.

KSFE Vidyashree Laptop Scheme PDF

Below are the links of important PDF files of KSFE Vidyashree laptop scheme which contains the detailed information about the scheme.

  1. Government Order – Click here
  2. KSFE Circular – Click here
  3. List of KSFE Branches – Click here
  4. KSFE Vidyashree Application Form – Click here
  5. Kudumbashree Circular on KSFE Vidyashree Scheme – Click here
  6. KSFE Vidyashree Scheme FAQ’s – Click Here

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