Gujarat Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana 2024: Seeds & Fertilisers at Subsidy to Tribal Farmers

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Gujarat government has started implementation of Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana 2024 for the welfare of tribal farmers. Under this Krushi Vaividhyakaran Yojana 2022-23, the state govt. will provide seeds and fertilizers at highly subsidised rates to around 1.23 lakh tribal farmers. The Agricultural Diversification Project has already been in force for the past 1 decade and is meant to double the income of tribal farmers.

It seems that the state govt. has started the implementation of Krishi Vaividhyakaran Yojna for this year to lure the tribal farmers as the assembly elections are inching closer. The opposition parties have termed this agriculture diversification scheme as a pre-poll gimmick. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of the Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana.

Gujarat Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana 2024

Under Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana 2024, Gujarat govt. will distribute kits containing seeds and fertilizers. The estimated cost of one kit is Rs. 3,240 but the beneficiaries are charged Rs. 250 only. On 24 May 2022, the state government of Gujarat began distributing kits containing fertilisers and seeds to tribal farmers. This year’s 1.23 lakh is the highest number of tribal beneficiaries targeted under this scheme during the last seven years. CM Bhupendrabhai Patel held a video conference with officials and beneficiaries from 14 districts that have sizeable tribal population.

CM spoke to beneficiaries about the Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana that was first implemented in the year 2012-13 with over 2.1 lakh beneficiaries.

Launch of Krushi Vaividhyakaran Yojana

In order to ensure that the income of tribals increase from agriculture and to see that there is diversification, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had started Krushi Vaividhyakaran Yojana during his tenure as the chief minister of the state. About 1.23 lakh tribals farmers living in the belt between Ambaji (in North) to Umargoan (in South) will get the benefit of this agriculture diversification scheme this year.

Kits under Gujarat Agriculture Diversification Scheme

In his virtual address, Chief Minister on 24 May 2022 said organic fertilisers are also being given out under Krushi Vaividyakaran scheme since last year. Under this scheme, a tribal beneficiary will be given the following items:-

  • High-yielding seeds for vegetables or maize
  • A bag of DAP (Diammonium phosphate)
  • One bag of organic fertilisers

The estimated cost of each kit under Krushi Vaividhyakaran Yojana is Rs. 3240 while it the cost of kit to the beneficiary is only Rs. 250. The seeds given under this scheme in the past few years were for maize, brinjal, tomato, okra, bitter gourd and bottle gourd. The fertilisers included Urea, NPK and organic fertiliser.

Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana Apply Online

Krushi Vaividhyakaran Yojana is an ongoing scheme which is continuously running for the past few years. This time the state govt. has developed an online portal for accepting applications under Krushi Vaividyakaran Yojana. Until last year, govt. used to take manual applications.

This year, the target of Agriculture Diversification Scheme is 1.23 lakh tribal farmers. Until 23 May 2022 evening, the govt. has already approved 76,000 applications and for them, the kit distribution started on 24 May 2022.

As Dang has been declared a 100 percent “natural farming” district, only organic fertilisers will be distributed among the beneficiaries. Apart from the distribution of kits, the tribal beneficiaries will be trained for higher crop production.

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