[Apply] Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2024 Online Registration Form

Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2024 Online Registration / Application Form, apply for self employment opportunities in urban mobility, registered vehicles to get permit, tax exemption
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Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme Apply Online Form: Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa has launched a new Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2024. This Karnataka govt. scheme aims to enhance easy of living and to create self employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in urban mobility. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Electric Bike Taxi Yojana.

What is Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2024

The main objective of the Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2024 is to reduce the travel time and inconvenience faced by the public, travelling from their homes to bus stands, railway and metro services, especially Bengaluru. ”Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme 2024 will serve as a bridge between public transport and daily travellers.

Benefits of Karnataka Electric Bike Taxi Scheme

CM mentioned that the new Electric Bike Taxi Scheme aims to boost the creation of self-employment, eco- friendly environment, fuel conservation, strengthen public transport and encourage establishment of related industries. The new scheme will give an opportunity for individuals, partnership firms and companies to participate.

Vehicles Registration in Electric Bike Taxi Scheme

The vehicles registered under Electric Bike Taxi Scheme in Karnataka will come under transport category. For this purpose, each vehicle owner will have to apply by filling Vehicle Registration Application Form. After registration process is complete, govt. will provide several exemptions like permit, tax. Also financial benefits will be given for the electric vehicles manufacturers.

Under the new policy for electric bikes, organisations or individuals will be able to register their e-bikes as taxis. However, the bikes will have to clearly mention the words “bike taxi” in order to receive the status of e-bike taxi. Additionally, the e-bike taxi companies will have to provide insurance coverage for the rider and the owner.

Impact of e-Bike Taxi Scheme in Karnataka

Karnataka government’s decision to let e2W register as a commercial bike taxi has been welcomed by the stakeholders. This is a long-awaited step in the right direction and will help people utilize their well-earned assets to earn a livelihood. Owing to the successful pilot of EVs in Delhi, this latest development will further help us amplifying up EV services, with the right EV partner, in Bangalore as well.

Most of the Bengaluru citizens currently own a fuel-based two-wheeler, which can help us solve the challenges of traffic congestion and the impact on income due to the pandemic. Stakeholders are in talks with the state government to consider bikes as a taxi service and hope to see a similar development on this front as well. Rapido already has the infrastructure and demand from users that could be leveraged towards the cause. Stakeholders are optimistic regarding bike taxi legality becoming a reality soon.

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