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Gujarat Bhulekh Naksha (7 12) available at, check land records map online, make e-dhara web bhulekh login to access land record information system गुजरात भूलेख नक्शा - अपनी ज़मीन का भूमि रिकॉर्ड देखें पर
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Revenue department of Gujarat govt. is providing facility to check land details online at Now people can find Gujarat land records map online and get bhulekh naksha of their land in Gujarat. Now people can make web bhulekh login at the official anyror Gujarat website or e-dhara web bhulekh website. People will not have to wait in queues for their Gujarat Bhulekh 7/12 land records and can easily access Gujarat land records information system.

Now people can check the online details of Khasra, Khatauni number, duplicate copy of Khatauni and land records map online. The state govt. has started a new “Any ROR @ Anywhere” portal to provide easy access to Gujarat land records information system and to get Bhulekh Naksha. Gujarat Bhulekh 7/12 (Satbara) Utara 2024 is now available from the land register which also ease down the process of finding land records easier.

Bhulekh Naksha – Land Records Map @ Anyror Gujarat Portal

Gujarat Bhulekh Naksha can be checked at the official website at At this official website, the following links (as mentioned in the services section below) will remain available. People can click these links to get their land records map online.

Gujarat Land Records Map Online Services

People can now view land records of rural areas, urban areas and revenue case data at the official website. Moreover, people can avail following land records map online services at the official website:-

  • View Land Record – Rural – People can avail facility of old scanned VF6 entry details (જૂના સ્કેન કરેલ હક પત્રક ગા.ન.૬ ની વિગતો), VF7 survey no. details (ગા.ન.૭ ની વિગતો), VF8A khata details (ગા.ન.૮અ ની વિગતો), VF6 entry details (હક પત્રક ગા.ન.૬ ની વિગતો), 135 D notice for mutation (હક પત્રક ફેરફાર ૧૩૫ ડી નોટીસ), new survey no from old for promulgated village (પ્રમોલગેશન પુર્ણ થયેલ ગામ માટે જુના સરવે નંબર પરથી નવો સરવે નંબર), entry list by month-year (વર્ષ અને મહિના મુજબ નોંધોની વિગત), integrated survey no details (સરવે નંબરને લગતી સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી), court case details (જમીન રેકર્ડ ને લગતા કેસની વિગત), now khata by owner name (ખાતેદારના નામ પરથી ખાતુ જાણવા).
  • View Land Record – Urban – Survey no. details (સરવે નંબરની વિગતો), nondh no. details (નોંધ નંબરની વિગત), 135 D notice details (૧૩૫ડી નોટિસની વિગત), know survey no. by owner name (ધારણકર્તાના નામ પરથી સરવે નંબર જાણવા), entry list by moth-year (વર્ષ અને મહિના મુજબ નોંધોની વિગત).

What is Gujarat Bhulekh 7/12 (Satbara) Utara 2024

The 7/12 is an extract from the land register which is maintained by Gujarat & Maharashtra in India. The important features of Gujarat Bhulekh 7/12 are as follows:-

  • 7/12 extract provides info. on survey number of land, name of land owner, cultivator, area of land, type of cultivation (irrigated or rain fed) and crops planted in last cultivating season.
  • Gujbhulekh also keeps a track record of the loan extended to land owner given by govt. agencies. This includes the details like loans or subsidies for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilizers for which loan was given, loans given to owner or cultivator.
  • Gujarat land records document provides evidence of ownership of land it represents. In rural areas, people can establish ownership of particular plot of loan on the basis of 7/12 extract as it is “Record of Land Rights”.

Gujarat Bhulekh 7/12 name originates from Bombay Land Requisition Act 1948 (Point 7 – Continuance of requisition and Point 12 – Power to obtain information).

Gujarat Land Records Information System Benefits

The online land records information system in Gujarat has the following benefits:-

  1. GLRIS helps to create an e-governance environment in rural areas.
  2. Farmers and land holders can get computerized copies of Records of Rights (ROR) at payment of nominal fee.
  3. For mutation request process, workflow has been established.
  4. Apart from talathi, a new source of revenue records has been created which ensures greater transparency and minimized tampering of land records.
  5. GLRIS has helped in land-related litigation cases and MIS data could be used in land reforms and future planning.

Land records information system has reduced the efforts of other stakeholders to validate and use land records. This has made the administration process easy of other land related department like acquisition, grant etc.

e-dhara Web Bhulekh Gujarat

e-dhara Web Bhulekh in the state of Gujarat enable access and maintenance of village land records in an easy, transparent and secure manner. The main objective is to convert physical village land records into electronic records. Gujarat e-dhara web bhulekh will automate maintenance and updation of village land records in a secure manner. For e-dhara web bhulekh details, click the link given below:-

e-Dhara Kendras (e-DKs) have been setup at Taluka Mamlatdar offices to provide access and to update land records in a scalable manner. Day to day activities of land records such as mutations and issue of Record of Rights (RoR) is being implemented. Even farmers can get RoR copies from the village panchayat itself.

Gujarat Web Bhulekh Login

BhuLekh software in Gujarat has good Land Records Management Information System (MIS) capabilities. The data can be queried for the following purposes:-

Mutation ApplicationEntry StatusTenure Statistics
Land Use StatisticsLand type statisticsTenant details
Crop detailsIrrigation detailsAgriculture Census
Gujarat Web Bhulekh Login

Web Bhulekh login is also searchable by Khatedar name, khata number, survey number, farm name and so on. First In First Out (FIFO) has also been introduced on different stages of mutation within Bhulekh Software for better performance. For more details, visit the official website at

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