Gujarat Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2024 (Vidhva Sahay Yojna) Pension Amount / Income Eligibility

Gujarat govt. raised Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2024 (Vidhva Sahay Yojna) Pension Amount & Income Eligibility norms, Rs. 1250 p.m to widow (vidhwa) beneficiaries
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Gujarat govt. has launched Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2024 to provide pension to widows. The state govt. has changed the name of previously running Vidhva Sahay Yojna to Ganga Swaroop Beheno Ne Sahayata Yojana. This widow pension scheme initiative is an effort to show sensitivity and transparency of the Gujarat government. In the Gujarat Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2024, each vidhwa beneficiary will get Rs. 1250 per month as pension. Now check the pension amount and income eligibility criteria norms for widow pension beneficiaries.

Chief Minister has launched the Central Government’s National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) Portal. This new portal will facilitate Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of monthly pension directly to 3.70-lakh widows, elderly and disabled women in 33 districts in the state.

The pension amount of Rs. 1250 p.m will be deposited in the bank accounts of widow beneficiaries in first week of every month.

Gujarat Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2024

The state govt. has started providing pension amount of Rs. 1250 per month under Gujarat Ganga Swarupa Yojana 2024. Gujarat CM has also started NSAP portal to facilitate DBT transfer of pension into widow women account. The amount would be simultaneously transferred directly to post office accounts of target women group with a click. The programme has been implemented in the state by Gujarat government’s Women and Child Development department.

The state govt’s earlier “Vidhva Sahay Yojna” was renamed as “Ganga Swarupa Yojna” to lend respectability to the beneficiaries. The Gujarat govt. had raised the monthly pension amount from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,250 since April 2019. The Ganga Swarupa Yojana will ensure the amount deposited in the 1st week of every month.

Income Eligibility Criteria for Vidhva Sahay Yojana (Ganga Swarupa Yojana)

Gujarat state govt. had also more than doubled their annual income eligibility criteria from Rs. 47,000 to Rs. 1,20,000 for women residing in rural areas. Moreover, the govt. has even more than doubled from Rs. 68,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 in urban areas. This resulted in increase in number of beneficiaries from 1.64 lakh to 3.70 lakh.

Gujarat Ganga Swapurna Yojana Pension Amount Income Eligibility
Gujarat Ganga Swapurna Yojana Pension Amount Income Eligibility

The state govt. of Gujarat has also relaxed financial assistance scheme by continuing scheme for women even after their son attain age of 21 years. Those present during the launch included Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Women & Child Welfare Minister Ganpatsinh Vasava, Minister of State Vibhawariben Dave, Secretary and Commissioner Manisha Chandra and other officers of the department.

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  1. i already submit my mother in law s form for this yojna. but yet she did not get the rupees and post office of area is also closed due to lockdown.plz send the answer how she get the rupees.. some of them already get by door to door service

    • Contact at the nearest Jan Seva Kendra for any scheme for divorcee woman in Gujarat? We only have information about Vidhva Sahay Yojana

  2. I Vidya sahaya yojana is less 1250 to less amount not enough in Gujarat govt to increase the amount of Vidya sahaya yojana for monthly must get 3000 rupees every month please full respectfully provides them thanking uuu sir

    • Rs. 1250 is given as pension to widows in Gujarat under Ganga Swarupa Yojana (Vidhva Sahay Yojana). The state govt. transfers pension per month to 3.7 lakh beneficiaries. If the state govt. raises the pension amount to Rs. 3,000 then it will add huge burden on the state exchequer. Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19), the state govt. is unable to bear such amount. However, the Gujarat govt. may raise the amount of pension in future.

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